change the dropdown content of author post meta in edit post – admin

I am trying to customize the author meta box in the post edit page, as you all know this dropdown is using to assign a post to a corresponding author.

I would like to change the dropdown content. Like currently, its showing display name(username). But i would like to show a user meta field rather than username. Is it possible?

So in the dropdown it will be like Display name(custom user meta field).

I have seen wp_dropdown_users, but no idea how to use it so that i can achieve.

Unity Dropdown Stays Stuck Open

As can be seen in the following video:

The dropdown stays stuck open when Unity launches the game. This happens even with a non-modified dropdown that is plopped as a new UI object inside the canvas.

I tried a blank project, and the issue does not reproduce. I tried in a blank project, and the dropdown works. I tried researching a solution, but not too sure how to find one with this problem. Maybe someone here will have an idea or two.

The repo can be downloaded at if desired.

Dropdown with two columns

I currently have a dropdown with two categories that I currently show like this: enter image description here

My issue is that I have quite a lot of Cars and Motorcycle and I`m thinking that using the version below would benefit the user. But I am not sure if it is viable from a UX point of view.

But I am curios if this version would work. Basically the dropdown having two columns that are scrollable. enter image description here

Browsers ruin password UX with dropdown menus. How can I fix it?

autofill dropdown ruining UX

FYI the image above was taken with autocomplete="new-password"

As you can see, the dropdown is covering the error message (which ends in “letters and numbers” (plus a few other error messages).

This error message is IMPORTANT, and the user MUST see it, so how do I hide the dropdown? The dropdown is preventing the user from seeing the message. You could say that “The dropdown is bad UX” in this particular circumstance

You could say to move the message below the field, but then we have the exact same problem, just from the other direction.

As far as I can tell, our solutions are:

  1. disable dropdown
  2. move message to a place where the dropdown won’t cover it (like a popup or to the side)
  3. Move the message so it is always displayed on the opposite side to the dropdown

Option 1 doesn’t work because we used to be able to disable the dropdown by setting autocomplete to "new-password" or "off" or "false" or whatever, but none of these things seem to disable the dropdown anymore.

Option 2 doesn’t really work because I want the message to be near the field to give the error message some context. I don’t really want a popup with the error message “You password is too short” because that seems like bad UX also. I guess I could move the error messages to the side of the password input, but that wouldn’t work on small devices that don’t have the screen width.

Option 3 also doesn’t seem very good because the error message is moving around based on the scroll position of the window, and moving text based on some arbitrary scroll line also seems like bad UX.

So yeah, I’m out of options, unless anybody can think of any?

Is this a browser problem? Or is there one simple trick I can use to get the good UX I desire?

Is opening a dropdown after clearing it a good practice?

Currently in our application we have a dropdown that opens again directly after getting cleared. I imagine this can be handy for some users, but annoying for others. Is this a good practice to follow?

enter image description here

Context: This is being used in combination with other dropdowns that all act as filters. A list will get limited or extended based on the values (or when they’re empty) in those dropdowns.

Dropdown menu problem on homepage only?

Gday gents,

I’m a novice at web stuff and have been running a site for a friend for a while now. The latest WordPress-based has been up for 2+ years with no major issues.

However, I’m not sure if it’s due to one of the various updates over time, recently I noticed that the site menu is not working properly – dropdown menu items do not show. This issue affects the home page only and none of the other pages.

Initially the menu was (incorrectly) aligned to the bottom of the page which was very wrong, so I used these instructions to put it back on top:

This successfully put the menu back on top but the current issue arose.

Can anyone take a look and advise please? You help is much appreciated.
WordPress 5.2.4 (self-hosted)
Impreza latest version 30 Oct 19

Plural or Singular + (s) in title name for dropdown fields

When designing dropdown fields for users that can hold 1 or more values, would you suggest to use the plural form of the title word, or the singular form followed by a (s).

Example 1: Teams

Example 2: Team(s)

In my opinion, the first example implies that the user can select multiple values. On the other hand, the second example shows that a user can also just select 1 value, but it looks not as clean as the first example.

Thanks and kind regards

multi selection dropdown – with or without checkbox

I am working on a the design system of a large system for users that use it on a daily basis, and I want to define the multi select dropdown. on one hand you can know in advance that you have multi select if you have the checkbox, on the other hand the design is cleaner without them and the user will figure it out after a few uses since he will use it every day

enter image description here

Drop-down list with advanced search

I am creating a control to allow users to select an item from a list. The number of items can vary greatly – anywhere from a handful up to millions.

A drop-down with autocomplete functionality seemed to me like a sensible choice. If there are few items, a user can click the arrow and select the correct one; if there are many she can quickly find the correct one by typing the name of the item.

However, sometimes this is not enough. With several thousands of items, a user may require more advanced search criteria to find what she’s looking for. Currently, this is implemented as a Search-button to the next of the field that opens a dialog with additional search criteria:

Mock-up of the current drop-down control

The user enters criteria and clicks the Search! button, whereupon the drop-down is filled with the search results.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this approach. Some I can think of are:

  • There is no visual indication that the drop-down and the filter dialog are linked
  • The search results are not immediately visible
  • The dropdown remains filtered after the dialog is closed, without any indication to the user

So, I’m looking for suggestions. Is there a common way to do this that I have missed? Do I need to rethink the advanced filters? Can this be remedied just by adding visual cues?