Calculate remaining duration based on percentage

Ultimately, all I’m trying to do is calculate completed hours based on percentages from an original duration. I have the following in Google Sheets (manually entered for display):

The only columns I would like to manually enter values in, is the “Course Hours” and “Complete %“. The “Completed Hours” and “Remaining Hours” columns are then calculated based on those values.

I couldn’t find any built-in functions on Google Sheets to do this and nothing out there seems to address the simple duration – % = remaining time scenario, unfortunately. I’ve also used some custom functions passing in values from the columns, however the JavaScript ends up outputting values where the final duration values are off (the usual floating point calc issues with JavaScript).

I’m sure there is a simple answer I’m overlooking here.

Default duration in monthly view in Google Calendar

I have a problem with the new version of Google Calendar in Hebrewenter image description here. The problem occurs in the monthly view when I press on one day – I get an event with a default duration of couple days rather than 60 minutes. How to solve that? How can I get the 60 minutes default duration of an event in monthly view?

pay attention, it happens only in the Hebrew but not in English.

Convert inputted time duration to minutes:seconds

I’m working on this spreadsheet, and I wish to convert the data in columns C, D, and E from hours and minutes to minutes and seconds.

For example, an inputted 7:08 turned into 07:08:00.000 (hours and minutes, no seconds) when it should be something like 00:07:08.000 instead (minutes and seconds, no hours).

Is there a way to change how Google Sheets to input time by default so that a duration inputted as mm:ss is automatically turned into mm:ss?

Do I have to stay the entire duration in Germany with a German Job Seeker Visa?

I am residing out of Germany at the time being and working a full-time job. However, I am planning to find a job in Germany and thus I am considering applying for Germany Job Seeker Visa.

As I am already working full-time, I cannot stay 6 months in Germany, thus I am planning to fly in and out intermittently to apply for jobs and attend interviews (if any). Is that acceptable on a Job Seeker Visa? And does it mean I only have to submit accommodation booking for the first period I am staying?

How to trim silence from mp3 files, with less than 2 seconds duration, using mp3splt?

Can anybody provide a command-line for achieving that goal?

The goal is to remove silence from the start and end of mp3 files with short durations, like less than 2 seconds duration files.

An example mp3 file with silence at the start and end is available here:!Atv-gP4NyojQoGrC_EAICpOcWTP4

Schengen visa granted for 2 months, duration of visit 45 days. Am I overstaying?

I’m already in the Schengen zone as I type this. My entry stamp has the date 26th December 2018 on it and my return flight out of the schengen zone is on the 9th February.
My Visa validity is 21st December, 2018 to 19th February 2019 but the ‘duration of stay’ field says 45. My question is, given my travel dates, am I overstaying? According to this link I’m right on the dot with my dates (exact 45 days) but it does NOT include the 26th itself. How long am I allowed to stay granted I enter Schengen zone on the 26th December?

Thank you!

EDIT: I have a multiple entry visa.

When I combine two video using ffmpeg with C# then Duration is greater then addition of both video’s duration?

I have two file one has video length is 00:02:18 and second videos duration is 00:01:25 then I combined both video using ffmpeg command in c# then after combine video’s length should be 00:03:43 but when I see the output video’s length is 00:04:03. I can not figure out why this happen.

ConvertCommand = String.Format($  @"-y -safe 0 -f concat -i ""{CombineTextList}"" -fflags +genpts ""{CombinedVideo}""", CombineTextList, CombinedVideo); 

I am using this ffmpeg command for combining video.

  1. CombineTextList is path of the text file which has the path of inputfile.
  2. CombinedVideo is the path of output file.
  3. ConvertCommand is for FFMPEG command.

    CombineTextList :

file ‘C:\Users….mp4 file ‘C:\Users….mp4

Note: I am using ffmpeg in c# windows form application.

How to calculate a monetary value for a given duration in minutes and seconds?

I have a monetary value for 1 minute like 0,10 € (10 euro cents per minute)

In Google Sheets, I have a column to enter a length of time in minutes and seconds like “xx,xx”, ex. 1,30

The calculation will be “duration” x “0,10 €”. but…

In Google Sheets, what is the correct formula for calculating the monetary value of each elapsed time?

Here is a spreadsheet with example