Why many proprams on Kubuntu can not work with NTFS secondary hdd drive?

I have Linux Kubuntu 18.04.2 on ssd with ext4, and I have secondary hdd drive with NTFS shared with Windows 10.

I can read and write on NTFS disk with Dolpfin and some programs, for example kate.

But many programs can not work with NTFS drive, like Telegram, Skype, Xnviewmp.

If I tried to send foto from NTFS with Skype or TElegram it fails. Failed on viewing foto with Xnviewmp. But works fine with default Kubuntu image viewer (gneview).

How to fix this?


from a very long time i wanted to upload some videos with live thumbnails on my blog such that the viewer can easily be able to reach that particular video that he wanted to see even without getting the video fully opened by clicking on it. AND due to some limitations in google photos ,so i wanted google drive to access my videos from my google photos. I’M very thankful to him/her if he/she can hlp me 🙂

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Moving a hard drive from one Azure subscription to another

I have a Windows 2008R2 virtual machine in Azure with an extra 1TB HDD data disk attached. Can I detach the HDD and move it to another subscription and attach it to a Windows 2016 Server VM that I have in the second subscription? Should I anticipate any problems or should this go extremely smooth?

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