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What geographical area would be the easiest start for players in a Vampire : The Masquerade today?

After discussing to some friends that visits some country all over the world, I find myself thinking about “Where it will be easy to be a vampire?” (Yes I know, I ask myself weirds questions), that I transform into “What geographical area would be the easiest start for players in a Vampire : The Masquerade today?”

As I search, I decide to cut the world in 9 areas (I tried to use facts and only that, and it was really interesting):

  • Western Europe: No bearing weapons allowed, so hunting is easier in early night, but a lot of peoples doesn’t go outside in late night.
  • Eastern Europe: More weapons, weapon bearing allowed officially or in a roundabout way so hunting is harder, but government have more information control so the Masquerade is easier to preserve, but Firstlight will find you easier too.
  • North America: Weapon bearing allowed in most cases so hunting more dangerous, but their is peoples are outside all night long so it’s easier to find a prey, but everything is open 24/7 so you can live without needing a ghoul.
  • South America: Like the Eastern Europe, but with more nature, so Werewolves might go kill you more often
  • Africa: The whole area is more or less in war, live as human is hard, and so it is to Kindred
  • Middle East: The Antediluvians are here and awakens, so it’s not a good area to be a Kindred (or a human bein)
  • North Asia: Most part of North Asia is the Russia, so it’s like the Eastern Europe
  • South Asia: Governement is strong, so the masquerade is easier to preserve, but Firstlight will find you easier too. Kuei-Jins are here so maybe it’s hard to be a Kindred
  • Oceania: “The whole fauna and flora want to kill you” meme don’t apply to you, and weapon controll is getting bigger now, so hunting is easier

So I think Oceania is the easiest area to start as a vampire, followed by Western Europe and North America. But I might be wrong in the statements I made with my researches (as I just take 2 hours to do so).

The easiest way to get started with marketing:

What's up guys!
I was up early this morning on one of the marketing Discord (Chat platform) servers I'm in. One of the Co-Owners shared this E-Book on how to make easy money on auto-pilot. The whole point is once you have the e-book, you can make money (on autopilot) just by sharing it as well. It's a win-win for everyone.

Click to download the PDF, you guys will understand once you read through it. Have fun! The book does a better job…

The easiest way to get started with marketing:

Easiest way to secure my home network from work pc

I am about to start a work at home position using a mac. I will be using my own personal internet to connect to their servers through their VPN.

I want to isolate my work PC from accessing my home PC internet use; is there an easy way to acheive this? From what I understand I can isolate my work PC from the network which will effectively hide my home PC’s history, what would be the easiest way to do this?

Easiest way to obtain a Taiwan visa for a Nigerian studying in China?

I’m presently in China studying and I plan to visit Taiwan very soon to attend a convention and probably visit some famous places, so I think the “visit visa” is what I need (probably stay about 8 days), asked my Chinese friend if there was any embassy belonging to Taiwan in China and he said he doesn’t think so.

Searched the internet and some people said I need to go to Hong Kong to get the Taiwan visa but to go to Hong Kong I also need a visa (which I have previously been refused) and also sending my passport and visa application document to the embassy of Taiwan in Hong Kong is easy but getting it back is the hard part because they will not send it back but ask you to send somebody to get it on your behalf which can be hard because I hardly know anyone there now.

Given my situation, what’s the easiest way for me to obtain a visa for Taiwan?

ubuntu *live CD* on windows – easiest way to transfer files from host to guest

So i am trying to explain to people a safe way to run programs in .net from an unknown source.

I want them to install virtualbox and then open an ubuntu live CD instance (with the “try ubuntu” option not install).

After this i want them to install mono and then copy the file to the guest vm and run it there.

Problem is, all tutorials show the cumbersome way to transfer files host to guest using an ubuntu install vm and not trial livecd.

I want to be able to transfer a file with a minimum amount of steps. As i understand i can’t install guest additions as it will require reboot and also the CD device is used by the livecd itself…

Any ideas here ?


Which product categories are the easiest to source?


Out of pure boredom a couple of months ago, I wrote a program that continuously scans Amazon best sellers and tries to find similar items on wholesalers. I was looking to answer the following question: How easy is it to find profitable products to flip on Amazon?

The program now found a little more than 12 000 products. You can check the full list here (https://www.bestpricewinner.com/)

I then wondered about the categories of the items I found this way. Was there a trend ? Some…

Which product categories are the easiest to source?

What’s the easiest way for a whole party to be able to communicate with a creature that doesn’t know Common?

My party befriended a Faerie Dragon who is now tagging along with us, but only one of us (a Dragonborn) is able to communicate with it. According to the MM, faerie dragons only know Draconic and Sylvan, and none of us know Sylvan either.

Instead of having to ask the Dragonborn to translate every time we want to talk to it, what are some ways the rest of the party can easily communicate with it? (or at the very least, my PC, who was the one who was originally interested in the faerie dragon in the first place)

The party consists of:

  • Paladin Dragonborn (Common, Draconic)
  • Cleric Half-Orc (Common, Orcish, I think maybe Dwarvish as well)
  • Wizard Forest Gnome (Common, Gnomish, Elvish, Dwarvish)
  • My PC, a Sorcerer Aasimar (Common, Celestial, Elvish)

We are all level 3. The dragonborn player keeps track of the faerie dragon’s stats and stuff, but the DM roleplays it.

Sharepoint 2013 to Sharepoint 2016 – only wish to migrate single site collection – easiest method?

Objective – Sharepoint 2013 (only specific content – 1 site) migrate to Sharepoint 2016 – only wish to migrate single site collection – easiest method?

Plan is to migrate for testing ahead of live cutover (so at this stage not keen to use DB attach method if possible)

New to company so no IT history with how previous sites setup etc This seems to be far more complex than it should be, not that familiar with SP. Have tried the DB backup however this contains multiple sites, many no longer active or valid and dating back to SP 2007 – so full of rubbish and non compatible items/features

Tried a granular backup of site, on SP2016 cannot restore this as does not see this file (copied locally, tried multiple file ext’s))

Any and all suggestions welcome!