Can a transaction avoid inserting duplicate values in my database?

I have the following table named values:

id serial user_id integer store_id integer identifier VARCHAR(255) created timestamp without time zone DEFAULT NOW() 

But my application has inserted following values:

id user_id store_id identifier created
1 1 1 123cdwe 2021-11-11 13:00:00
1 1 1 Ggrseza 2021-11-11 13:00:00

And that values seem wrong. What I suspect is a replication lag between master and slave alongside with an application termination right just after writing. The application is a web one and I suspect that happens whilst user ferfeshed whilst saving.

Would a transaction could solve the problem or this problem should be tackled at application level?

Sitemap urlset http or https [duplicate]

I am a Static User I write my all pages and sitemap with pure html css code, I have a question that in sitemap I am using http xmlns in order to make my sitemaps so is it allowed to add https or http is better that’s why all are using it.

<urlset xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> 

So in the above I would like to ask that is it allowed to use https xmlns?

Google de-indexed 1.7k pages on my WP site, trying to figure out why [duplicate]

I created a site in WordPress with a mass page plugin called which dynamically creates pages with a spintax doc and spreadsheet. It’s an affiliate site going after local keywords. The pages are duplicates structuarally, but all the content is spun from a spintax doc, so the actual content is not the same across each page. Google initially indexed them and I was getting traffic, and then steadily started de-indexing them. I’m assuming Google just doesn’t like the pages, altho they are actually content-wise better than most of the other spun pages in the SERPs for these pages (many other sites taking the same strategy). The pages work fine and the plugin dev. is stumped and suggested I come here to ask. There are no manual actions or other penalties. Either goog hates the content and thinks it’s spammy, or there’s something tecnically wrong here.

He mentioned that the "disallow" in my robots.txt might be causing it? robots.txt

This is the message in my search console: "Crawled – currently not indexed: The page was crawled by Google, but not indexed. It may or may not be indexed in the future; no need to resubmit this URL for crawling." search console message

This is an exmaple of one of the pages:

Does anyone have any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

How to temporarily set a game object active? [duplicate]

I’m trying to an use IEnumerator method called Wait() to temporarily enable and then wait, and disable a gameobject within a method. Basically I’m trying to create a muzzle flash within a shoot method, but whenever I add the muzzle.SetActive(false) to the method, it never activates in the first place. This code should work right?

void Shoot() {     muzzle.SetActive(true);     RaycastHit hit;     if (Physics.Raycast(fpsCam.transform.position, fpsCam.transform.forward, out hit, range))     {         Debug.Log(;          Target target = hit.transform.GetComponent<Target>();         if (target != null)         {             target.TakeDamage(damage);         }     }     Wait((float).1);     muzzle.SetActive(false); } 

Laravel Multilanguage SEO Wise question [duplicate]

It’s my first time creating a Multilanguage site, i’ve got one concern which is SEO, i don’t use different slugs for my languages, i use Voyager as a back-end admin and when for example a blog page is opened it gets translated automatically in the controller based on the locale the user selected but it doesn’t go to a different page, what i mean is the page is still{blog-page} AND NOT{blog-page}/{language}.

Will that be an issue SEO wise?

What i’m doing is in AppServiceProvider.php everytime a page loads i set the locale so there won’t be any problems

    $  locale = session()->get('locale');          if($  locale == null) {          Session::put('locale', 'el');     } 

Setting the language at the HTML tag

<html lang="{{ session()->get('locale') }}">

and also

@section('title', {{ $ locale == 'en' ? 'English Title' : 'Greek Title' }})


    <link rel="canonical" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el-gr">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="el">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="x-default">     <link rel="alternate" href="{{ Request::fullUrl() }}" hreflang="en"> 

The website has a lot of traffic and i don’t intend to see how this will turn out, so I’m looking for some tips if my approach is correct and if the crawlers will look at the website just fine.

Indexing problem [duplicate]

There are hundreds of url on my website showing status Crawled – currently not indexed and Discovered – Currently not indexed. After submitted several times and waiting for months, these urls still not getting indexed by Google. Content on the site is unique. How to fix this problem.

Sprite sorting is working fine but tilemap sorting is working the opposite way I want it to [duplicate]

I provided some screenshots to display what I’m talking about. The blue tile is a sprite, and the bushes are made from tilemap, each being 4 16×16 tiles. My transparency sort axis is set to 0,1,0. I’ve tried messing with the Z value in the axis as well to no avail. I’ll also point out that if I switch my sort axis to 0, -1, 0, the tile map sorting begins to work and the sprite sorting stops working. behind sprite

in front of sprite

in front of tilemap behind tilemap

Block some subdomains using robots.txt -Angular website with IIS [duplicate]

We have a testing environment with the surprising sub-domain name tests and I would like to block it to search engines.

How can I let Google scan my site and block, but allow

I already read other answers but they were not relevant to me because I don’t use Apache and also this is an Angular website so adding a file in a subdomain won’t help.

Thank you!

Duplicate Content Issue

I am reaching you once again. I have a question regarding duplicate content. I have multiple domain websites where all the websites associated with a group. Here is the website:

All the contents of the website are the same with a different domain such as,, and so on. So my question is that will google penalize for that reason? I haven’t implemented href lang tags.

Please go through this website and let me know.

Thanks, Olivia