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Google Sheets – Move Row upon selecting a specific option from drop down menu

I am looking to use Google Sheets to keep track of my jobs. I have a spreadsheet set up so the status of a job is indicated by a dropdown menu. When a job is completed I would select “Closed” from the drop down. I would love for it to atomically move the entire row to another sheet upon selecting closed. This sheet would be strictly for closed jobs and keep the current sheet only for live jobs.

Drag and Drop No Funciona en browser Java

Hola Tengo unpanel donde me abre una pagina html local la pagina tiene drag and drop para unas imagenes desde el navegador trabaja bien pero desde el browser en ej jpanel no funciona que hace falta agregar en el form de java para que funcione muchas gracias.

    SwingBrowser browser = new SwingBrowser();     browser.loadURL("file:///C://AsistesaludMD/Audiograma/Audiograma.html");     browser.setBounds(1, 1, jPanel30.getWidth() - 1, jPanel30.getHeight() - 1);     jPanel30.add(browser); 

How do I access my terminal from drop to root shell promot at the recovery menu?

I cannot get access to the log in on my ubuntu. This is a big problem. I tried so many ways to get back into my account. its been a week. I am suepr fruastrated. Please give me a helping hand. I tried numerous ways like nomodeset etc but still purple screen/black screen and there is no log in details. =[[[[[[[[

Magento 2.3 Configurable Product drop down price calculated wrong

The base comparison price for a configurable product seems to be the cheapest price excluding tax. Then the extra price added by the each configurable product in a Magento 2.3 dropdown is calculated including tax. This makes even the cheapest option appear as it has an extra cost, which is only the tax.

See the screenshot below where the actual price of option “Test 1” is $ 62.50, but option “Test 1” still appears to be $ 12.50 more expensive than the cheapest/base alternative. the +$ 12.50 shouldn’t be there, since its already the cheapest alternative.

Configurable product dropodown

How to hide options from a drop down menu search that won’t find anything? Jquery

The website filter is implemented with three drop-down menus, each has its own list of options(color, model, engine). I need to hide color/model/engine options that won’t give any result(i.e. not found| response.items.length == 0).

The website runs on Django, so the initial color/model/engine that are loaded are already filtered with to a degree, meaning they don’t have options that don’t have any variations regardless of the other two selections. Meaning if, for example, for color RED there are no models, regardless of the other options, color RED isn’t loaded(filtered in

However, if, let’s say, for color RED, there are only models with the “A” engine, and no models with the “B” engine, my question is, how do I hide the “B” option from the engine drop-down menu when RED is selected? And vice-versa, if the “B” engine has no RED variation, how do I hide RED from the color drop-down menu when “B” is selected?

The color listing part looks like this:

                <div class="select-color__items">                    {% for color in colors %}                     <label for="{{ color|slice:"1:" }}" style="background-color: {{ color }}" class="select-color__item js-color-item js-select-filter  {% if color == "#ffffff" %}select-color__item_white{% endif %}">                     <input type="radio" id="{{ color|slice:"1:" }}" name="color" {% if request.GET.color == color|slice:"1:" %}  checked="checked" {% endif %} value="{{ color|slice:"1:" }}"/>                   </label>                   {% endfor %}                  <div class="select-color__all-wrapp">                     <label for="all" class="select-color__all open js-color-item js-select-filter">                       {{ '__CATALOG-ALL__'|translate_value:LANGUAGE_CODE }}                       <input type="radio" id="all" name="color" value="all"/>                     </label>                   </div>                 </div> 

The updateFilter Javascript function looks like this:

function updateFilter(data) {     var form_data = data.$  form.serializeArray();     form_data.push({name: 'url', value: urlPath + '?' + data.$  form.find(":input:not([name=csrfmiddlewaretoken],[name=category])").serialize()});     setTimeout(function () {         $  .post({             data: form_data,             url: data.url,             success: function (response) {                 ChangeUrl( 'Title test' , response['url'] );                 data.callback(response)             }         });     }, 100); } 

The response has the new items, that have been found with the selected (color, model, engine) options. Do I actually need to make similar requests for every option in the other two drop down-menus and then filter out based on response.items.length? That’s the only solution I came up with and it will work, but it just feels so huge and ineffective.

dynamically drop down menu

I’m new in drupal and I would like to add a link Projects to the main navigation menu:

  • Projects

      proj 1   proj 2   ...   proj n 

This link projects with a drop down menu with N links. Until now I can have this drop down menu but statically. Q1. I would like to generate this drop down list dynamically. For example if I have 10 projects, the drop down menu will have 10 links. Is there a way to plug into the menu a drop down list result of a view? or a select list but in the menu? Q2. For each project in the drop down menu, I would like to point to a page sending the node id of this selected node (the page have some block views). So I can use this node id in the contextual filters for the views I have in the pages. Is there a way to do this? Thank you