Dual of generalized Reed-Solomon code

I need to show that $ GRS_{n,k}(\alpha,\mathbb{1})^{\perp}=GRS_{n,n-k}(\alpha,\alpha)$ , where $ \alpha=(1,a,\ldots,a^{n-1})$ , $ a$ is a primitive $ n$ -th root of unity, $ \mathbb{1}=(1,1,\ldots,1)$ .

So, to show this, I think It suffices to show that $ c\cdot c’=0$ for all $ c\in GRS_{n,k}(\alpha,\mathbb{1})$ and for all $ c’\in GRS_{n,n-k}(\alpha,\alpha)$ . I am kinda stuck how to approach this, should I go with the generating matrix or something else?

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Toggle between dual monitors from laptop

My work PC is a machine running Windows 10 Pro and has twin dual 17″ monitors. I have a home laptop running Windows 10 Pro and connect to my work PC using Remote Desktop. I need to find a keyboard shortcut (or sequence) that will allow me to toggle between the work monitors from my laptop.

I know this function works in TeamViewer, but I cannot install any third-party software on my work PC. Appreciate any assistance.

Docking station that supports both USB-C windows laptops and current Touch Bar MacBook Pros for Dual display output

I have been asked to look into docking station solutions for a dual 27-inch display setup, that supports both current generation Touch Bar MacBook Pros, USB-c windows laptops (lennevo thinkpads)and older retina MacBook Pros.

There are two issues here:

1 Current Touch Bar MacBook Pros dont support dual display output over USB-c but use thunderbolt instead so very few docking stations work for both windows usb-c and Mac usb-c for dual displays.

2 Older MacBook Pros don’t have usb-c and would need a different solution.

So I guess I wonder if there is a docking station that supports both windows and Mac dual display output over USBC, and if its possible to have an extra adapter for older MacBook Pros

Looking all over amazon and this form there doesn’t seem to be one?

Is there another solution perhaps with smaller individual dongles ?

So what solution allows for the most mobility for the workforce with a broad range of devices. Ideal solution is that an employee with any of the above devices (older MBP, new MBP or Thinkpad) can sit down at any terminal and power two displays straight away.

I know the question is a little similar to some others but I think the problem is unique.

British-Colombian dual national, can i enter Colombia when my Colombian passport is expired

I have a British passport which is valid and a Colombian passport that is expired, my Colombian Identity card (Cedula) is valid. I will be travelling at the end of November to Colombia, will i be allowed into Bogota, Colombia? I cannot tell whether there will be issues entering and have tried reaching out to the Colombian embassy but no luck so far.