How to duplicate a blog on Blogger?

I am wondering how to duplicate a blog. I would like to copy the contents of my original blog and house it under a new URL. The two blogs would not be linked to one another and would be able to grow separately with new posts. Basically I want to have the same blog with same existing posts under two different URLs.

How can this be done?

Standard visitor visa for plab2 exam [duplicate]

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  • UK visa refusal on V 4.2 a + c (and sometimes 'e') 1 answer

I’m wondering if my friend who is a British citizen can be my sponsor for the trip. I’m a working doctor and I live with my family members my two sisters and the their siblings who are 3.both my sisters are divorced and I’m supporting my family financially. I have a regular job but I’m not able to save for the trip. I managed to pay the fees for plab2 and the plane ticket. My friend will provide the accommodation for me and he will take care of my all dialy expenses for the intended period which is 30 days. We are close friend. We went to the same university and spent most of the time together and I have visited and stayed with him regulary in our home country. We have shared memories together and pictures. Do I have any chance of being granted the visa

do i need a transit visa in japan [duplicate]

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  • Layover at Tokyo Narita airport: can I travel outside, and what kind of visa would I need? 4 answers

I’m a canadian citizen. i have a stopover to japan going home to canada and will transfer from tokyo HND airport to tokyo NRT. Also, I have layover of from 4 am in the morning and be leaving at 6 pm of the same date. I’m planning to have a 1 day sightseeing outside the airport. Do I need to get a visa or any documents so i can go out?

Rules for creating player business in DnD 5th Edition [duplicate]

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  • Has anyone enabled their players to create businesses in-game as a way to generate income? [closed]

We have a player that is interested in setting up a business as a money lender and another that wants to open a brothel. Are there official rules for this kind of gameplay? If so where can I read up on the specifics. If not, is there some kind of homebrew set of rules that I might be able to use?

rooted J5 2016 cannot pass google after factory reset [duplicate]

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  • How to bypass “Verify your account” (Factory Reset Protection) 6 answers

I rooted J5 2016 and because of apps issues after an Aptoide update, I did factory reset from twrp. ok and fast. After reboot it wanted to search for updates – neverending and I restarted with out wifi and sim (so, no net available). After first welcome and agreed terms, it wants a name. after the name it asks Just a sec… and dreaded info appears: Not signed in / to use this phone you first have to sign in to an owners guugl account … bla bla. … you have to set up the phone again. and gets back to welcome screen. I have to mention that I debloated the phone as much as I could of guuugl bloatware (playstore, account, apps) How can I surpass this annoying issue?

Thank you for your time!

Does the ‘within range’ count as a requirement for wish? [duplicate]

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  • What exactly is ignored in the “requirements” of a spell when Wishing for it? 3 answers

I was reading the wish spell, which says:

The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell of 8th level or lower. You don’t need to meet any requirements in that spell, including costly components. The spell simply takes effect.

I was thinking about using this to cast simulacrum. If range is considered a requirement, then I could make a simulacrum of any beast or humanoid without the having to be there since the spell says:

You shape an illusionary duplicate of one beast or humanoid that is within range for the entire casting time of the spell

The wish spell bypasses all requirements including costly components. So with that said could you bypass the range?

no duplicate registers in oracle

Good morning, I want to do a sql in toad to extract all the values of a tables whits some conditions. I catch al the values but now i want add a new condition to the sql i don’t know how. I want only catch the values that aren’t duplicates. for example:

i have now this:

PRINCIPAL APELLIDO NOMBRE a b c b c d c d e a l m

In this case i want only catch the values that ‘PRINCIPAl’ is not duplicated, in the example i want to catch only de second and the third row because the first and the fourth are duplicated.

Would a caster know whether casting Remove Curse on a lycanthrope born that way was unsuccessful? [duplicate]

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  • Does a spellcaster know when their spell has no effect? 2 answers

I have a player that’s a born lycanthrope (weretiger), that was bitten by a known werebear. one of my other players is planning on casting remove curse on them. Would the caster know that the spell was unsuccessful, or would it be a “weird feeling”, or would it be a “find out at the next full moon” thing?

The reason for the question is that the other players don’t know that this character is a born weretiger. This player is waiting for an exciting moment or something to unveil their weretigerness and would prefer me to not give anything away, however I don’t want to possibly change how remove curse works. If the caster knows it didn’t work i can phrase it so they’re just confused, until the unveiling of the weretiger, but if they didn’t know if it worked then there’s nothing to worry about.