SPO / Modern Pages – Saved drafts not accessible / visible to owners/editors

As anyone encountered the issue with saved drafts of modern pages not being accessible / visible to those in the owners and editors groups, or even other site collection administrators?

The documentation here states that:

Save as draft – When you save and close this page, it is checked in as a minor version, and becomes a “shared” draft. This means that anyone with edit permissions (or site owners) can now see it and edit it.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case…

Can anyone shed any light on this?

Unable to save applescripts-created email in drafts folder in Outlook version 16

So I’ve been using applescript with Outlook version 16 to automate some tasks. I want to create an email and then save it in the drafts folder but i’ve been unsuccessful.

I’ve tried several variations on this (like save newMessage in drafts, etc.) but can’t seem to get it to work – dictionary for applescript/outlook hasn’t been too helpful either. Perhaps I’m not experienced enough to understand it… I can open the email I create. I can send it from outlook. I just can’t save it in drafts.

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"      set newMessage to make new outgoing message with properties {subject:"Hello I'm an email"}      set plain text content of newMessage to "Hello World "      save in drafts  end tell 

Where are the My Drafts and Needs Reviews tabs in Drupal 8?

I am experimenting in simplytest.me to see if Drupal will suit our needs. I have been testing the workbench moderation module to get the work flow that will be required (content editors and then approval before publishing). I am running the default version of Drupal there (8.x-1.5) and want to see any items that are in draft or needs approval status. I am seeing reference to tabs that show me just that, however, I can not find the tabs anywhere. Is this something that has changed in the latest version or have I not ticked something or am I looking in the wrong place (was looking under “content” page)?