What would be the effects of allowing dual Pact Weapons?

I have been considering a Hexblade Warlock with a houserule to allow two Pact Weapons, so that they could dual-wield. What would the effects of such a houserule be? It is an extra option for Pact of the Blade, but is it stronger than things they can already do? It doesn’t seem like it to me, except maybe with the Improved Pact Weapon invocation giving two +1 weapons. But even that doesn’t seem too bad considering Polearm Master could basically do the same thing.

What would be a “good” build for a dual weapon battlemaster half-orc?

I’ve started playing DnD for the first time two months ago (hey, coronavirus).

My character is a half-orc fighter, currently level 3. His attributes are STR 19, DEX 14, CON 16, INT 9, WISDOM 10, CHA 11. I’d spent a lot of time thinking about him at first, and I had a clear image of him wielding a battleaxe and a warhammer when fighting, and I really liked that. But then, as a noob, I wanted to see what was a “good” fighter build. Unfortunately, most of what I found led me to the same conclusion: Two Weapon Fighting is good for five levels, then gradually gets wrecked in comparison to a Great Weapon Fighter. What’s more, as I chose the Battlemaster archetype, some number of my battle maneuvers require a bonus action, which take away my additional attack as a dual wielder. And, unfortunately, last session, I already got to experience the huge difference in damage output between me and my party’s Paladin (who’s also using the Great Weapon Fighting style).

Since then I’ve really started to think about what I should be going towards while keeping what I had in mind. So, my question is actually be two:

  • What kind of build and multiclassing should I be aiming for ? (mainly talking about the ASI and feats I should use, dip in Barbarian ?)


  • Should I instead ask my DM if I could re-work my character, mainly to select the Great Weapon Fighting style (and make my maneuvers more reliable) ?

Just to be clear, I’m not looking to optimize the hell out of my character. I’d just like to have a bit of insight on the options I have so that I don’t “feel left behind” as much as my party levels up. This is my first campaign, my first character, so I’d really, really like to keep playing him without him being a Fighter that doesn’t do his job correctly (I’m the only other melee guy in the party).

Thank you for your time.

How do I achieve Two-Weapon Fighting and Dual Wielder?

I’m quite new to D&D and as we finished our first adventure with preset characters we want to play the next one with personal characters. We would start with lvl 1 in the new adventure.I want it to be a Dragonborn Renegade with two weapons. Im not quite sure if its should be a Barbarian or a Fighter.In my imagination this fits best with holding two weapons at the same time. And because I love longswords I would like him to have two at the same time. So i want him to have Two Weapon Fighter and Dual Wielder, but in the Character-Builder of DND-Beyond I don’t find an opportunity to combine the two skills.

And the final question: how would that work in a fight? so how does the rolling work for that if its possible to combine those 2.

Can EAP-TTLS provide the dual authentication I require?

What I want to do: Lock down the Tech Vlan so that only an approved device AND a user in the tech security group are allocated. I am hoping to achieve this via EAP-TTLS and Windows NPS whereby the machine provides the tunnel then the user authenticates using their normal AD credentials? I don’t want the TECH vlan to be accessible by a non company device.

What do you recommend that I do?

Edit: I feel like I described this poorly. The Tech vlan is just the VLAN I am testing. I want all devices to authenticate via machine auth by default so they can access basic resources such as AD / SCEP etc. But then when the user signs into the device the machine is allocated to the right security vlan. The problem is that I don’t want those same credentials to allow BYOD devices. I hope this makes more sense.

Are there rules for a character’s handedness beyond the dual wielding’s additional attack?

Is there an innate handedness to characters in Anima, or is it only something that applies to a specific situation? Here are all the applicable rules I could find on the matter:

Attacks with Additional Weapons
A character may try to add to his offense by wielding a weapon in each hand. If he does so, he may carry out an additional attack while paying a penalty of –40 only for the second weapon. If the combatant is Ambidextrous, the penalty for the second weapon is reduced to a mere –10.
Anima – Beyond Fantasy Pg.84

An ambidextrous person can use both hands equally well.
Effects: An ambidextrous character can perform maneuvers with either hand. In combat, he suffers only –10 to attacks with an additional weapon.
Anima – Beyond Fantasy Pg.15

The first rule reads that the game only cares about an ‘offhand’ when it is used to make an additional attack without incurring the usual additional action penalty, however the second rule seems to imply that all characters have an innate handedness (possibly needing to be specified at character creation) that if they make any action (action is used synonymously with maneuver in the book) with their off-hand they would suffer this penalty.

The question was brought up by the following situation:
A character has an ability to make multiple additional attacks through a ki technique and wants to distribute those attacks between the weapons in their two hands and finish it off with the additional weapon attack. The question is that if the normal attacks made with their second weapon are all affected by this penalty, or just the last additional one.

Does the combination of the Follow-up Shot infusion and Dual Kinetic Control utility wild talent with Telekinetic Blast use a total of 4 projectiles?

Does the combination of the Follow-up Shot infusion and Dual Kinetic Control utility wild talent with Telekinetic Blast use a total of 4 projectiles, and does the projectiles affect the same initial target or can target another creature?

Using a greatsword in one hand and a longsword in the other for dual wielding in 5e

If your strength is high enough shouldn’t you be able to wield a greatsword in one hand and another smaller weapon in the other? I personally think you should with either you having A) a +4 or higher in strength, or B) your character practices at the DM’s discretion (I am a DM I just would like other DM’s opinions).

Does Dual Wielding count as two attacks, therefore two actions?

I’m not sure if two weapon fighting and duel wielding are the same thing.

I’m very new, like first game new. What I’m wondering is: if I have the Dual Wielding Feature, do I make two separate weapon attack rolls? Or do i make one attack roll with two instances of damage.

This came up because I attempted to like stab someone with both at once, and since my whole group is new we had no idea.

Thanks in advance!