[ Weddings ] Open Question : Can the groom escort the bride during the wedding march?

My fiance and I are getting married in May. It is going to be a very simple wedding. There is only going to be a a flower girl, and a matron of honor and a best man. My father passed away two years ago, so there is no one to “give me away” (and I hate that term anyway). I know typically the groom waits at the altar and the bride’s maids are escorted by the groomsmen, and finally the father of the bride escorts the bride to the alar. I know I could have a brother or an uncle escort me down the aisle, but what about having my finace–the groom–do the wedding march with me instead of waiting at the altar? My fiance said he would crawl over glass to get our last names the same if that’s what I wanted. But I’ve never known it to be done.

Can a character use a bonus action spell at any time during their turn, or must there be a prompt granting a bonus action?

I’ve been out of the DnD game for a little too long, and forgot a few things here. So here’s a question that is probably going to be easy to answer.

There are some spells, such as Sanctuary, that require the spell be used as a bonus action. Usually Bonus Actions must be prompted in order to be taken, such as a Rogue’s Cunning Action feature that grants a bonus action to the character’s turn.

Can a character make a melee weapon attack with their action, and then cast, say, Sanctuary, afterwards as a bonus action?

Sanctuary 1st-level abjuration; Casting Time: 1 bonus action; Range: 30 feet; Components: V, S, M, (Small silver mirror); Duration: 1 minute

Cunning Action Starting at your second level, you can use your Bonus Action to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action.

How/when to normalize during ETL?

Let’s say you’re loading a denormalized flat file of purchase transactions that looks like this:

| location_name | location_zip | product | product_price | |---------------|--------------|---------|---------------| |  downtown     |    90001     | fries   |    2.99       | |  west side    |    90048     | burger  |    5.99       | etc.... 

into a SQL database. In a normalized star schema DB, you would have tables for locations where the zip fact is stored, and for products where the price is stored.

So what you should be loading into the purchases table is this:

| location_id | product_id | |-------------|------------| |     01      |     01     | |     02      |     02     | etc.... 

My question is, how can we normalize the data like this during the ETL process, before it enters the database? The process is complicated by the fact that some locations may already exist in the database with assigned IDs, and some do not. It would be very inefficient to query the DB before inserting each purchase row to determine (or insert a new) location and product ID.

Any general advice on how to approach this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Python 3 TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting , lists issue

This program made in python 3.72 is supposed to recieve a number list from the user and then print four different lists with the numbers that are multiples of 2, 3, 5 and 7.

num_input = "" num_list = [] while num_input != "ESC":     if num_input.isdigit():         print("Number added")        num_list.append(num_input)     num_input = input("Enter a number list [Type ESC to end list]: ")  num_list_2 = [] num_list_3 = [] num_list_5 = [] num_list_7 = []  for item in num_list:     if item % 2 == 0:         num_list_2.append(item)     if item % 3 == 0:         num_list_3.append(item)     if item % 5 == 0:         num_list_5.append(item)     if item % 7 == 0:         num_list_7.append(item)  print(num_list_2) print(num_list_3) print(num_list_5) print(num_list_7) 

when I ran the code it did well until I wrote “ESC” to end the list and it showed this:

Traceback (most recent call last):   File "test.py", line 17, in  <module>     if item % 2 == 0: TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting 

Any help appreciated

What do I need to travel to London during the scheduled Brexit transition date? [on hold]

I’m a Belgian citizen. I’ll be traveling to London from March 25th until March 31th included. I’ll be working (following a training, actually) from March 25th until March 28th included, but will stay for tourism a few extra days to “live” the Brexit.

I’ll be able to come to London as a European citizen using only my European ID card, but how will I need to leave? Do I need a passport or something similar? I plan to come and go with the Eurostar.

Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS Input audio sounds as a robotic gargle during videocalls skype, facebook and other services

So here’s the scoop, I could send audios with no problem and hear everything fine when I play them back, but when I make video calls the recieving party cannot understand my audio. The audio is distorted and sounds like a robotic gargle. I’ve tryed various fixes but nothing seems to work. Mainly all the fixes related to audio here on the forum.

Leaving the Singapore airport during airline transit without using Singapore tours

I am an Indian national traveling from the USA to India. I have a long layover in Singapore (12 + hours from 7 PM to 7 AM next morning).

I have a US visa and a passport so I can avail the Singapore tours at Changi. However, they do not have any tours late evening – post 8 PM.

So I was wondering if I could leave the airport by myself for a night?

Also are there any good spots near the airport that can be enjoyed/completed during that time?