Record of file downloads

I’m a system administrator and I’ve been asked whether it is possible to keep a record of file downloads (both successful and unsuccessful ones) by users (yes, of files they already have access to via a terminal). None of these users have administrator access.

If such information is available by default, that would be great, but if there is a program I can install which could create such a record for me, that would be fine as well.

Personally, I think there wouldn’t be a “foolproof” way of doing this as long as users have terminal access. But I could be wrong, which is why I thought I’d ask.

What’s the standard way to show downloading notification to user for file downloads that require authorization in web applications?

Our web application needs to enable secured file download by requiring HTTP requests to have authorization token.

Due to this, when user clicks download the file will be retrieved using AJAX GET request with the access token. Once the file is in memory, it will be saved to user’s hard drive using temporary link pointing to file’s data in memory.

Because of this approach, browser doesn’t show download progress immediately like in normal file download (in the bottom bar in Chrome). We need a way to tell user that something is going on as it may take some time to retrieve the file data.

We are thinking of showing a toast message and dismiss it when done. I haven’t seen many examples of this on the net in many websites.

What is the standard way (if there is any) to do this?

App downloads big data again on every start

I have changed many of the permissions (especially by Play Store and Play Store Services). Now many apps works unusual and many doesn’t work but doesn’t give any understandable error.

One of them is a game “World of Tanks Blitz”. Whenever I open the app, it asks for Google account login and then it starts to download the big data like GBs for every tank.

How can I fix or at least how can I understand the problem exactly?

How can I ensure only one instance of a micro-service queries a database and downloads files to shared storage at a time?

I have a micro-service that sends files to clients on request.
It acquires these files by querying a database where other users have saved details of the file.
The micro-service queries the database periodically, if there is a new file(s) it contacts artifactory and downloads the file to a shared storage that all instances of the micro-service use.
How can I ensure that only one instance queries and downloads files at a time?

How to make new files in Downloads folder visible to all apps?

In Android Nougat, when I use Samsung’s File Manager to move an apk file into the Downloads folder, it then appears – within File Manager – in the Downloads folder (as expected).

When I try to access that file from other apps, such as VirusTotal, the file does not appear in the Downloads folder.

It’s almost like a re-indexing needs to take place so that other apps recognize the file is located in the Downloads folder.

Why is this, and how do I get the file to be recognized universally in the Downloads folder?

Restore Downloads icon to Finder Sidebar

So I symlinked my Downloads folder from my boot drive to an external HDD I always keep connected to my mac. I deleted the original downloads folder from my home folder and replaced it with a symlink to a new folder on my HDD.

This works perfectly, except that in Finder, the sidebar icon is now a folder:

no download icon

When it should look like this:

download icon

Operating system is High Sierra 10.13.6