Dubai transit – is there a 48 hour visa on arrival for Indian citizens?

On my return journey along with family from the UK, I have a layover of more than 12 hours at Dubai airport. I want to use this time to visit the city and sightsee. I am booked on Emirates right through the journey on all 4 legs of the trip and there is no change of terminal. We are all Indian citizens so I am aware I need a transit visa to enter the city of Dubai.

I spoke to customer service at Emirates and the person mentioned that I can get a 48 hour visa on arrival at Dubai airport for this purpose. Can somebody confirm the same? Have any Indian travellers through Dubai availed this service recently and the info is valid?

I was under the impression that as an Indian citizen I am not eligible for a visa on arrival at Dubai and I needed to arrange for it before the journey. I will have a valid UK visa stamped in my passport upon arrival at Dubai.

Another question – if I apply for the visa through VFS, do I need to supply proof of accommodation in Dubai? Since I plan to spend about 8 hours in the city, I don’t have any hotel booking.

Thanks for your responses and inputs.

Is 1 hour 10 minutes sufficient to transit in Dubai airport arriving from Johannesburg and departing to Standsted UK?

Arrival time at Dubai on EK766 on 7/5/2019 is 08.20 and departure to London Standsted EK33 is at 09.30 on the same day. I am 73 years old and I would think that I would need assistance? Can this be arranged and if so how?

Best Dubai package consist of which facilities?

Most of the tour agents book your air ticket and hotel before getting finalizing from travelers. But our tour guide will provide you the best facilities in terms of luxury hotel, entry to all attractive places such as Dubai shore excursions, Dubai sightseeing, Burj Khalifa trips and many more. We organize Dubai tours on a daily base and require all the attractive places in Dubai.

Dubai Terminal 3

Hi I am arriving into Dubai on an emirates 777 flight from Newcastle and connecting onto an Emirates A380 flight to singapore. I am just wondering how long the connection time would be (travelling with kids) and also if there is a lounge I could book (by paying) which is near the departing gate?

Dubai antimalarial

yesterday I got antimalarial tablets Atovaquon proguanil at the travel clinic he told me I wouldn’t need a prescription for this the thing is my flight is in Dubai will it be okay if I can put them in my hand luggage I’m getting paranoid

Showering at Dubai INTL

I am flying through Dubai INTL. arriving at T3 and leaving on the same ticket (FlyDubai) from T2. I understand the transfer between terminals will happen automatically but I really want to take a shower. There are no showers in T2. Can I stay, take my shower in T3 and then make the transfer?

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