How well is Russias ban on driving a dirty car enforced?

In Russia, it is prohibited to drive a dirty car. I read this on the website of the Dutch motorist association, which is a quite reliable source. It is also reported by BBC News.

I’ve never been to Russia but I believe there’s still plenty of long distance dirt roads, in particular in the east such as the Baikal highway between Красноярск (Krasnoyarsk) and Иркутск (Irkutsk):

Source: Wikimedia Commons, user Mike1979, CC-BY-SA 3.0

Or this street in Слюдя́нка (Slyudyanka) in the same region:

Source: Flickr, user Honka Soukup, CC-BY 2.0

With such roads and streets being still quite common in many parts of Russia, I was surprised to see that there is a prohibition against driving a dirty car. Is it enforced at all?

Driving into a country potentially disqualified by credit card insurance

I’ve seen credit cards that prohibit using their automatic car insurance on cars rented in Italy—for example, American Express*. In this case, are there any issues with renting a car in, say, Austria (or any other Schengen country), and then driving it into Italy?

* they also exclude Australia and New Zealand, but the workaround would be much more difficult for obvious reasons.

Recommended car insurance for driving Iceland golden circle in Winter?

I was originally going to be visiting Iceland in October but my trip has been delayed to January/February timeframe, which would be mid Winter.

Iceland car insurance has a dizzying array of options. CDW, Super CDW (?!), gravel, sand and ash, then there’s marketing sounding ones like premium, platinum, etc …

I plan to drive around the golden circle, and perhaps a bit of the southern coast. If possible, I plan to stick to main roads. What kind of insurance is reasonable for this path in the Winter in Iceland?

Can a person with dutch residence permit drive with non-eu driving license in Belgium?

I have been living in the Netherlands for more than 6 months but I still haven’t changed my driving license from Malaysia(with English writing on it), which is still valid. Now I can’t driving in the Netherlands anymore with this license.

However can I drive in Belgium with this license, even though I’ve been in EU for more than 6 months?

Driving in Taiwan (Taroko to Taichung)

Are there any restrictions on driving from Taroko to Taichung, over road 8 and 14甲 (or just road 8 through Baxianshan National Forest Recreation Area)? Google Maps doesn’t even direct all the way through road 8, presumably due to the roadworks near Te-Chi reservoir (where the Google street view ends), but the road might be passable now?

Does one need a permit for driving through Taroko National Park, similar to the one, one needs to apply for when hiking?

Also, as this is a mountainous area, is a simple economy hire car enough for this journey or the gradients might be a bit too much? Just asking as when I was in Thailand the hire car I had was really struggling to make some of the hills.

Flying to San Diego and Driving back to Florida

We are retirees that have time and no calendar issues, Free as birds. We are thinking of flying to San Diego and then driving back across the southern states. Thinking about a vehicle; rent one, buy a used or whatever. What are the advantages and problems associated with each. Spend $ 10,000 for a decent old Honda or Toyota van and sell it when we got back east. Getting a title promptly, registration etc could be issues, USAA will insure a purchased vehicle with a phone call. Ideas, pitfalls?

Marketing Copy for Driving School Booking System

I have designed and developed a calendar/diary based booking system for driving schools with single or multiple instructors. I would like some opinions and ideas of good marketing text to promote this across digital and physical marketing material

Here are some of the features:

  • SMS & Email Lesson Notifications
  • Day, Week and Month Views (Graphical)
  • Printable Timetables (Daily, Weekly)
  • Student Database
  • Student/Instructor Messaging
  • Login/Register System…

Marketing Copy for Driving School Booking System

Salt lake city driving in winter

I plan to visit Salt Lake City this Winter starting Christmas for a few weeks. I’m renting a car and I was wondering if I should be aware of any specific regulations and issues while driving in Winter.

  • Would the rental cars typically offer winter tyres?
  • Is the snow cleared often?
  • Do I need a AWD/4WD to reach ski resorts?
  • Do I need special winter lights?

For reference I’m based in the UK and will be travelling to ski resorts in the SL area. I’ve never driven in the US, though I have in many other countries.

Can I get a driving license on a visitor visa?

I currently have a visitor visa for 8 months. I have never gotten a license in my own country as I never needed it, but in NZ it’s a bit tricky to get around without one, so I’m considering studying/applying for one.

I’m not sure if this is possible on a visitor visa though. The NZTA website doesn’t seem to mention much about this.

I am from the Netherlands.