Bulk download files from AWS server

I would like to download all the files for a MOOC course. I believe the directory the files are in has private access, while the files have public access.

The server is an AWS server so I understand they have a CLI.

So what would the approach be, on Linux/Ubuntu, for downloading the files with the AWS CLI?

but secondly, can this be done with just a bash script?

Is there a way to print all the files in a directory if you only have access to the files?

I don’t need the full script, just a workaround to get a list of all files in the directory: https://s3.amazonaws.com/edx-course-spdx-kiczales/HTC/

should look something like this:

more-arithmetic-expression-starter.rkt more-arithmetic-expression-solution.rkt tile-starter.rkt tile-solution.rkt compare-images-starter.rkt compare-images-solution.rkt more-foo-evaluation-starter.rkt ... 

Anyway, I already went through manually and found each name of the file in the directory, but since I might complete more courses and they will more often than not host material files in the same manner, I would love if there was a bulk approach to downloading files from a (AWS) server.

thanks for your help

Cannot download Office files in SharePoint browser

I have a user whose permission level to a certain subsite is customized.

I’m currently investigating about user permissions and I found out that the minimum permission in order to download a file in SharePoint browser is the View items permission.

However, downloading Office files (like docx, xlsx, pptx) gives me an Unauthorized Access error, so I investigated again and I found out that it needs the Open Items permission together with the View Items permission in order to download any kind of files (including Office files).

My question is: What is in the Open Items permission that make the Unauthorized Access error not occur in downloading Office files?

Or what is the Office files that makes an error when permission is only View Items?

Download multiple packages in parallel from a single repository with apt?

I’m painfully watching my apt dist-upgrade command download each package in a very long list, and what makes it painful is that packages are downloaded one-by-one. I fail to see why this process couldn’t be sped up by downloading multiple packages simultaneously!

For example, if apt is downloading Chrome (PPA), Syncthing (PPA), and Ubuntu system updates (non-PPA), three simultaneous downloads will begin, one for Chrome, one for Syncthing, and one for the Ubuntu system updates.

Since all update packages are downloaded before any installation even begins, I don’t see any reason why multiple packages for Ubuntu system updates coming from a single repository can’t be downloaded in parallel.

I would really like to know if anyone knows a way to make this happen? Can I downloaded multiple package upgrade files in parallel from a single repository when running apt dist-upgrade or apt upgrade?

Drive API download file content Go

How we can download file content using the Google drive API in Go 1.12? In other languages there is an alt: "media" attribute.


func (r *FilesService) Get(fileId string) *FilesGetCall Get: Gets a file's metadata or content by ID. 

Tried this to get the metadata:

    f, err := service.Files.Get(fileId).Do()     if err != nil {             log.Fatalf("Error downloading file: %s\n", err)     }     fmt.Println(f.Id) 

Can’t boot into ubuntu 19.04 atfer move some file from download to root/usr with mv command

I was tring to move some file from Download to /usr with mv command. But screen become black after restart I some text on the black screen. [ 0.815695] Couldn’t get size: 0x80000000000000e /dev/sda9: clean, 284048/4136960 files 3693627/16528128 blocks Screenshot https://pasteboard.co/IzFtxDxa.jpg