How can a PC become more draconic?

Long story short, the frail, ancient 7th lvl wizard in the party I DM is actually a dragon who is slowly remembering his past and the dragon council’s curse that turned him into a human. He has learned his lesson over the years, and will be allowed to become a dragon once more when he is level 17 and can cast True Polymorph.

However, he wants there to be a sort of transition between what he is now and the adult dragon he will be able to become.

In the core rules (MM, DMG, and PH), what options are there to make a wizard PC seem more draconic or have dragon-like abilities? I’m especially looking for things between 7th and 17th level. Items, spells, and potions are all viable. I am a DM that allows UA, pending my approval.

For reasons of his own, the PC does not really want to multiclass, though we have discussed it as an option.

We are far enough in the campaign for the PCs to be known throughout the local kingdom and mildly inconvenience one of 3 major villians who are competing for power. They have a long way to go before saving the world, though.

I’m not worried about him stealing the spotlight, for the record.

Translating a draconic bloodrager from Pathfinder to 5E

I am planning a summer campaign. I have a player with whom I have played some 5e recently, but who currently plays Pathfinder and has played Shadowrun in the past.

One of the characters he has played in Pathfinder is a draconic bloodrager. He likes the character concept and wants to implement something similar in 5e and is looking for some guidance.

I am not a Pathfinder player, but I have looked at the Pathfinder SRD and I am not seeing that there is a 5E equivalent to the PF draconic bloodrager.

The draconic bloodrager seems something like a 5th Edition multi-classed berserker/eldritch knight/draconic sorceror, only a barbarian can’t cast spells while raging, which seems contrary to the PF bloodrager.

Can anyone provide me with some guidance to pass on to this player?

Tiefling Sorcerer with Draconic bloodline?

So my son has decided to play a Tiefling Sorcerer with the Draconic bloodline class feature. Although our Encounters DM shrugged her shoulders when asked and he’s already played two sessions with him. Aren’t those choices rather antithetical?

I can’t find anything that specifically disallows it, but it sounds really edgy to me.

Does anyone know if there is a ruling on this anywhere? I won’t spoil his fun if the DM allows it, but I was surprised when she did.

Can a level 16 draconic sorcerer maintain their dragon wings indefinitely?

Draconic sorcerers gain the focus spell Dragon Wings at 5th level:

When the spell is heightened to 8th level, "the duration increases to ten minutes."

If a sorcerer has a focus point at time T, and expends it by casting Dragon Wings, then when do they regain that focus point?

From :

You refill your focus pool during your daily preparations, and you can regain 1 Focus Point by spending 10 minutes using the Refocus activity. Unlike other characters, you don’t need to do anything specific to Refocus, as the power of the blood flowing through your veins naturally replenishes your focus pool.

Does this imply that the sorcerer can’t maintain their wings indefinitely, as (presumably) they would cast the spell in combat, and thus would have some time (e.g. a couple of rounds) where they weren’t engaged in the Refocus activity? I.e. they would start refocusing at some time T + x, where x > 0, and they would only regain the Wings at T + x + 10m ?

I want to say this is correct, but I also like the notion of the sorcerer gaining those wings for as long as they reduce their focus pool by 1, to ‘keep it up’. But I’d appreciate your thoughts.

Dragon Change Shape feature vs Draconic Polymorph

I was curious about how the differences for a True Dragon using it’s natural Change Shape feature vs the Draconic Polymorph spell.

The Change Shape feature (text from Roll20 Compendium, Adult Gold Dragon) says this:

Change Shape: The Dragon magically polymorphs into a Humanoid or beast that has a Challenge rating no higher than its own, or back into its true form. It reverts to its true form if it dies. Any Equipment it is wearing or carrying is absorbed or borne by the new form (the dragon’s choice). In a new form, the Dragon retains its Alignment, Hit Points, Hit Dice, ability to speak, Proficiencies, Legendary Resistance, Lair Actions, and Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores, as well as this action. Its Statistics and capabilities are otherwise replaced by those of the new form, except any Class Features or legendary Actions of that form.

The Draconic Polymorph spell description (text from D&D Tools) says this:

As polymorph, except as follows: The assumed form can have no more Hit Dice than you have, to a maximum of 20 Hit Dice. Your Strength and Constitution in the new form are above the average for the race or species into which you transform; your Strength is the average for the creature +8, and your Constitution is the average for the creature +2.

So, I have a couple questions about this:

Damage: Does a dragon using the Change Shape feature only revert to it’s true form if it takes enough damage to kill said true form, or might it revert to true form if it takes enough damage to kill it’s assumed form?

Time Limit: Draconic Polymorph calls out ’10 minutes/level’ as the limit for maintaining an assumed form. Is the natural Change Shape unlimited in time?

Can a Dragonborn draconic bloodline sorceror have 2 resistances?

My player has rolled up a Dragonborn draconic sorceror, they have decided to be a silver Dragonborn (cold breath and resistance) and take the gold dragon ancestry. This means they now have resistance to both fire and cold, but elemental affinity will affect only fire based magic am I understanding that correctly?

Is there any way for the Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer’s Elemental Affinity to improve Eldritch Blast, or is the Sage Advice Compendium just wrong?

The Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer’s elemental affinity ability says:

Starting at 6th level, when you cast a spell that deals damage of the type associated with your draconic ancestry, you can add your Charisma modifier to one damage roll of that spell.

The cantrip eldritch blast deals force damage, and force damage does not appear on the Draconic ancestry table.

Nevertheless, the Sage Advice Compendium ruling on elemental affinity states:

Elemental Affinity benefits one damage roll per casting of a spell, even if the spell allows more than one roll. So, for example, the feature improves one of the rays of a scorching ray spell or one of the beams of an eldritch blast spell.

Is this just a case of using eldritch blast as a contextually incorrect choice of category representative of the type of spells this Sage Advice ruling is addressing, or is there a way to modify the damage type of eldritch blast so that it is an actual use case for this ruling on the elemental affinity ability?

Does using a draconic sorcerer’s Draconic Presence break concentration for a spell?

The feature Draconic Presence states

As an action, you can spend 5 sorcery points to draw on this power and exude an aura of awe or fear (your choice) to a distance of 60 feet. For 1 minute or until you lose your concentration (as if you were casting a concentration spell), each hostile creature that starts its turn in this aura must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or be charmed (if you chose awe) or frightened (if you chose fear) until the aura ends.

Which would obviously mean that casting a spell after using Draconic Presence would break concentration.

However, the rules for spell concentration states

Casting another spell that requires concentration. You lose concentration on a spell if you cast another spell that requires concentration. You can’t concentrate on two spells at once.

But if you were to cast a concentration spell and use Draconic Presence, would the Spell effect end?

Draconic Presence isn’t a spell and it isn’t even magical. It states the condition to losing Draconic Presence’s concentration but it doesn’t change that only concentration spells break a creature’s concentration on another spell (that isn’t damage).

Is this correct or am I missing something?

How do the physical traits granted by the draconic sorcerer bloodline interact with a changeling’s shapechanger trait?

Sorcerers with the draconic bloodline develop a thin sheen of dragon-like scales and can eventually manifest wings. How does this interact with the changeling’s ability to alter their shape?

For instance:

  • Can they maintain the armor bonus of draconic resilience when they are mimicking a race without scales?
  • Can they manifest wings and then change them to match an Aarakocra or Winged Tiefling while still maintaining their original flight speed?