Where can i download a benign PE dataset? or at least which website is the best candidate for crawling and downloading normal executables? [closed]

I’m planning to gather a benign dataset for my ML malware detection model

the problem I’m having is finding benign PE files, i just need a source that has a dataset of normal executables, i will scan them with VT and extract benign ones, but i cant find anything useful

if there is nothing out there, then at least what is the best website that has the potential to be useful for a PE downloader crawler? (meaning its easy to crawl and automatically download .exe files without running into problems)

also another problem of using a download website is Installers, considering most of their files are installer and i need to install the program first, is there any good solution to this? is there any AutoIT script that somehow can install all types of installers ?

(I tried looking at surveys on using ML in malware detection like [1], but seems like non of the papers have released any useful benign dataset other than simple windows files which anyone can gather and is less than 10k, and very small amounts like 1000, i need to gather a large benign dataset, more than 50,000 benign files because my malware dataset is really large)

[1] https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0167404818303808

Do you ever “download” a language?

When one “downloads” a language (say, downloading the python file, or doing apt-get ruby or something), is it always the compiler/interpreter you are downloading?

In other words, does a “language” ever exist outside of its syntax and behavioral descriptions?

Perhaps standard libraries can be written in the language itself — but other than that, would it be correct to say that we ever only “download” implementations of the language?

Prevent download of an angular website by unauthenticated users

I have an app using angular and when deployed to a server, everyone can ofc download the source codes, obfuscated or not.

Yet, I would like to prevent user that are not authenticated to see the source code of the core application. Since right now, the login is made on the real app, they have access to everything.

I was planning on making a static page that serve as a portal, where user authenticate, and separated from the main app.

After login, you would receive an email with an url (would be hosted on the same server) and a token, that would bring you to the main app.

The server would verify the token (is this possible with nginx?) BEFORE serving any file from the main application.

Then, when an user is connected, since he is server the real app, but he is connected, I would not care if he as the source code access.

Is this secured enough? Is this doable using nginx?

Help: I would like to download a basic template for a hyperlink favs page

Hi this is a strange request.

Where can I download a premade single page of text hyper links?

Basically I would like to open this file each time and set it as my home page.

I have a lot of favorites, favs bar is too small. I would like a one pager.

If it has a cool background that would be even better.