Drop-down list with advanced search

I am creating a control to allow users to select an item from a list. The number of items can vary greatly – anywhere from a handful up to millions.

A drop-down with autocomplete functionality seemed to me like a sensible choice. If there are few items, a user can click the arrow and select the correct one; if there are many she can quickly find the correct one by typing the name of the item.

However, sometimes this is not enough. With several thousands of items, a user may require more advanced search criteria to find what she’s looking for. Currently, this is implemented as a Search-button to the next of the field that opens a dialog with additional search criteria:

Mock-up of the current drop-down control

The user enters criteria and clicks the Search! button, whereupon the drop-down is filled with the search results.

Unfortunately, there are problems with this approach. Some I can think of are:

  • There is no visual indication that the drop-down and the filter dialog are linked
  • The search results are not immediately visible
  • The dropdown remains filtered after the dialog is closed, without any indication to the user

So, I’m looking for suggestions. Is there a common way to do this that I have missed? Do I need to rethink the advanced filters? Can this be remedied just by adding visual cues?

SharePoint 2010 show subsites dropdown menu link broken

enter image description here

I have a main site (Planning) that has the “Show subsites” option enabled in the navigation settings. All the links work correctly except for one of the subsites comes up with a “website cannot be found”, “http 404”. However, if I click on the parent site and select all site content, the link under sites and workspaces works just fine. I do notice the link on the drop down menu has /sitepages/home.aspx after the subsite name, versus the link under sites and workspaces ends with just the subsite name. Is there a way I can manually edit the dropdown menu link to match the sites and workspaces link? I’ve been through all the settings and still can’t find anything that will allow this. Thank you in advance!

Alternative way to represent to open or close a dropdown?

I’m doing some animation icons for a recent product and I’m playing with some alternative to the standard dropdown toggle. Typically, it’s a arrow pointing either down or up…

Is there any reason to not have it a chevron down and then an X icon to close? Would this impact any user expectations or the web standards / what people are used to?

Here’s an example of what I’m suggesting: https://codepen.io/brycesnyder/pen/XWWbZEz

enter image description here

Show option is both required and previously selected in dropdown list

I realize this is probably not the best way to handle the problem, but I need to shoehorn in a solution to a previously existing design.

In this situation there are a number of fields the user needs to add from a dropdown list. Some are required, some are not… each can be used only once.

The request is to indicate which items in the drowdown are required and indicate if they have been previously added.

What is the best option for this?

My first thought is to use a red asterisk next to required item and change it to a checkmark when previously added as such:

-------------- | dropdown ▼ | |------------| | * option 1 | | * option 2 | | ✓ option 3 | |   option 4 | | ✓ option 5 | | * option 6 | -------------- 

Lookup Column in sharepoint with free text (No dropdown)

I have a free text of employee number in task form (Linked to form), when employee number is entered, I want to auto populate name and employee department. I can have source data in excel or separate list. I don’t have access to SharePoint designer or InfoPath. This is to ensure employee is not entering his employee code wrongly. If he enters it wrongly, that will affect my reports in Power BI.