I’m a quarter Draconian, a quarter Dragonborn and half Half-Dragon?

What are the differences between “Dragonborn”, “Half-Dragon”, and “Draconian” races in D&D?

In the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, for example there is a Half-Dragon npc. I had assumed that when writing the adventure they were only allowed to use known material from Basic, and so renamed the Dragonborn into “Half-Dragon” for the sake of compatibility etc. However, the dragon breath rules are not at all similar for the half-dragon and the dragonborn, and I’ve also noticed wiki article that imply that they are different races entirely. (Thus introducing me to the term Draconian)

Are there clear differences between these three races, (in the same way there are differences between Goblins and Hobgoblins, or Dragonborn and Lizardfolk and Kobolds,) or are they really just three different setting names for the same basic race?

Answers can either be D&D 5e specific, or be based on the lore from all editions of Dungeons and Dragons. (I’m assuming here that the answer will be the same regardless)

Here are two images, the first one is a “half-dragon” from the front of the Hoard of the Dragon queen module, and the second one is a “dragonborn” from the 5e player’s Handbook. I’ve included these images to help explain my confusion.

enter image description here

enter image description here

Can a Dragonborn draconic bloodline sorceror have 2 resistances?

My player has rolled up a Dragonborn draconic sorceror, they have decided to be a silver Dragonborn (cold breath and resistance) and take the gold dragon ancestry. This means they now have resistance to both fire and cold, but elemental affinity will affect only fire based magic am I understanding that correctly?

Do Dragonborn get tails/wings?

I have heard along the grapevine that at some point, Dragonborn can get wings and/or a tail. But I haven’t been able to find anything on it. I have looked through the Player’s Handbook, and I couldn’t find anything in there about it.

So do Dragonborn get tails or wings at any point? I know they don’t start with any, but as I said previously, I heard they could. Does it depend on the ancestry as well? (I.e. Blue Dragonborn only get tails, Black only get wings etc).

This is the inspiration for this question. I’m unsure of where it came from, it may just be fan art, but I have seen similar images (perhaps by the same artist) that led me to believe that this may be canon.


Dragonborn variant (suggestions)

So I tried making my own homebrew variant of the Dragonborn race. Any suggestions or changes you want to add are welcome, but if you think something is overpowered or just plain bad I would appreciate you explaining to me why. I’ll put my reasoning for each part at the bottom. It uses the core racial traits in the PHB along with my changes below:

Ability Score Increase: Con+2, +1 to one other stat

Darkvision: range of 60 feet. You can see in dim light as if it were bright, and grayscale in darkness.

Breath Weapon: you have an elemental breath attack depending on your dragon ancestry. You can use a Bonus Action to make a ranged attack roll, using your Constitution, against 1 creature you can see within 30 feet of you. The damage is 1d10 + your constitution modifier. You can make this attack a number of times equal to your constitution modifier per every long rest.

Developing Wings: you have a pair of wings on your back. Your wings are not fully developed and therefore not strong enough to grant you flight yet. At 10th level you have resistance to bludgeoning damage from falling. At 20th level you have a flying speed of 30 feet. Your clothes or armor must accommodate your wings.


  1. I chose this for the ASI as it better reflects a Dragonborn’s desire to excel at their given talent and to fulfill any role in their clan. Con+2 because of their strong build and a flexible +1 to better assimilate into any class
  2. Dragonborn were born from dragon eggs and dragons have darkvision. Also the Wildemount variants have darkvision. Not sure why the base class doesn’t have it.
  3. The original breath weapon isn’t very practical for the action economy in battle, the damage is not great, and it has extremely limited use.
  4. I know a flying speed is very overpowered on a player race, so I made the benefits very gradual. Tempest Clerics get flying (outdoors) at 17th level, Draconic & Divine Sorcerers get it at 14th, and Storm Sorcerers get a shareable flying speed at 18th level. I feel like this wouldn’t be considered broken.

What are the features of a Dragonborn Warforged and why is it considered overpowered?

On more than one occasion, I’ve seen the (RAW-legal) option of stacking the Warforged race with the Dragonborn subtype listed as being very overpowered. It’s clear to me that going down this path has some major benefits. However, I’m struggling to figure out what all of the combo’s benefits are. Before you even get in to ACFs, prestige classes, or feats, you’ve already got to cross-reference at least two books just to figure out how Living Construct interacts with Dragonborn/Dragonblood. This hasn’t been easy.

This give me my question – what are the features of a Warforged with the Dragonborn subtype, and what parts of this stand out as overpowered?

What are the pros and cons of multiclassing a Dragonborn Paladin with either Sorcerer or Warlock? and when and if to swap over [closed]

My Dragonborn Paladin is nearing the end of level 2, (Str3, Dex0, Con2, Int-1, Wis-1, Cha3, with Defensive giving AC19).

The main group I play with, he is the only Tank, unless my 10 year old daughter, joins in with her Circle of the moon Druid

She is the only child in the group and you can’t rely on her to focus on battle tactics šŸ™‚

—————-new below ——————

My initial goal was to create a super paladin, I tend to play him as a tank with healing, saving my limited spell casting for just the right time due to limited spell slots, so I hardly ever use it. I once even died holding onto the valuable spell slots because I forgot about them.

However, once I started looking into it, I haven’t found that perfect sweet spot, that balances out the Spell Slinging Tank Front Man. All the options I’ve looked at have drawbacks that make me wonder if it is a combo that is worth pursuing

Just hoping for that splash of inspiration to make it all come together.