Downloads start minutes after clicking the button

Recently I’ve been getting an issue that when I start any download from an app such as the Play Store or Google drive, when I click the download button I get a indication that the download has begun but the actual download starts minutes after the button has been pressed. For example, if I try to download a file from Google Drive I get the snack bar stating “File will be downloaded, check notifications for details” but the actual download starts after a few minutes. The Play Store starts downloads after a few minutes in which the notification indicates that the download is complete, but when I go into the Play Store’s Installed tab the app download is stuck at around 25%. I haven’t faced a problem like that before. Chrome downloads are working fine.

Things I’ve tried,

1) Deleting cache and data of Play Store, Drive and Downloads app.

2) Uninstalled updates of the above apps.

3) Wiped Cache from Recovery.

4) Tried downloading from Safe Mode.

5) Did a factory reset.


Model: OnePlus 3

Android Version: 8.0.0

OxygenOS Version: 5.0.8

Any help regarding this would be great!

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remove xattr (extended attributes) in Backup (rsync and TimeMachine) for Downloads folder

I saw in Guide to securing and improving privacy on macOS some info about metadata and artifacts.

I removed successfully all xattr (extended attributes) on Downloads folder:

xattr -rc /Users/McGough/Downloads 
  • Howto remove them in TimeMachine backup for Downloads?
  • Does rsync to Linux NAS copy those xattr (extended attributes)? If yes how to remove?

How to see the full error message for Safari downloads?

When downloading different things, in Safari, I sometimes get errors. As a developer, seeing the error is helpful to debug and resolve. But it is often cut off and unable to be seen (see below). How can I see the full error message?

enter image description here

Note: I am not looking for this specific error message, as I can guess its something like You do not have permission to access the resource, but a solution for all future error messages.

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