Emirates Dubai to Washington DC – PlayStation 4 on carry-on

It seems like there are extra security measures for flights departing from the gulf. One of these measures is that every electronic device that I might be carrying with me as carry-on has to turn on at the security gate before departure.

This sucks for me, as I was hoping to get a broken laptop repaired in the US because I won’t have time to repair it here in India (Emirates from India to Washington with a change of planes in Dubai).

So my question is, can I carry a PlayStation 4 console with me as part of my carry-on? I have tried calling Emirates here in India and they were not able to give a satisfactory answer. My PS4 works, but it is not battery operated. So it can’t turn on by itself. The directive from Emirates suggests that my devices have adequate power.

I would be traveling from New York to India through Dubai stop at Athens.Do I need an airport transit visa?

I am a citizen of India. I will be traveling from New York to India through Dubai and with a stop at Athens (2 hrs). I will stay in the airport (or in the airplane) during the 2 hour stop at the airport in Athens. I will not be going out of the airport. I have a valid US visa. Do I need an airport transit visa?