Stuck on Download Pending in Play Store after Updating to Lollipop

Good day, as the title states, whenever I download an app from the Play Store, it just says Download Pending.

There is no queued apps being downloaded. I tried the force stop, clear cache, clear data and uninstall updates of Play store and Download Manager, restarted the phone, but still no luck.

One thing I notice is that when I revert it to the factory version, I managed to download an app, but when I tried to download another, it just says Error 907. When I opened the Play Store, it’s the latest version again.

I think its in the version, but I’m hoping for other fixes to this

Phone – Cherry Mobile Flare S3

OS – Lollipop

Google Play Store Version – 7.3.07.K-all [0] [PR] 139935798

download hotel reservation software

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– Title: hotel reservation software
– Download type: safety (no torrent/no viruses)
– Status file: clean (as of last analysis)
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download hotel reservation software

Print module download pdf file name change characters into HTML entities

I am using print module to generate pdf using dompdf library. I am facing issue with file name which node title have ampersand(&) sign, this character is converting into &.

For example- If file name is hello & drupal then the file name become hello & drupal - 2019-04-23

My filename filename configuration is as attached image.

enter image description here

Arc welder Launch App, test, and Download Zip buttons not showing

My arc welder has been broken for some time now I can’t find any other questions on how to fix this so I thought I would ask myself. my arc welder is missing the “Launch App”, “Download Zip”, and “test” buttons. it has been broken for some time now. it has worked in the past but I don’t know exactly when it stopped working. I don’t believe that it became broken from an update to the app because I’ve seen other people that have it working and I haven’t done anything to anything that I could think of related to the app except I have tried a lot of flags in “Chrome://flags” but because none of those have worked I have restored to default and its still broken.

screenshot of app

Windows Level-5-baselines for download (c.f. security baselines) [on hold]

To harden a Windows 10, Microsoft proposes the security configuration framework with 5 levels.

The 5-level framework can be divided into Productivity Devices and Privileged Access Workstations.

For Privileged Access Workstations (levels 1&2) Microsoft provides downloadable and importable “security baselines”.

For the productivity devices (levels 3-5) detailed policy prescriptions are published but I cannot find e.g. a level-5-baseline which I can download and import.

Does e.g. a level-5-baseline exist? Or do I have to take all the settings from the web page and set them each individually myself?