Combining multiple duplicate column titles


I’m supposed to be copying a production SharePoint site to a dev SharePoint site (by hand).

I’ve gotten to the point where we have InfoPath forms from production and I’ve changed the publish location to the dev server. After publishing 4 slightly different forms (and creating new content types from each) I have multiples of the same exact column existing in the document library. On the production sharepoint they do group together.

I’d like to know why they don’t group together like other column titles, and how to fix them.

Other information:

  • I don’t have permissions to view how the content types are set up on production. I’m going off of the best guess that I have from what I can see.

  • Don’t have quick access to ask the person who made the production site about it, as I have to go through my manager for any questions first. We “don’t want to bother the person too much, as they’re busy”

  • The content types you see here are children of content types that were created from the InfoPath forms. The only addition to the xyz_{standard|special} content type is an Inactive column. Which funnily enough, groups just fine even though it’s in all 4 forms.

  • I can’t click and edit any of the content type columns from the views you see below, since they all belong to the content types, not the Document Library.

  • The column names are also duplicated in the Column view from Settings Gear -> Site Settings -> Site Columns

Production view

View of production columns

Dev view

View of dev columns

Does Indian passport holder travelling to USA via FCO with layover of one and half hour need transit visa? [duplicate]

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I am an Indian passport holder travelling to USA via FCO (Rome-Fiumicino, Italy), layover of one and half hour. Do I need a transit visa?

Installing downloaded APK after accidentally denying [duplicate]

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  • How to install an unsafe APK after allowing Play Protect to block it?

I was trying to install a downloaded APK onto my Pixel 3. During the initial install attempt I was presented with a screen that looked approximately like this one (without the added emphasis on the correct ‘Install anyway’ option):

enter image description here

I took one quick glance of this screen before concluding “big green button, that must be what I want here!”. Which was a substantial error, because the big, green button in fact denies the app install. Oops.

And now what’s happening is when I go back to the APK and try the install process again, I’m no longer prompted about whether or not I want to ‘Install anyway’. Instead it just goes straight to the “App not installed” screen. The one with the gray triangle on it.

How do I get the device to forget that I denied installation to this APK, so that I can successfully install it?

Does my duplicate provoke attacks of opportunity?

My Tymora Cleric used her Invoke Duplicity feature and is now in melee combat with an enemy. The duplicate is also within 5 feet of the enemy, distracted him and granting advantage to my attacks. Unfortunately, the tides turn in favour of the opponent’s side and my cleric decides that it is time for a tactical retreat.

Can I move my duplicate as a bonus action on my turn, in order to provoke an opportunity attack from my opponent?

This would use up his reaction and I could run away without worrying about opportunity attacks against the real me. Or is it obvious for my opponent that the duplicate is just an illusion, trying to confuse him? So maybe he would not waste his reaction.

Can a player make a persuasion roll on another player? [duplicate]

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  • Can the DM force player vs. player social checks? 7 answers

We ran into a recent issue in my group where one of the PCs attempted to persuade another. The character who was being persuaded mentioned something about how persuading another PC is not allowed. I, being unclear on the ruling, asked them to wait on a verdict until I had a clear answer, as neither could find any evidence that it was allowed or not. Is this allowed? If so, how can I stop it from being escalated? Knowing the player, he will get mad about being persuaded, and will likely pull some sort of stunt along the lines of, “I’ll make a persuasion check to make you give me X” over and over again to prove that it shouldn’t be allowed. Is there a way to avoid this?

Middle Name missing on Cathay Pacific Ticket [duplicate]

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  • Bought a ticket with Finnair, didn't enter my middle name 5 answers

I recently booked a ticket through a travel agent which didn’t ask for my middle name, and I’ve been told by a friend that I may run into problems because it doesn’t exactly match the name on my passport.

In the blog mention in this answer it says that lacking a middle name on an airline ticket rarely causes any issues, however the first comment mentions that Cathay Pacific (CX) does require this.

I’ve emailed Cathay and they ‘advise that the ticket should fully match the name in the passport’, but I was wondering if anyone had run into any problems with Cathay and missing middle names?

I’ve also emailed the travel agent to see if they could change the ticket, but I don’t know if they would charge for re-issuing the ticket.

Does access modifier of types matter in projects other than class libraries? [duplicate]

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  • Is it considered bad software engineering practice to always use “public” methods? [duplicate] 6 answers

I know it matters for class libraries, but does it matter in projects that are not class libraries, e.g. console applications or GUI applications?

What’s the difference if I use public or internal or private when it’s a console application and it won’t be reused?

Is it worth the effort to add access modifier in such cases?

I mean specifically access modifiers of types (classes, enums and structs).

Rules for cutting / removing bow string during combat [duplicate]

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  • How can I attack an enemy's weapon? 1 answer

If a Rogue gets into melee combat with another combatant wielding a bow, what actions are permitted to disable the bow?

Could the Rogue use sleight oft hand to unhinge the bow string?

Could he make a melee attack to cut the string or destroy the bow or does he have to disarm the opponent and make him drop his weapon before he may destroy it?

I couldn’t find any rules on how to handle such a situation as a DM.

When does combat begin and end during a dungeon? [duplicate]

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  • When do player characters leave turn-based action (i.e. initiative order) if they are in a hostile area? 4 answers

I am a first-timer trying to prepare to host my first D&D night as DM with a bunch of curious friends (also first-timers in roleplaying).

I got the Starter Set so I’ll be trying to play the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign. After reading the Starter Set Rulebook and the first chapter of the campaign book, I find myself wondering about turns and time.

Are there still turns between encounters inside a dungeon? Are the player characters limited by their speed while moving in the dungeon out of combat?