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Fun-captcha . A new way to advertise and earn money


I would like to introduce you fun-captcha

What is fun captcha ?

Fun-captcha is a advertisng platform with captcha

we display banner and soon logo, and text link in our capcha

for valid captcha ou must draw the shape in the box

For advertiser :

you can display for the moment , banner and website

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Display our captcha and earn :

from $ 0.01 for click on banner

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Fun-captcha . A new way to advertise and earn money Earn free skins, games, gift cards & cryptocurrencies!

How does it work?

You can sign in to Idle-Empire’s website with your existing Steam account. Immediately start earning points through different methods, such as completing tasks and offers, watching videos, or idling on their TF2 servers. You can then use those points to withdraw skins for popular games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, H1Z1, TF2, and many more! You can also withdraw games, gift cards, and cryptocurrencies!

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How can I earn $20-$30 (online) a day without doing much?

Hi, I need to earn at least $ 20-$ 30 through PayPal a day without doing a lot of work (since I don't have the time).

No website/hosting, affiliate programs, no advertising programs (Adsense, Clickbank, etc.) – don't have time to spend on making websites, posts or affiliates
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-Something that is easy and not time consuming (can't be more than 30 mins daily)…

How can I earn $ 20-$ 30 (online) a day without doing much?

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Earn Free BAT Cryptocurrency

Install the Brave Browser and enable Brave Rewards to start earning BAT. Brave has the same functionality as Chrome. This means you can use the same extensions.

You get 0.05 BAT for each ad that is displayed. Up to five ads could be seen per hour Ads are displayed as a notification in the browser. Expect about $ 0.01 per ad that is displayed.

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