Salt lake city driving in winter

I plan to visit Salt Lake City this Winter starting Christmas for a few weeks. I’m renting a car and I was wondering if I should be aware of any specific regulations and issues while driving in Winter.

  • Would the rental cars typically offer winter tyres?
  • Is the snow cleared often?
  • Do I need a AWD/4WD to reach ski resorts?
  • Do I need special winter lights?

For reference I’m based in the UK and will be travelling to ski resorts in the SL area. I’ve never driven in the US, though I have in many other countries.

Can I get a driving license on a visitor visa?

I currently have a visitor visa for 8 months. I have never gotten a license in my own country as I never needed it, but in NZ it’s a bit tricky to get around without one, so I’m considering studying/applying for one.

I’m not sure if this is possible on a visitor visa though. The NZTA website doesn’t seem to mention much about this.

I am from the Netherlands.

Driving Suspension after UK VISA is approved

My license was suspended for 3 months in Australia after accruing more than 12 points for various minor spending offenses. My visa is already been approved an processed which i answered No to the question have u had a suspended license (as at the time of visa application i hadnt) However now my answer is changed to Yes.

Will this affect my visa?