What happens when a permanent True Polymorphed creature drops to 0? [duplicate]

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  • When true polymorphed creature dies, does it revert to its original form? 3 answers

Assume that a creature was True Polymorphed for the entire duration of the spell and is thus permanently transformed.

When said creature drops to 0, does the creature revert to it’s previous form or does it die?

Can you stack True Polymorphs to create an possibly infinite HP pool?

How do i protect my game assets as an individual? [duplicate]

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  • Questions on the legal protection of games and their parts (assets, sounds, title) 2 answers
  • How do I protect my game's IP? 2 answers

For my first games, they will be well made, complete, but extremely simple, while i father enough funds to actually fund a game company.

But because I plan on releasing quality content under {insert my name here} Studio (trademark)(c)

and of course all of my games will be superseded by a (c), despite the fact I haven’t even registered anything.

But the real question is, what steps do I need to take to make sure my content does not get stolen while im financially stable enough to file all the paperwork needed to maintain proper copyrights?

I’d also like to release a major title, but I’m scared to, because I know someone is going to try and steal it.

Heavy PC falling on enemies [duplicate]

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  • How do I adjudicate a PC jumping onto another creature from a height? 1 answer
  • If an object or creature is dropped on a monster, how much damage does each of them take? 2 answers

I have a player who’s playing as a Tortle (DND 5e) and weighs over 500 lbs. This combined with the ability for Tortles to hide in their shell led to some interesting crushing-related activities, and I had to homebrew rules on the fly. Two specific scenarios came up:

  • From a standing position, the Tortle falls prone onto a smaller creature (eg a goblin). In this case, (the goblin only had like 6 hp) I gave the goblin a dex save against being crushed (instakill) as there’s no way any regular goblin could withstand 500 lbs.

  • From a ledge above a pinned enemy, the Tortle shelled up as it tipped over the edge and fell 30ft on top of the enemy. Again, I gave the enemy a dex save but this time I used the fall damage 3d6 as damage dealt and had the Tortle take half damage because they’re shelled up and not impacting a hard surface directly.


  • Are there any rules for crush damage? Proven homebrew alternatives?

  • Are there rules for reducing fall damage by landing on someone else? Can the fall damage be transfered?

Save salt in DB [duplicate]

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  • How to store salt? 6 answers

I’m trying to create a random salt on the user thing and complement the salt on the user thing in the DB.

Is it safe to add salt to DB?

If you attack DB and salt is stolen, there is a concern that the password will be lost

Can you defeat a Gargantuan monster from the inside? [duplicate]

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  • Can you kill a gargantuan monster from within? 1 answer

This was something me and my friends were wondering about for a while, and we’re not sure if it would work or not. Disclaimer; all of us are novices and only just started playing about half-a-year ago.

We were coming up with unique ways to defeat a monster that is Huge or Gargantuan in size. I’ll just use the Tarrasque as an example since that was our target in the conversation. The idea is for a player to get eaten by the Tarrasque and then while inside use a spell like Shapechange or True Polymorph to transform into another Huge/Gargantuan creature to rupture its internal organs. The specific creature I chose was the Purple Worm, a CR 14 monster that can burrow. I believe there were some spells that won’t allow you to transform if you don’t fit, but I don’t remember seeing that in the Shapechange spell wording. Is this possible or would the size of the monster’s stomach stop this from working?

Regular Expression for a Context Free Language [duplicate]

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  • How to prove that a language is not context-free? 5 answers

I want to know if its possible to write a regular expression for a context free language:

For example I have a language : L={a^n b ^m: n<= m +3}

I have written the following regular expression for it:


Is this possible? Somebody please guide me.


Possible options of minimizing duplicate comments?

Are there any solutions that combine or group similar comments? Any plugins, 3rd parties or anything that takes community comments and compress what has been already said?

Barring that, what would it takes to create something that consolidate comments with the same messages (under youtube video or Reddit post, for example)?

What does it mean for a 16 bit processor that issues 24 bit address? [duplicate]

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  • What all can be said when you say that the CPU is 32 bit? 1 answer

I was solving a problem from William Stallings’ 8th edition, in the cache memory section. It was question 4.6, and is as follows:

Given the following specifications for an external cache memory:
four-way set associative; line size of two 16-bit words; able to accommodate a total of 4K 32-bit words from main memory; used with a 16-bit processor that issues 24-bit addresses.
Design the cache structure with all pertinent information and show how it interprets the processor’s addresses.

I solved the question, however, I do not understand how can a 16 bit processor issue 24 bit address ? shouldn’t it issue 16 bit addresses ?

Also, the the previous question 4.5 which is as follows :

Consider a 32-bit microprocessor that has an on-chip 16-KByte four-way set-associative cache. Assume that the cache has a line size of four 32-bit words. Draw a block diagram of this cache showing its organization and how the different address fields are used to determine a cache hit/miss. Where in the cache is the word from memory location ABCDE8F8 mapped?

We consider that the address is 32 bits long. I was under the assumption we do this because the microprocessor is 32 bit.

Please clear this confusion for me. Can an n-bit processor only issue n-bit address or is it completely arbitrary?

How many rings that have special effects can one character wear at a time while still having all of the special effects [duplicate]

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  • Is there a limit to the number of magic rings a character can wear on one hand? 3 answers

So i was wondering how many magical rings can one character wear at once while still retaining their special effects.

Do twin spells have to be the same? (enlarge/reduce question) [duplicate]

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  • Can I make independent spell-effect choices for a Twinned spell? 1 answer

A sorcerer twin casts “enlarge/reduce”; enlarge on the group’s fighter and reduce on the enemy soldier. Is this a valid way to twin a spell under RAW or do the casts have to be identical, either both enlarged or both reduced?