Reference another piece of text in a Google Drive Document?

Is it possible to reference another piece of text in a Google Drive Document. In a similar way to how you can reference data in another cell in a Google Drive Spreadsheet ?

Eg. I have a document reference name something like “My Doc – ABC – 123” at the top of my document.

I need to re write this text in multiple places, but do want to change it in multiple places if it change the document reference name.

Trying to use 2nd Partition on another drive to KVM or Virtual Manager, without converting the image

What im trying to do is running 2 Drives with Debian and Kali install. With the Debian 9, it has the Grub2 boot loader, and I have Kali installed to another drive (ext4). What im trying to accomplish is running Kali inside a virtual environment while im running on Debian, but also having the ability to switch back to Kali when I need the full system utilization. I would like to stick to KVM but I haven’t had any luck with it.

Reconnecting form responses to current sheet after file move to team drive

I have searched for an answer for the “current” google forms problem I am having. It seems the answers here for this issue are outdated as Google keeps changing their technology about as fast as I can change underwear.

I had a drive set up for my organizations files under my personal account and shared the files with them. We have a form there that we use and it has about 500 responses.

My organization switched to G-Suite and I have been migrating our files over to the new team drive. I recently copied the form and the sheet over to the new Team Drive and the connection between the form and sheet was lost. I tried reconnecting them, but the form wants to create a new sheet within the existing spreadsheet and then shows no responses.

I thought “fine, I’ll just copy the responses over to the newly created sheet from the odler sheet and let it pick up from where it left off.” Nope, this didn’t work either. It does not see the previous responses.

I tried following the linking instructions on the G-Suite education site for form responses, but that also didn’t work.

Is there any way I can fix this issue with the current system? We want the previous responses to show up in the graphs, etc. that you can view for form responses.

I will humbly take the down votes if this really has been answered recently for the current version of their webapps, and I apologize if it is already answered.

Create an overview of users that can edit / view specific folders within Google Drive

We have a share Google Drive environment where different folders are shared with several people. Per folder I can see who currently has access to the folder.

For compliance purposes I want to create an overview per folder with how has access. A little like this:


Does anybody now of a way I can do this without having to go the specific folder time after time?

Is my Google Drive still secure if Chrome was heavily compromised?

I use an Apple EMac desktop computer. I formerly used Safari as my main browser. I migrated to Chrome as it is integrated with Google products. I use Google Drive very extensively as my main repository for all my files.

A couple of days ago, I experienced the attack from two viruses posing as legitimate extensions of Chrome. They are “Daily Mail Tab” and “Smart Package Tracker.” They popped up all the time at completely irrelevant times, rendering my Chrome browsing really painful. I deleted Chrome from my EMac. And, I went back to Safari. And, for the time being everything is ok.

However, I am concerned that given that Chrome was compromised that Google Drive could be too.

Thus, I am considering moving my files from Google Drive to ICloud. Would that make my file archiving more secure?

Or, could I consider reinstalling Chrome and use it again as my main browser?

Can I drive my own car with mexican plates in Canada? For how long?

I am a dual Canadian and EU citizen living in central america. I bought a new car in Mexico, have mexican tags and insurance that has coverage for Mexico, Usa and Canada up to 100k USD (is this enough?). I am planning to drive up to Canada for a short visit, one month or maybe two. The confusion starts here.

I have a EU drivers license, havenĀ“t been to Canada for 20 years. I know that my EU drivers license is valid in Canada (at least Ontario province) for a maximum of 2 months. Is this correct? Then the next question is if I can legally drive the mexican car as a canadian citizen with canadian passport but without a canadian drivers license a mexican plated car for a short period of time in Canada without facing any problems at the border or then inland? In the US it is quite clear with a valid insurance for the US. I appreciate any information also for the same questions regarding USA, but specifically Canada. Thanks.

I/O Error Permission Denied, qBitorrent, secondary NTFS drive

Ubuntu 18.04 qBitorrent 4.0.3 (64-bit)

I have been working on this for some time now and it’s doing my head in.

I have tried remounting the drive with read/write permissions (unsure if this was successful though, permissions info just shows root as owner and I “can’t change permissions because I am not owner”). I can create and delete files on the drive though, so I assume I have rw access. I tried to follow steps to chown on the drive, but it doesn’t let me, and I suspect this is a rabbit hole. The original error said “read-only access” which is why I tried these steps, but now the error has changed to “permission denied” and I am lost.

qBittorent has been working fine for months, I have had this issue show itself before but usually a reboot or fiddle around with mount settings and the problem goes away. I also tried running an ntfsfix command to remove any windows hibernation headers, but nothing.

Not sure what to try next. Removing and re-telling QB where to point to does nothing.