Are these homebrewed rules for True Drake balanced?

Since there are no rules for True Drakes in the fifth edition of shadowrun, and based on comments it seems likely there won’t be in the near future, I’ve decided to add them as a house-rule. Since I’m quite new to Shadowrun I would like to know if the following implementation would be unbalanced in any way when compared to similar options found in the sourcebooks, and suggestions for improving it. The rules provided are an adaptation of 4th edition’s The Clutch of Dragons rules for True Drakes.

Note: For simplicity sake, instead of employing the “two forms two sets of attributes” we see in Shapeshifter, I’ve decided to employ the “dracoform is metahuman plus bonuses” as Drakes do. While this may seem odd since their metahuman form is “secondary”, I think it simplifies things and makes attribute improvement worthwile. The cost for the form is the cost of being a Drake plus the cost of Dracoform Mastery, since besides that I think advantages and disadvantages even out. Having a higher reward on the “Wanted” negative quality all drakes get might further balance both.

Also, unlike Drakes, True Drakes need to pay the full cost, there’s not a possibility to have it latent or “unactive until fully paid”. Which means that only with point-buy could a True Drake be created.

Fluff: True Drakes are beings created as a human-sized dracoform by Great Dragons, in an extenuating and costly ritual. They are able to shift to metahuman form at will. They are extremely rare, since few beings can create them and even then it’s hard.

True Drake (125 Karma):

Since Dracoform is their natural form, all True Drakes are considered to have the drake power “Dracoform mastery” from the get-go.

True Drakes get the following optional drake powers for their dracoform: Magical Guard (9 Karma), Regeneration (19 Karma) and their limit for “Improved Natural Armor” is their Magic +2 instead of just their Magic.

True Drakes cannot receive any Augmentations that reduce their essence. They also cannot be infected or carriers of the HMHVV.

True Drakes starting Essence is 8. True Drakes maximum Edge becomes 8 and they cannot take the Lucky quality.

At third-level, are rangers allowed to select a drake as their animal companion?

I wasn’t able to find anything about this in 5th Edition. A drake seems that it would exceed the 1/4 challenge rating stated in the PHB.

In this specific campaign, our Dungeon Master allows anything that is accessible on D&D Beyond not including Homebrew content.

I did find the Drake Warden Ranger archetype, which I assume is for Pathfinder, and thought it might be possible that I’d overlooked a similar variant in D&D 5E.

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