Mobile – Best way to dynamically add more fields to the form

I have a form so the user can issue an invoice, it is basically composed of comboboxes and 90% of the time the user will send the receipt with only one product, but rarely it will send with more than one, my question is whats the “best way” I can add a button or something so the user can add (and remove) more products to the receipt.

My current form:

enter image description here

Best options to page a dynamically updating list

We’ve got a list of very dynamic items. New items are frequently added to the list (maybe one every few seconds).

The items can also be re-arranged (say they’ve been sorted by ‘last updated’ and one is updated by the system).

Our problem comes with paging this list. If the user has it sorted by “latest”, and they’re looking at the top 20 paged items for, say, 20 seconds, then scroll down – 5-10 items might now have been created.

If we naively query the database to get items “20-40” (the next ‘page’, although it’s actually a scroll), we’ll get duplicate items.

We’ve spent quite a lot of effort in our backend to be able to query our list from a specific date – we send a “get me items 20-40 FROM THIS TIME” to the back end.

However, that’s quite a difficult requirement for the database schema and back-end, we can’t support some things we want to because we have to try keep duplicate records for this ‘history’.

Are there any generally accepted strategies for dealing with this kind of situation?

How to add a menu item in breadcrumb only on specific, dynamically created pages

I have set breadcrumbs to appear only on bbpress and buddypress. Within bbpress the breadcrumb looks something like this:

Home > FTBMates > Q&A

…where ‘FTBMates’ is my forum root.

Meanwhile in Buddypress the breadcrumb is something like this:

Home > Members > Membername

I would like to add ‘FTBMates’ into the breadcrumb before ‘Members’, so it looks something like this:

Home > FTBMates > Members > Membername

I would like this additional FTBMates item added in every page of Buddypress.

I found some code that claims to do this for me:

add_filter('bcn_after_fill', 'my_static_breadcrumb_adder'); function my_static_breadcrumb_adder($  breadcrumb_trail) { if($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs[count($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs)-2]->get_id() === 5450){     $  new_breadcrumb = new bcn_breadcrumb('Rental', NULL, array('rental'), '/rental/');     array_splice($  breadcrumb_trail->breadcrumbs, -1, 0, array($  new_breadcrumb)); } } 

The problem is that some of the Buddypress pages, like the member profile page, for example, is dynamically created and therefore I can’t replace the get_id part of this code (if I have understood it correctly).

Can anyone point me to code to add to my functions.php file that will add this item into my breadcrumbs only in the buddypress section of my website?

Attach flow dynamically to lists created by site design

I have a site design, that adds a SharePoint list with some columns. I need the ability to select an item from that list/library, and click on Flows, and choose my flow and run it.

The case I have is that the sites will be created by users, and the site design will be applied to them which creates those lists. Is there a way to attach the flow to those newly created lists so the Flow would appear in the list of Flows and bind it dynamically to it?

MS Flow to Move file inside Sub-Folder in Document Library dynamically

I am creating MS Flow to move files between libraries. Source & destination libraries contains same folder structures & Subfolders. When file is created in source sub-folders, it should move to respective subfolders dynamically to Destination Library based on where they created on source.

In Move File Scope, i chose Destination Folder: FolderPath/FileNamewithExtension

but I got error.

Please advise me on this.

How to pass a attribute code dynamically in extension_attributes.xml

How to pass a attribute code dynamically in extension_attributes.xml


<?xml version="1.0"?> <config xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="urn:magento:framework:Api/etc/extension_attributes.xsd">     <extension_attributes for="Magento\Quote\Api\Data\AddressInterface">         <attribute code="How_to_pass_code_dynamically_here" type="string" />         <attribute code="How_to_pass_code_dynamically_here" type="string" />     </extension_attributes> </config> 

It should contain getters and setters of address attribute. In this case. <attribute_code="example"> setExample(), getExample()

Is it theoretically possible to dynamically grow array size in stack memory?

I was wondering, given the usual stack memory functioning, whether it is possible for an array like primitive type allowed to grow in size to exist.
The functioning of such primitive type is as follows.

  • Any one function is allowed to have only one such primitive variable.
  • Appending to such primitive variable is allowed only within the function that it was initialized in.
  • If the function that such primitive variable was initialize in is not the last in the stack, such primitive variable is not allowed to grow in size.

enter image description here

I was wondering whether:

  • Such primitive type is theoretically possible.
  • Whether it is something that is already in use.