Can I downgrade my iphone 6 from IOS 12 to 10? [duplicate]

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  • Can I install any iOS version I wish by picking and choosing which firmware to restore? 3 answers

I upgraded my phone to ios 12. But I want to use ios 10.

So I searched that, but I found the way to downgrade from 12 to 11 or from 11 to 10.

I tried to do with these methods but failed.

Is the reason why I failed to downgrade that I didn’t downgrade sequentially, for example, from 12 to 11 and then from 11 to 10? or that the way to downgrade from 12 to 10 is impossible?

Title and description of my website don’t change on Google [duplicate]

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  • Google doesn't seem to update the description or title of my homepage 4 answers

I have a problem: I have a website composed by 11 pages. When I created it I copied the same title and – meta name=”description” content=”…” – for every page. Now (last week) I’ve changed every page’s title and description to be more specific, directly from my hosting platform. The problem is that searching my website on Google, title and description don’t change! For other modifications I never had problems, but this time it doesn’t work and I don’t know why.

Could you please help me?? Thanks a lot

WP_Query & Duplicate entries

I am currently using this code in order to get the latest three posts of my website, successfully and with no issues:

$  posts = get_posts( array( 'numberposts' => 3 ) ); 

but I want to switch to wp_query.

I tried a simple wp_query call in order to show tha latest 3 articles posted on my website:

$  args = array( 'posts_per_page' => 3 ); $  posts = new WP_Query( $  args ); 

And also used this PHP code in order to provide an output of this wp_query:

<?php  while ($  posts -> have_posts()) : $  posts -> the_post(); foreach( $  posts as $  p ): ?> <?php the_title(); ?><br> <?php endforeach; endwhile; ?> 

But in the end it failed. Instead of having an output list of:

First post title
Second post title
Third post title

I do get an output list of:

First post titleFirst post titleFirst post titleSecond post titleSecond post titleSecond post titleThird post titleThird post titleThird post title

How to delete duplicate records?


I've been struggling with this problem and hopefully someone could point me in the right direction.

I have a table like so:
Each row represents a user who has a mobile device with an install game.
Row 1 says that user 1 has device abc and with game 1 installed on it.
The same user has game 2 installed on the same device (as seen by row 2)

What I need to do is to identify all the duplicate and to delete them so that at the end,
any device that…

How to delete duplicate records?

Is it possible to use android phone as a hotspot from my router? Please read details :3? [duplicate]

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  • Can we use an Android phone as a Wi-Fi repeater? 6 answers

I got galaxy s2. I know the phone can share its own cellular internet. What I want to do is to share the wifi routers internet again via wifi through my android phone. I live in a 3 story house and the router is on the 1st floor Im on the 3rd, so I want to connect to the internet on the 2nd floor on my phone and share it there so I can connect from my laptop on the 3rd floor :3

Duplicate column name in Document Library Setting

I have figured out that our document library columns have duplicate columns. We are using the content type. When I’m going to compare this duplicate column name, it is showing like below with extra “0”.



It’s strange why this duplicate column happen. All the information entered to this column can see on the list but cannot get on the item edit/view.

When we implemented this library was only one column for each field. How should I return back to the original state without losing information on each documents.

Looking forward to see solution, if anyone has similar issue. Thanks All.

Removing duplicate urls after merge projects

After a long stop, I’m reactivating my old good SER :) and I’m merging many different projects about the same websites.

After merge them (probably I merged more than one time the same projects), I have now duplicate urls inside the projects, and I see that there is not the option to remove duplicate urls inside a project.
The only working way is to copy to the clipboard all the urls (right mouse proj> show urls > verified), then delete them and then import again them from clipboard. In this way the duplicate urls are deleted.

Is it possible to include something like “remove duplicate urls”?


PS: I’ve found a similar feature (right click > import target urls > remove duplicate urls) but it doesn’t work for this type of duplicate urls)

duplicate guest post link juice


I write some articles and publish each one to 2-3 high authority websites for backlinks
I know this is kind of duplicate content but I do not need this guest posts to rank in Google
I just need the power of backlinks from those sites

So I want to know does Google effect backlinks from the same content with the same linked anchors in 2 different websites?

Thank you

Search Console Showing different data on different devices for same project [duplicate]

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  • Google Analytics is displaying different data when accessed from different devices 1 answer

I just checked my search console for same project on different devices. It is showing different data on different. Check the screenshots below. Can anyone tell me what’s happening? enter image description here enter image description here

How to implement difficulty calculation in my code [duplicate]

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  • How is difficulty calculated for miners?

So let’s say we have to produce a hash that start with “0000”

I hash a block over and over by changing the nonce inside it.

Eventualy I will find a hash that start with “0000”.

What is difficulty here? Is it the ammount of zéros we require the hash to start with? More zero’s would be more difficult? Does it have to do with the nonce?

I understand that the higher the difficulty the more hashes it will take to find it.

If my difficulty is one how do I apply the difficulty in the hashing process.

Right now all im doing is hashihing a block everytime I add 1 to the nonce wich represent the number of hash.

So how do I implement the difficulty in the hash calculation.

I am programming a blockchain from scratch!

Exemple of my code;

generateHash(block) {       let hash = sha256(block.key)       // key contain the block data       while(!hash.startsWith("f07a")) {  // we hash until the hash start with f07a        block.nonce += 1                 // add 1 to nonce for each try        hash = sha256(block.key)         // Trying with the new nonce                 //console.log(hash)                   }       return hash     } 

So how would I implement difficulty here? I know i would have to do more math acording to network hashrate but to understand it in my case how would I use a difficulty of 1 here?