As a dual citizen, my US passport will expire one day after traveling to the US. Will this work?

As a dual citizen, my US passport will expire one day after traveling to the US (May 4th). Can I enter with my US passport, and leave with my valid EU passport? I’m flying with Icelandair.

Also, in this case I shouldn’t try to get an ESTA fo my EU passport, right?

PS. When trying to use an emergency procedure to renew my US passport, I am not getting any replies from the US consulate.

X11 fractional display not working on dual screens under 19.04

I’m testing out fractional scaling on 19.04 and unfortunately it has come up short with X11.

It seems to work OK on a single monitor, but when plugged into a second monitor (and I’ve tried two different ones with the same result, one via hdmi the other display port) the second, larger monitor get set to the correct scale by the looks of things but it cut in half (or less) with the other half being black and the desktop not extending to the edge of the monitor (if that makes sense).

I’ll test on wayland now. Hopefully that still works as it did under 18.10.


macOS Mojave dual monitor seperate spaces force dock on one screen

I’m relatively new to macOS. I’m using macOS Mojave and I have 2 monitors. I want the dock to stay on my right screen. My problem is when I move the mouse to the the bottom center on my left screen the dock permanently changes it’s location to the left screen until I do the same again on my right screen.

I have found a few solutions but I was not satisfied with them. Don’t answer one of the following solutions

  • I don’t want the dock to move to right. I want it at the bottom.
  • I don’t want to disable separate spaces because I want to use this feature.

Is there any way to do this besides these 2 options?

Dual boot hijacked, possibly by Grub loader

OK, have a little crisis here, long story: I Was running dual boot Mac OSX Mojave/Ubuntu 18.04 with rEFInd bootloader using a late 2014 intel iMac 5K. Everything working fine for a while until I got a folder called “Snap” on the Ubuntu desktop. After that I was locked out of all my user folders. Tried a few commands (recommended in this forum) in Terminal to remove “Snap” folder, but did not get any access to my user folders even after “Snap” was removed. Repaired Ubuntu by booting USB-stick from rEFInd and Ubuntu started after re-boot, then everything went wrong. The rEFInd bootloader disappeared and Ubuntu booted only, no means of choice between OS. I tried to install rEFInd again, but got a load of gibberish in Terminal and something about rEFInd not being installed properly (I am not much of a Terminal guy). Also, Ubuntu did not find/configure WiFi so I had to use wired network to get updates – which did not resolve any of the problems. Then, to enable booting into Mac OSX, I used terminal to change boot order and was able to boot into OSX. Now I have OSX booted and being locked out of any means to get into any recovery menu what-so-ever (OSX or Ubuntu). Tried OSX key commands “Cmd-R” and “Cmd/Option-R” but get a Firmware padlock wanting password and not responding. Tried holding “esc” key when re-booting but end up at the same padlock. I have tried to re-boot OSX by re-starting with RAM sticks out, holding Cmd/Option R-P but only get a repeated beeping and not the OSX boot noise – Ending up with the same padlock after inserting memory and re-booting holding in “Cmd-R”. To make matters worse OSX does not recognise the USB-stick with 18.04 mirror on it, so I am out of the option running Ubuntu from the USB stick and maybe save the day that way. So here I sit wondering what to do hoping somebody have a solution: Preferrably me having the blissful OSX/Ubuntu rEFInd dual boot giving me access to both on demand or at least an option where I can reach the OSX recovery menu and start all over……. Please?

Is it considered dual boot when I installed ubuntu in a separate hard drive?

I can’t seem to find an answer to my question so if someone knows a post that answers my question, I’d be grateful if you can send me there.

I have currently set up my laptop to have windows installed on a M.2 nvme and ubuntu on a separate internal HDD. When installing ubuntu, I took out the M.2 to make sure I didn’t wipe the wrong hard drive. Is this still considered dual booting since I have to go and change the boot order or is it still dual booting? Another question is will this configuration allow me to keep window’s fast start up and the bios’s fast startup or do I have to turn window’s fast start off? I tried booting up with secure boot on both drives and they work, albeit slowly. Thanks for the help!

Land first into Croatia with dual entry schengen

I have a dual entry schengen visa. I want to go to Croatia first and then Italy (for which i have the schengen visa) and leave to home country after that. Is it possible to land into Croatia first using the dual entry schengen visa?

Apology for reposting but the answer was not clear from previous responses on post:

Enter Croatia first (before Schengen zone) with dual-entry Schengen visa?

Dual boot ubuntu windows ssd in caddy

I have a spare smaller SSD.

Can I install windows into a second SSD in caddy in my laptop dvd slot WHILE keeping my Ubuntu 18.04 OS in my main first SSD drive?

ie I am running Ububtu 18.04. I want install windows into another drive using the DVD caddy space.

-what are the exact steps I need to do to make it happen? -Will grub detect ok or will windows boot ruin my original Ubuntu grub? -is there an easy way to do this?

(note :- I tried installing windows first then Ubuntu as dual boot after on one drive but so many problems with either linux or Ubuntu not booting. I tried with manjaro and I had much more problems than with Ubuntu.. so I am sticking with Ubuntu as main OS on SSD1

My Ubuntu is working great so I don’t want to wipe everything and install Windows then dual boot ubuntu on same drive again.. too many problems before. Even bootrepair didn’t help. I just heard that installing windows on second drive might be better? )

appreciate any advice

Win10 dual boot. Grub causing a reboot before launching Ubuntu

System: Intel Core i3 8100 processor, GIGABYTE H310M-H UEFI Motherboard, Windows 10 on SSD.

Events sequence: I installed Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) on my Windows 10 PC, on a HDD. Windows is on SSD. Ubuntu identified SSD as sdc and HDD as sda. Didn’t want GRUB to take over, so I recovered windows bootloader and the system started directly logging into windows. Then I installed EasyBCD, added a GRUB2 entry for Ubuntu with “Automatically detect and load” drive option. Finally I selected “Use Metro bootloader” and saved the settings. The PC shows options for Windows 10 and Ubuntu at startup on a windows style screen. So far so good.

Problem: During startup, if I select Windows 10, the system boots into windows without any problem. But when I select Ubuntu, the system seems to go into a reboot (screen goes black), gives a POST like beep and then shows me the default GRUB screen (which I thought I had replaced with metro bootloader). This screen again asks me to choose between Ubuntu options and windows 10. Now I have to select Ubuntu once more and the system launches Ubuntu.

Question: How can I make the system boot directly (preventing additional GRUB screen) into Ubuntu once I select Ubuntu on windows bootloader? Is there a way to prevent the apparent reboot? And most important, what is causing this behavior?