How do I get a skeleton PC into a dream?

I want to have a session where my players drift into a sort of dreamland where I can introduce the BBEG and some other story points in a way that doesn’t actually affect them. So they go to sleep, “wake up,” go on this quest type thing to face the BBEG, they get to feel the utter difference in power level compared to them, probably end up dying, but as they die they wake up from the dream realizing it’s a “vision of the future” type thing.

I think it’s an interesting, cool idea, but I realized that one of the members of my group is in fact a skeleton PC. Technically, the undead don’t sleep and so now I have no way to include him.

I’ve wracked my brain, but I can’t think of a clever solution that fits to allow him to participate in the dream/vision thing. Any suggestions?

Another Dream Question!

5th level Dream! Its a fun and creative spell. Though how creative can one be?

What activities can the messenger and or the target of Dream do while under the affects of the spell? Can they cast spells? Use magical items?

My current idea is this: Cast Dream on a BBEG, whilst in the dream can I cast Detect Thoughts on said BBEG to gain insight and other information?

Also, what happens when one dies or is harmed in the Dream Spell?

Mechanics on Dream

The 5th level spell Dream at first glance seemed really flavorful, now it looks like an absolute nightmare after a second comb through.

Is the damage on the spell tied to the save? Or does it happen regardless of the outcome?

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Can elves sleep / dream?

The PHB of D&D 5e says that elves can’t be put to sleep by magic (see under “Fey Ancestry”), and that they “don’t need to sleep” (under “Trance”.) Note that neither of these statements deny their ability to sleep: people can be put to sleep (or knocked unconscious, for that matter) by non-magical means, and “don’t need to” doesn’t mean “can’t”.

Am I reading the rules clearly here, or have I missed something?

Are elves capable of sleeping, and if put into sleep (or a state close to sleep), do they dream?