What happens if you just start drawing from the Deck of Many Things without declaring any number of cards?

In the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the description for the Deck of Many Things contains the following.

Before you draw a card, you must declare how many cards you intend to draw and then draw them randomly.

It doesn’t say what happens if you don’t declare anything and just start drawing. So what happens?

Drawing an arrow using the LineRenderer in unity

I’m trying to draw an arrow using a LineRenderer in Unity, using the code suggested here.

Based on the UI it all seems good, yet it draws a pin needle, rather than the arrow I would expect from the UI. If I understand the UI right, it should thicken 60% into the line and then become thinner again towards the end.

Any idea what might be going wrong? Unity UI

How to put the parent node higher than the children nodes in a drawing for a graph?

I have a tree as below.

Graph[{7 -> 2, 2 -> 3, 3 -> 4, 3 -> 5}, VertexLabels -> "Name"] 

enter image description here

However, I want the drawing would put parent nodes at a higher position than their respective children nodes (i.e. 7 should be drawn higher than 2, instead of lower than 2). What can I do to achieve this (I don’t want to specify the vertex coordinates manually)? Thanks!

How to allow my Visio drawing inside a web part to occupy the whole upper area, as currently I will get an empty upper area

I have a Visio drawing with .vdw , then I used the Visio Web Access web part to add the drawing to my wiki page. I set the following settings for the web part:-

enter image description here

But I will get a free upper area as shown in he below picture:-

enter image description here

Now I can move the mouse on the drawing and drag it to start from the upper area,, but of course I need this change to be permanent,, so can anyone advice on this please


Drawing a weapon during a Charge attack

Charge is a full-round action; can you also draw your weapon as part of that Charge using the rule that characters with at least +1 BAB can draw their weapon as part of a move action? Although a Charge does involve movement, it is not a move action. So, assuming a character does not have Quick Draw, but does have a BAB in excess of +1, is it possible to Charge and unsheath/attack with a sheathed weapon in a single turn? I cannot find anything in the rulebooks, and this seems like a glaring omission.

Can drawing a weapon be part of ANY kind of move action or just moving?

Assuming a character has a BAB higher than +1, would he be able to draw a weapon (or shield) as a move action and then draw (or sheath) another weapon (or shield) as part of that same move action (due to his BAB)?

This question could be applied to any other move action, does it have to be specifically about moving the character or a character could draw a weapon even while mounting a horse or picking up an object?

What about the Two-Weapon Fighting feat? Does that allow for drawing two weapons (or shields) as part of any move action, like standing up from prone (still with BAB higher than +1)?


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Drawing a line in any direction with pixels

I am doing an image drawing and rendering library, and would like some feedback on this code, it simply draws a line in any direction.

The equation for that is:

m = (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1)

b = y1 – m * x1

y = mx + b

It works but all these if statements are bothering me, and I am not sure if it’s the best solution.

proc line*(img: var Image, x1, y1, x2, y2: int) =   # Necessary pass the values to variables so we can manipulate them   var     a1 = x1     a2 = x2     b1 = y1     b2 = y2    # To draw correctly we need to iterate over the longest axis   if abs(a1 - a2) > abs(b1 - b2):     swap(a1, b1)     swap(a2, b2)    # ¹ To make sure we are iterating from the lower to the higher   if b1 > b2:     swap(a1, a2)     swap(b1, b2)    let m = (a2 - a1) / (b2 - b1)   let s = float(a1) - m * float(b1)    # ¹ Since we swiped the axis we need to swap x and y   if abs(x1 - x2) > abs(y1 - y2):     for b in b1..b2:       let a = float(b) * m + s       img.pixel(b, toInt(a), img.strokeColor)   else:     for b in b1..b2:       let a = float(b) * m + s       img.pixel(toInt(a), b, img.strokeColor) 

Problems connecting Huion H420 Drawing tablet to android tablet

I had bought a USB-OTG cable for the sole purpose of connecting my Huion H420 Drawing Tablet. When I connected it, it recognized it as a mouse, but no cursor showed up when I hovered my pen over, and if I clicked, it would only click the middle of the screen. I know Wacom Tablets work, because I saw a question on here that had it work for a Wacom tablet. Maybe its not compatible with the Huion H420, or is there any workaround?

Drawing a second weapon as part of an attack?

Consider a 1st level Rogue who wants to fight with two shortswords using Two-Weapon Fighting (PHB p.195) but does not have the Dual Wielder Feat.

Starting off empty-handed, is the following possible?

Round 1) Free Interaction: Draw first shortsword Action: Attack with first shortsword

Round 2) Free Interaction: Draw second shortsword Action: Attack with first shortsword Bonus: Attack with second shortsword

Rounds 3+) Continue happily attacking with both weapons

Or do I need to “Use an Object” on the first round to prep for the Two-Weapon Fighting?