handle file downloads from the server

I am wondering if the following would be a good technique to allow user to download files from the server in the below scenario:

Info about the scenario:

User logs into a system (HTML,JQuery and CSS, Javascript based), There is a Download button in the UI. Clicking on it triggers a backend Java Message based (JMS)process which uploads a file on the server. This process could take few minutes to an hour depending upon how long the back end process takes to generate CSV files and upload it onto a server.

Note:JMS can handle asynchronous requests from the U so I am not worried about browser freezing after first Download click.

Approach I am thinking:

1) Right now I am not sure how I am going to notify user once files are downloaded but let’s say user clicks on the button and returns back after 30 minutes and let’s say files are ready.

2) I am planning to show a new button(which could say Download files from here) after user logs back in after 30 minutes. Maybe I would hide the original Download button in this scenario. This new button will only appear if files are present on the server. Otherwise, I would keep showing the original Download button and maybe I could change the text of original Download button to Come back later as soon as user clicks on it.

Does the above approach sounds good or is there something better I could do. Any better ideas if anyone can share, that would be great.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions.Thanks

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Downloads sporadically disappearing. QuickTransfer folder appears

For the last while now (months, I think it may have been tied to an update), most of the files in my download folder (/storage/emulated/0/download) disappear at seemingly random times, then all come back some time in the future at seemingly random times. During the time that files have disappeared, an empty QuickTransfer folder appears in the download folder, then that folder disappears as soon as my downloads come back.

Not all files disappear though. I can’t find any pattern as to which files disappear and which don’t. Most of the files that remain are the oldest in the folder, but now there’s so recent downloads that remain as well.

Restarting my phone doesn’t help. It seems to only be resolved by waiting.

I’ve started moving any important downloads (like airplane Boarding Passes) to my external SD for safe keeping because I can’t afford for some of them to randomly go missing for awhile.

Does anyone know why my downloads are randomly disappearing or what the QuickTransfer folder is related to?

I ran the DiskUsage app and looked at what was using what memory while the files were gone. “System Data” grew by roughly 2x the amount of the size of the download folder while the files were missing, so it looks like some System app is doing something. I’m thinking it’s probably Samsung or Google doing a backup, even though I thought I blacklisted that folder.

Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950W)

Android 8.0.0

Automatic Downloads in Google Chrome

The questions I have relate to automatic downloads in Google Chrome, under Settings > Advanced > Content settings.

For starters, are there any security risks associated with allowing sites to ask when they want to download multiple files automatically to my computer after I decide to download the first file?

Can anyone here give an example of a legitimate website that does this?

This seems like something that could easily be abused by nefarious actors.

Is it really that hard to ask people to download multiple files separately, instead of allowing sites to download multiple files automatically after the first download, when downloading a program/file on the internet?

It seems like the trade off between a little bit of convenience gained and security doesn’t seem worth it.

Firefox 65 hangs on asking about saving downloads

On a ubuntu 18.04 machine, the asking dialog for save file (The dialog to choose what to do for downloading files, open or save) hangs for a while. can not choose between options and the OK button is freezed, until at least 30 seconds. I have this problem since I witched my system’s hard to an SSD and re-installed ubuntu. safe-mode does not show any error or problem while I have this problem.

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Are the original cyanogen downloads for old devices still available?

I have 13 old galaxy tablets running android 3.0 that i would like to run cyanogen on. All google links are dead. they are SCH-i800 and i wouldn’t bother but something has happened to play store so that it’s not loading on all but one of the tablets. It gives a weird redirect to a web browser page. Also i was considering using them as wall remotes for home automation but the app i want to use requires at least android 4.2.

How can I generate a download link which downloads a google drive folder as a zip?

I know it is possible to generate a permanent download link for files on Google Drive.

My question here is is there a way to generate a URL which will serve as a permanent download link for a Google Drive folder? i.e. it downloads the folder as a zip.

I already know you can do this using the web-interface (just right-click on the folder and download), but I am looking for a way to generate a link that will download the file directly.