Printing document on usb drive with confidential information on multi user computer

I have a pdf file with confidential information on a usb flash drive. This document needs to be printed on a multi user Ubuntu system. I want to prevent other users from seeing the content of the document.

Assume the following procedure:

  • The usb drive is inserted to the computer and mounted.
  • The document is opened with okular or evince and printed directly from the program.
  • The usb drive is umounted and removed from the computer.

Question: What do I need to do to wipe any traces / copies of the document I printed?

First idea: I guess /tmp would be a good place to look out for – though I do not know if there will be any copies stored there or at other places. Do I have to do additional steps to remove all traces / copies?

Self encrypting drive without ATA password

Kind of new to this area so correct me if I am wrong.

Based on my reading self encrypting drive will encrypt and decrypt all data in your disk and this process is totally transparent to the user.

To make use of this feature user would need to set an ATA (HDD) password on the drive or otherwise the self encrypting feature is 100% useless. If a malicious user takes your hard drive and plug into another machine the drive will still be more than happy to decrypt the data for that malicious user. The only way to stop this would be to set an ATA password and lock it down so that the drive will not respond to any command including read/write until its unlocked by the password.

However to leverage this security feature the BIOS must support ATA password. Software based solution won’t work since you can’t even boot the system until the drive is unlocked. But the sad truth is that most mobos doesnt support ATA password which renders this feature completely redundant.

TL;DR: Is there a way to make use of this feature without BIOS ATA support? (My gaming mobo did not come with a TPM header either)

Can you set up 2FA with a USB drive?

I want to set up two factor authentication for some of my online accounts. I don’t want to install an app, and I don’t like using my phone as the physical medium anyway, because it’s more likely to get stolen and it’s also more vulnerable than a static object that I just carry around.

I’m attracted to the idea of Yubikey, but they’re a little pricey and I don’t see what they’re charging for. I don’t know exactly what is going on under the hood in 2FA, but I can’t see any reason that you couldn’t use any old USB (with the appropriate software around it).

So, my question is: can you use a USB flash drive to generate 2FA codes?

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How do I get my Plex media server/Plex to find my external hard drive?

I will start off my saying I know there are many questions on this subject (just not my specific situation) and I thank you all for your help. Lets start from the beginning. I am brand new to ubuntu (I just installed Ubuntu to an old aspire laptop that I want to make a dedicated plex server). With this computer, I have a Toshiba hard drive with multiple personal files in it that I don’t want on Plex but a couple that I do. Also, just an FYI, I do have a folder in the hard drive called “Plex” and a couple sub folders that I want to use on plex (“kain” and “rob”). Now, I do understand some basics of this new OS. I know the 3 groups of users and allowing them to either read, write, or execute and Know that there is a need to mount (even if im not 100 percent sure how to). Finally, my plex is not seeing my hard drive. The computer sees it and it pops up on desktop but plex will not see it at all. From my research, I belive it has to do with permissions (which is a whole another monster lol). Also through research I found a few comments that seem to fit what I needed to do. I have attched a screenshot of what I did. EDIT:Apparently I cannot post a pic yet so I’m gonna copy paste what “SamWN” wrote:

“You have to make sure that the user plex has access not only to the drive, but the folder that the drive is mounted in. After a lot of tinkering I wound up going this route:

Edit the Mount Options (Disks -> “More Actions” (the two gears under the “Volumes” map) -> Edit Mount Options) such that:

nosuid,nodev,nofail is in the area for storing the options in the /etc/fstab file (the textbox under “Symbolic Icon Name”)

and set the Mount Point to be:

/media// and remount your HDD so that it will appear in the specified location.

Next, give all users on the computer read access to the drive by going to the Terminal and enter:

sudo chmod go+rx /media// sudo chmod go+rx /media//”

When it says:

“and remount your HDD so that it will appear in the specified location.”

I am not sure what they means.

Now, I did get up to : “sudo chmod go+rx /media// ” But when I put in ” sudo chmod go+rx /media/// ” it tells me that there is no file named that so nothing was done.

Well folks, thats where I am 😬😞. If I need to check permissions I don’t know the commant fyi. Again, thank you for helping this poor noob. I’m startimg to wonder if I should do another OS that might be better to use for Plex. I have tried to find info all yesterday. I tried I really did lol. Thanks.