Can telekinetic haul be used to drop heavy objects on targets

I was watching an anime and a minor character attacks by lifting large objects and dropping or throwing them at people and wanted to replicate that in pathfinder I read here that the damage of the throw is determined by your blast damage unless you treat it like a throwing attack and the weight is limited to 5 pounds per 2 levels so that won’t help. But what if I instead used telekinetic haul to drop say a boulder on top of my enemies head. That’s gunna hurt a lot. The real question is if I can lift it vertically to a significant enough degree. If it’s something like a boulder even a foot above my targets head should be more than enough to deal more damage than a blast.

TLDR can telekinetic haul be used to drop objects on people’s heads.

How can I drop hints that a seemingly innoucous gnome village is secretly evil?

In the D&D 4e game I run, I am planning on soon having my players go to the Feywild on an adventure. Something I’d like to try to pull off during this is to have a subversion of expectations. Basically, I’d like to have the players come across a very peaceful-seeming village of gnomes. However, after spending a little bit in the village, the players will realize that the gnomes are actually evil and vicious: they are canibals and demon-worshippers who lure travelers in to kill them.

My question is, how can I pull this off effectively? I’d like to drop subtle hints about the gonme’s true nature, and I’d like to have the realization come about gradually and naturally, rather than hamfistedly.

How can I hint that a seemingly peaceful group is secretly murderous? How can I hint at their true nature, and make the dramatic reveal effectively?

What happens when you drop an item in the ethereal plane under the effects of the Etherealness spell, then end the spell?

This is a follow up to my question about whether items are carried with you into the Ethereal Plane while under the effects of the Etherealness spell

Basically, my player wants to use his bonus action to cast Etherealness using the Horizon Walker Ranger’s Ethereal step ability, stick his daggers into an enemy’s brains, then end Etherealness to stick the daggers in the monster’s brains. He cites the part of the spell:

When the spell ends, you immediately return to the plane you originated from in the spot you currently occupy. If you occupy the same spot as a solid object or creature when this happens, you are immediately shunted to the nearest unoccupied space that you can occupy and take force damage equal to twice the number of feet you are moved.

(Emphasis theirs)

They cite that it says specifically that you are the one forced out of their space, not any items that you dropped. However, it would seem to me that by the same argument only you would re-enter the material plane, not any dropped items.

So the question is, do dropped items in the ethereal plane phase back in when the spell ends, and if they do, do they also get forced out of any items that they are in?

Blocking drop table for specific schema using trigger

I’m trying to prevent anyone from dropping tables on a specific schema named “test” unless the user is an rds_superuser but the function I wrote is blockin on all schemas.

CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION guard_tables() RETURNS event_trigger LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $  $   BEGIN IF TG_TABLE_SCHEMA = 'test' AND (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM pg_roles WHERE pg_has_role(CURRENT_USER, oid, 'member') AND rolname = 'rds_superuser') = 0 THEN RAISE EXCEPTION 'command % is disabled for this table', tg_tag; END IF; END; $  $  ; 

How do I get this to work?

Showing multi list and drop down hierachy on page

We are dealing with Roles and assigning users to the Roles. Some of Roles which are Admin are not dependant on Context ( Environment – Production, Demo, Developement ), and some ( portal roles) are dependant on Context. So in the flow, we chose a Role and assign Users as below :

Flow : 1. User selects a role from left 2. Then selects a context 3. Select Users from Available users list and assign to Role

enter image description here

Portal Role having single context

enter image description here

Portal Role having multiple Contexts ,you can select from dropdown and then assign Users

enter image description here

So any advice or suggestions to make it more understandable the flow to users? This was created by other designer and I have to modify it to make it better.

What are alternatives to a large drop down select list?

I am adding a single selection drop-down containing a list of all countries (around 200+ items).

In Windows it works fine as it displays 10-15 countries at a time and the scroll bar shows up. On the Mac, the drop-down shows all the items at once. The users have to scroll down through all items to look for their desired item.

I am not using a text-field as it may require spell check.

What are alternatives to a large drop-down select list that will work similarly across computers?