Help: I would like to download a basic template for a hyperlink favs page

Hi this is a strange request.

Where can I download a premade single page of text hyper links?

Basically I would like to open this file each time and set it as my home page.

I have a lot of favorites, favs bar is too small. I would like a one pager.

If it has a cool background that would be even better.

How detectable is malicious code run by programs that download and then install the main file?

There are many programs (free or otherwise) where the user is asked to download a small installer file, which may display the EULA to the user or do some other user registration, which then downloads the latest version of the main program (much larger, and often consists of many files) to install the software.

There are many instances where this is legitimate, and it seems to be popular with mainstream software packages like ADOBE or Microsoft products, and it makes sense to use this approach to handle the installation of software, but if I download a 15MB installer program for some audio processing program and scan it on VirusTotal and it says nothing is detected, but then when I run it the program says it needs to download 150MB, it completely avoids the detection, doesn’t it?

The downloaded software may even be different each time, and likely will be because of version changes and updates.

So I should then scan the newly downloaded files before running them, shouldn’t I?

Is it common for programs to be set up so that they download a malicious file from a server and then run it within its own program? And does that get detected as malicious?

Drive by download with iframes

does the definition of a drive by download include malicious execution of an unaccepted downloaded file or is the unaccepted download of a file the drive by download by itself. I didn’t find a good/clear definition.

Why is it possible to download files with a hidden iframe, so the user isn’t even asked if he wants to download it. Something like this:

<iframe src="" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0"></iframe> 

Isnt this way to risky?

Thank you for your answers.

Download package to simplify Complex Conjugation

I want to use Needs to download QuickReIm package to simplify the Complex Conjugation, but I keep getting errors:

here is the Command:


and here are the errors:

  Get::noopen: Cannot open QuickReIm`.   Needs::nocont: Context QuickReIm` was not created when Needs was    evaluated. 

Do you know the reason? Where can I find different packages and their uses?

Prevent unauthorized download of files from a webserver

So i have a webserver and i would like to have users login and then be able to download an exe file directly from the webserver the issues with this is that users can easily download the file directly eg “” bypasssing any authentication, so i need a way using post/get requests to authenticate a user and then allow them to download the file so if a user goes to “” it will not send them the file but if they go there while providing authentication it will send them the file

thanks in advance for any help, if i havnt explained my issue very well please let me know and ill try clear up any confusion