What happens if a character uses an inapposite gate to get to Earth, but later, translates to Earth?

I hate 2-part questions, but they are directly related.

  1. In our game, we have an Earthborn human, who was sent via inapposite gate to Ruk, had major surgery done (vat-growth limb to replace one lost a few years back), and, after some recovery time on Ruk, returned via inapposite gate.

    If that character, some time later, translates to a recursion, and then translates back to Earth, would he lose the replaced limb, and revert to how he was prior to the first gate travel? Does The Strange / Dark Energy Network / Chaosphere somehow “remember” his prior, unchanged form? (For the sake of this part of the question, assume the character had never been off-planet prior to that first trip to Ruk.)

  2. Another Earthborn character, who has translated multiple times, does something similar – translates to a recursion (where he Inks Spells on Skin), then uses an inapposite gate to return to Earth. After a few days (when the effect of the focus has worn off, but maybe not the tattoos), he travels to Ruk to pick up a few things for the office, then translates home. Does he return to his pre-Ruk appearance (with fading tattoos & all), or does he revert to his pre-tattooed self?

What happens to Goetia when they can’t manifest on Earth anymore?

I’m currently in the process of trying to get as firm of a grasp on ephemeral beings as I can, and in the process of cataloging them for the sake of myself and my friends, I’ve been intrigued and puzzled by Goetia.

The major hang-up I’m having with them is that they possess no Manifestation abilities and have to be provided them by the mage. I’ve been reviewing the book several times to try and get a solid idea on how mages would do that, with the Bind Spirit, Revenant, and Familiar spells having various options, but Goetia don’t even possess the Twilight Manifestation on their own.

What happens to them when the spell runs out and they cannot maintain any manifestation on Earth?

In the Astral Realms, sure, there’s no problem, but with no means of manifesting on their own, why would Goetic Summons mention the Open condition? It’s all very confusing.

I wish the book was more clear about this. The ephemeral system was already a bit of a chore to learn and these guys are giving me a headache. It stinks, considering how fun the concept of summoning characters from the public eye to fight on your behalf is.

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