Is it still not advisable to use recent versions of EncFS >1.7 to encrypt Dropbox?

I’d like to use EncFS to encrypt files synced with Dropbox. Unfortunately, its Wikipedia page mentions security concerns from an audit of version 1.7:

EncFS is not safe if the adversary has the opportunity to see two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times.

Someone with access to my Dropbox account will have exactly that: Dropbox stores multiple previous versions of a file after it’s been modified which is exactly “two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times”.

In 2015, this has been confirmed in this question for example: Is ENCFS secure for encrypting Dropbox?

Regarding version 1.8, Wikipedia states:

The announcement of EncFS 1.8 included several underlying design changes, acknowledging the security concerns raised in the previous audit. However, certain concerns still remain regarding those vulnerabilities.

Which concerns do remain? Is the issue regarding Dropbox fixed?

Also, according to the most recent version is 1.9.5, now.

Is it still not advisable to use those recent versions of EncFS to encrypt Dropbox? Does the issue with “two or more snapshots of the ciphertext at different times” still exist?

Dropbox integrate with Drupal *

Totally I can’t find a tutorial that focuses on the integration Dropbox with Drupal 8.

I do something(exactly nothing) and install Dropbox SDK in the Drupal 8 environment with the composer.

I follow up this link

But there are no details on how to use, first of all, I want to authorize the user.

In the SDK files that cloned, we have a file by the name of authorize.php and many other sample files in the docroot\vendor\dropbox\dropbox-sdk\examples.

I want to use them with Drupal, then

How I should develop that based on Drupal functionality?

what about using the module?

Can users viewing a dropbox file via a shared link see other users viewing the same file?

I want to share a PDF file via a dropbox “view only” link, to several people.

Some people will have a dropbox account (pro or free) and some people will not have a dropbox account.

Will all the people who have view only access to the link be able to see one another viewing the file in a similar way that you can see the other people who are viewing a google docs file ?

Rename the “Dropbox (Personal)” folder?

I use Dropbox for business on my machine, and so I have a Dropbox (Personal) folder, a Dropbox (mybusiness) folder, and a symlink from Dropbox to Dropbox (Personal).

The Dropbox (Personal) folder is causing me problems, because I have code in a subdirectory, and when I try to use a virtualenv with pip, it objects to the spaces in the path.

I’ve renamed Dropbox (Personal) to Dropbox_Personal and updated the symlink, but now the Dropbox app says it won’t work until I change the name back.

Is there a way I can tell it just to use the new folder?

Given a shared Dropbox link to an Excel file, how can I easily open it in Google Sheets?


I get an email every two weeks with a vendor’s price list as a link to an Excel file in their Dropbox.

At this point, I have to:

  • open the link — This takes me to Dropbox, where the file is opened in a preview mode that is not compatible with cut and paste into a spreadsheet.
  • download the file to my computer — I have a choice to download to my computer or copy to my Dropbox.
  • upload the file to my Google Drive — To do this I go to any open Google app tab, click New, Upload, grovel through the file structure to find it.
  • from there I can open it with Google Sheets.
  • copy 6 columns of data out of the sheet, and
  • dispose of the file.

What I would like to do in Google Sheets is to open the file directly as a read-only file and save a bunch of steps.

My personal account is on Gmail. I use the web interface.

Is there a way to easily open this link directly as a sheet?

I’m looking for a free cloud service other than Dropbox where I can download files in Linux using wget

I am looking for an alternative free cloud service as an alternative to Dropbox where I can download a shared file using wget in Linux.

I have tried doing the same with other free cloud services like Google Drive, Mega, Box, pCloud but unfortunately they don’t seem to support downloading a file through wget like Dropbox does.

Google doesn’t help at all, I guess I need help from someone who has actually done this successfully.

Unfortunately, often the file I need to share is bigger than the 2GB allowance that Dropbox offers.

Does anyone please know an alternative?

Thanks so much for your help!

Kind Regards, Fabio