dropdown list value when selected then it sets another column value in SharePoint list

I am new in using SharePoint List.I have list created with two columns in same sharepoint list Column A(Text) and B(currrency). I want to set value of column B when Column A value is selected of same ID value of Item.


abc $ 12

xyz $ 2

pqr $ 20

Please give me solution to use this list to use in powerApps for calculations

MS Forms Dropdown to Sharepoint List column

I’ve used MS Flow to successfully connect a MS Form to a SP List and all text field data is getting transferred successfully, except for a dropdown column in the form.

On the SP list side, I have a multi-line text field, to which the MS Forms dropdown is mapped to. However, upon submission, while all other fields get population, the field for the dropdown remains empty.

What do I need to do to get the data stored properly?

Thank you.

Select from a dropdown (or autocomplete) or add new item in same create / edit view

I’ve always run into this conundrum: How to give the user a long list of options and allowing them to populate their own if it doesn’t exist.

I usually handle this interface by giving an autocomplete list for a textbox, then if they select one, mark a variable that it’s existing (kind of like the “Tags” box on here). If it isn’t from the list, then I add new. I’ve also had radio buttons auto-tick or be user-ticked based on “Add”, “Edit”, and “Select” options.

I’ve never really loved the above approach, and I was wondering if there was a cleaner better approach to giving the user an option to use an existing or add a new value.

dropdown al abrir se va hacia arriba

Buenas como están? El problema que tengo es que no puedo hacer que el div con filtros que tengo se abra siempre hacia abajo sin importar si se ve todo el contenido, porque cuando el height que hay hacia abajo no es suficiente se va hacia arriba. Acá dejo el código a ver si alguien me dice alguna propiedad que me pueda ayudar, obviamente falta el contenido del div que se despliega que son varios filtros, gracias!

(Utilizo bootstrap 4.3)

  <div class="dropdown">                                     <button class="btn btn-filtrar dropdown-toggle" type="button"                                         id="dropdownMenuButton" data-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true"                                         aria-expanded="false">                                         <i class="fa fa-filter" aria-hidden="true"></i> Filtrar                                     </button>                                     <div class="dropdown-menu checkbox-dropdown keep-open-on-click"                                         aria-labelledby="dropdownMenuButton">                                      </div>                                 </div> 

How to gray out options in dropdown when certain variation is choosen instead of dissappearing

I am looking for a way to gray out the options in the dropdown of a woocommerce product page. Currently i have 520 variations for a product. Example below.

Here is the link to the product page: https://blueribbonmillwork.ca/product/shaker/

So essentially it works as needed, however i wanted to know if there is a way to still show all the options for each dropdown, which would be grayed out, and the available options for a particular variation would still show as is now.

Like if i were to choose “Appliance Bases” under the “Cabinet Categories” drop-down, all the options for “Description” and “Dimensions” would still show, but be grayed out and not available to click, instead of just disappearing when it is filtered.

Any help would be appreciated:)


PowerApps How to get Distinct values of a SharePoint list which is a datasource of dropdown

I am building an app in SharePoint online using PowerApp, I have a dropdown which its data source is from a SharePoint list, it has duplicate data, so I need to get distinct values for the dropdown.

I check PowerApps documentation it has a formula like bellow

Distinct(Employees, Department) 

It works if your data connection is from Excel, but if your data connection is from a SharePoint list, I could not figure it out, any help is appreciated

Material Design Select box /Dropdown Usability which is correct interaction

I like material design, when using one of the material design components (select box/dropdown), I got confused about which interaction is correct, the link below has 2 interactions filled and filled enhanced. If you click on the filled examples the dropdown box list covers the field label, on the other hand, the list item is opening below the dropbox, which help the user to read the field label easily. So which is the correct interaction for this component? Or does simply saying filled enhanced mean that the correct interaction has been updated?


InfoPath Form dropdown disappears

Some of the users from my company currently facing an issue on a InfoPath list form.

When they hover over a drop-down field it disappears also the other drop-downs are suddenly gone.

This is in SharePoint Online environment.

Anyone familiar with this issue?

Can’t find anything via search. Is not browser related as it is multiple occurring.

How to get the price of this JSON products to be exibihited on my html in a dropdown list?

I have this JSON table that I need to add on my HTML as a dropdown list and when the chosen product is selected, It shows its price and shows a buttons to simulate a shopping procedure (increase items in the add button and decrease in the other – as if I was choosing to buy a certain quantity and those that are multiple of 2 will just be bought in pairs and the multiple of 5 will just be bought 5 at a time like, 5, 10, 15.. as the multiple of 10.)

I am trying to do this interactivity with javascript. Can someone help me?

I just want to simulate a shopping where I can choose the quantity of my product and the price will be shown as a total according to this quantity.

[    {       "price":550000,       "multiple":1,       "id":"1",       "name":"Millenium Falcon"    },    {       "price":60000,       "multiple":2,       "id":"2",       "name":"X-Wing"    },    {       "price":4570000,       "multiple":1,       "id":"3",       "name":"Super Star Destroyer"    },    {       "price":75000,       "multiple":2,       "id":"4",       "name":"TIE Fighter"    },    {       "price":6000,       "multiple":5,       "id":"5",       "name":"Lightsaber"    },    {       "price":5800,       "multiple":1,       "id":"6",       "name":"DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle"    },    {       "price":1500,       "multiple":10,       "id":"7",       "name":"DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol"    } ] 

Dropdown of dates, is it acceptable to display in non-chronological order

We have a time series graph. The user can use a drop down to select their years and these years are displayed on the chart. Currently, the drop down is just a list of years for the past 30 years.

My superior is discussing ordering the drop down, not by chronological order of years, but based on a value, such as busiest year. My concern with this is that there will not be an expected order to the drop down. Years will be all over the place, 2017 might be at the bottom whilst 2019 might be at the top.

I simply can’t allow this to happen, as I think it’s very confusing to anyone trying to find a year. So I suggested we find a different way. They’re suggesting we use a checkbox to modify the drop down. Eg, default to chronological and change the drop down to busiest to least-busy year if checkbox is selected. I still have issues with this as I’m yet to see a website use boolean modifiers against a drop down, I think we’ll struggle to make it clear the link between the drop box and the checkbox.

Any suggestions?