Is the End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) of Joplin (notes app) secure enough for public Git repo?

Because recommends Joplin I am switching my notes to it. I add the text files to Git, and wonder if I can also use a public Repo and/or a cloud hosted Git server?

I will paste sensitive info like API tokens and passwords into the notes.

I enabled About End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)🔗 / docs with very strong pass (in local KeePassXC) and file synchronisation to a Git repo.

Encrypted data is encoded to ASCII because encryption/decryption functions in React Native can only deal with strings. So for compatibility with all the apps we need to use the lowest common denominator.

Too complicated for me.

Is it possible to encrypt Wi-fi with E2EE?

The question is that in the local Wi-fi – is able to apply E2EE meanwhile devices are communicating with the router(s)?

How to Create an End-to-End-Encryption between my mobile phoe(iOS); my laptop(Windows;Linux,OsX).

How can I make not just my wi-fi but my internet-packet-flow secure? Additionally on this:

Does E2EE encrypt content type?

A little backstory, Indonesia’s minister in communication and informatics supposedly blocked the sending of images and videos through social media from 22nd may until 25th may, in order to prevent hoaxes from spreading too rapidly.

I had a discussion with my friends on how this works, and we (sortof) concluded its the http request that they block when the content type is an image or video.

Now that made me think, because some of my friend cant send photos in private messages too. Does this mean e2ee doesnt hide content type? Thanks.