Connecting microservices with eachother

my only skepticism about using microservices over REST /HTTP is that there could be a performance drop using too many microservices over REST, with a REST connection, the data would always first need to pass through an HTTP server and things like latency would be an issue. imagine a data process which needs to pass-through 100’s of microservices which are connected via rest to each other. Is there a better way to achieve this without REST?

Plot lines wrongfully repacing eachother in subplots

Im plotting multiple lines in a subplot, but instead of gaining two seperat line only the last called is displayed. What is more confusing is that the line is still present in the legend.

I have tried setting up the subplots diffrently by specifying in the plot function the desired axis but this hasn’t worked.

alpha = 0.5  ylndPOS = [33, 33.25, 32.9375, 32.703125,33.27734375, 33.9580078125, 31.968505859375, 33.47637939453125, 29.857284545898438, 29.142963409423828,  27.10722255706787, 25.080416917800903, 25.310312688350677, 23.982734516263008, 25.237050887197256, 23.677788165397942,  24.258341124048457, 22.693755843036342, 23.520316882277257, 21.640237661707943, 21.980178246280957, 21.985133684710718,  21.48885026353304, 21.36663769764978, 20.024978273237334, 17.518733704928,  21.889050278696, 20.666787709022, 19.7500907817665, 20.062568086324873,  19.796926064743655, 17.84769454855774, 16.885770911418305,  14.914328183563729, 14.685746137672798, 13.514309603254599, 13.385732202440948,13.039299151830711,11.779474363873033,10.084605772904775,9.813454329678581,10.860090747258937,11.145068060444203,9.858801045333152,9.644100783999864,9.983075587999899,9.987306690999924,12.240480018249944,12.680360013687459,11.260270010265593,9.695202507699195,12.521401880774397,13.391051410580797,13.543288557935597,13.157466418451698,13.618099813838773,13.71357486037908,14.535181145284309,12.40138585896323,11.051039394222423,0]  xTime = ['T0', 'T1', 'T2', 'T3', 'T4', 'T5', 'T6', 'T7', 'T8', 'T9', 'T10', 'T11', 'T12', 'T13', 'T14', 'T15', 'T16', 'T17', 'T18', 'T19', 'T20', 'T21', 'T22', 'T23', 'T24', 'T25', 'T26', 'T27', 'T28', 'T29', 'T30', 'T31', 'T32', 'T33', 'T34', 'T35', 'T36', 'T37', 'T38', 'T39', 'T40', 'T41', 'T42', 'T43', 'T44', 'T45', 'T46', 'T47', 'T48', 'T49', 'T50', 'T51', 'T52', 'T53', 'T54', 'T55', 'T56', 'T57', 'T58', 'T59','T60']  laxDP = ylndPOS p = 0 for i in range(1, np.size(laxDP)-1):     laxDP[i] = laxDP[p]*alpha+(1-alpha)*laxDP[i]     p = p+1  plt.subplot(2,2,1) plt.plot(xTime,ylndPOS,'green', label="Natural") plt.plot(xTime,laxDP,'blue', label="Relaxed") plt.title('Positiv lyndensitet',fontsize = font) plt.ylabel('Antal lyn',fontsize = font) plt.xticks(xTime, xTime, rotation=90, fontsize=6) plt.legend() 

I expect to see two lines, but instead i see only the “Relaxed” line.

Why unstable manifolds of two close point intersect eachother

Let $ M$ be a compact smooth manifold, $ f$ a diffeomorphism on $ M$ and for $ p, q \in M$ consider $ W^s_p$ the stable manifold in $ p$ (i.e. the set of points whose forward orbit tend to the forward orbit of $ p$ ) and $ W^u_q$ the unstable manifold in $ q$ (i.e. the set of points whose backward orbit tends to backwards orbit of $ q$ ).


Let $ x\in W^u_p$ and $ y\in W^u_q$ . Show that there exists a point $ t$ so that $ t\in W^u_x \cap W^u_y$ , if $ x$ and $ y$ be small close to each other. I want to say that if two point be close to each other their unstable manifold will intersect each other at a point.

How to rotate 40 guests from table to table at a party so many of them can meet eachother?

There will be 5 tables with 8 people at each table (40 guests), or possibly 6 tables with 8 people at each table (48 guests).

This will be a Mad Hatter tea party for women in a large hall (church setting). We would like the women to have 3 different table groupings of other women to socialize with. We want to “force” them to meet people they didn’t originally sit with. Everyone will seat themselves the first seating arrangement and socialize with whoever is at the first table group.

Next we want to give simple instructions for some women from each table to get up and move to a second table grouping, in order to mix with new people. This move seems easy – just have four women (perhaps every other seat) from each table stand up and rotate clockwise to the next table.

Finally, we want them to move to a third table grouping to meet and interact with a third set of women. This is where I’m stuck. How to select which women move the third time?

Two details that complicate the problem are: 1. One pre-assigned table leader need to be at each table grouping so that they can facilitate the ice breaker questions, and conversation.

  1. We plan to serve a variety of teas so the women can try different teas. We had thought that we would serve a different tea at each table. This poses a problem for the women who remain at the same table during rotations, because they will be “stuck” with the tea that is served at their table. Perhaps we should offer a tea buffet instead?

What ideas do you brilliant people have for making our party a success