Is there a way to reroute files downloaded from a specific domain to a new folder?

This seems like a really simple issue and perhaps I’m overthinking it.

My specific use case for this is:

  • I’ve downloaded a pdf/image/etc. from a website
  • I’d like to take that file and move it from my default downloads folder to another folder (This would be a start. In the future, I’d like to do different variations of this with rules based on filetype, size, etc.).

I’ve looked up a number of options that don’t quite get me where I want. I’ve read that applications like Automator, fswatch, etc. are good tools for this. I’m unsure of their specific implementation and was hoping for some insight and/or help in putting something together.

I currently use Firefox and they used to have an extension that would reroute files based on whatever given rules. This is not the case after the release of Quantum.

OSX shows warning that application was downloaded from the internet, any way to stop this? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Allow applications downloaded from anywhere in macOS Sierra 5 answers

Im running OSX 10.13 and my preferred browser is Google Chrome, i have set this as my default browser.

Every time i open Chrome i get the following alert (see screenshot) is this normal ? And can i set it to remember my answer so it doesn’t keep asking me ?

screenshot of confirmation window shown when opening chrome in OSX

Chrome recently randomly downloaded a file (20bytes long) when I clicked on a normal link on reddit(is this a virus)

I clicked on link and chrome randomly downloaded a file and it went to my downloads folder .. I didn’t click on it I just deleted it.

I started searching for any random like files and came across something called “Enlightened” that has an magnifying glass as the icon, said it was created right around the time the file was downloaded, and it is a .lnk file… I am unsure of what to do with this, how can I investigate it further?

local mysql was hacked with ransomware hack. How to check if database data was downloaded?

I had a test mysql database running on Vagrant dev box. Turns out the network wasn’t that secure.

All of the databases were deleted (and replaced with a DB ransomware note) and in the logs I can see all of the drop db commands. However, I don’t see any sign of dump or mysql dump commands anywhere.


” INTO OUTFILE ‘/home/http/817BCD5B9C3A4B79D312345AB.php’

However, none of the outfiles existed anywhere. Could data have been downloaded via the outfiles, or was that a means to run external commands?

I don’t care that the data was deleted as this was just dev and there are many backups. The question is, could data have been downloaded if there were no dump commands? If so, what do I need to look for? I just need to try and confirm if hackers took some data, which could be leaked etc.


The checksum verification of the file failed (downloaded from

Has anyone faced up an issue during magento installation with composer?

  • Installing vertex/module-tax (3.0.0): Downloading (100%)

    [UnexpectedValueException] The checksum verification of the file failed (downloaded from

the command:

composer create-project --repository= magento/project-community-edition m2 

DigitalOcean: deploying war file fine, but no dependencies are downloaded

I have a VPS on DigitalOcean I try to deploy an app to. I have Tomcat and Maven installed there and I have copied the local .war file to /tomcat/webapps. After restart the .war gets unpackaged fine.

However, when I try to make use of some servlets I get javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/json/JSONObject error, meaning that even though I have a pom.xml file with needed dependency:

 <!-- -->     <dependency>         <groupId>org.json</groupId>         <artifactId>json</artifactId>         <version>20180813</version>     </dependency> 

It wasn’t used during the deploy.

How should I proceed? Is there a way to download all dependencies using PuTTy?