What’s the easiest way to relieve oneself in a car?

Ok, I know we’re all adults here, but this is something that happens inevitably in most family trips I believe; it’s occurred in our own family trips.

You’re driving on the road to your destination. Suddenly, someone in the back or the front seat needs to go — badly. You see a sign that tells you the nearest rest stop is X miles away, and you know your kid/wife/husband/relative can’t hold it in for that long until you get to a rest stop.

What do you do? What is the easiest way to relieve oneself in a car, whether male or female? Do any of you have advice on what to do in this case? Obviously, I could pull over in wooded areas and have someone go in to the trees to relieve themselves, although this doesn’t work in dry, parched land like you’d see when travelling through California (I-5) or Nevada.

Preferably looking for solutions that are the least messiest and easy to do, especially in a packed car.

British and Iranian friends moving to mainland Europe together. Easiest way to get a visa?

A friend and I are considering a move to mainland Europe together.

I live in the UK. I was born here and have lived here for the duration of my life. My friend lives in Iran, where she was born.

We are considering a move to Germany or Norway, though this is not set in stone.

As a British citizen, I know that it will not be too difficult for me. Next year I will complete a TEFL course in order to ensure that I can find work easily and gain extra security when the brexit deal finally goes through.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of countries are dubious about issuing visas to Iranian citizens due to security risks.

Although the official stance is that all EU member states grant visas following the same criteria, a quick google search makes it clear that this is not the case in practice.

I would primarily like to know which EU countries will most readily issue a student or work visa to an Iranian citizen.

I also wonder whether it is more likely that my friend’s visa application will be approved if she intends to relocate with an EU citizen (fingers crossed Corbyn is elected and scraps brexit).


What is the easiest way to get the value of a string field in a twig template?

I’m using Drupal 8.5.4 and Bootstrap Paragraphs. I have a custom module foo and a custom paragraph type bar defined within. In the template for bar, I use kint to inspect the content of the variable. It turns out it has 17 properties, and none of them are the value of the field. The first 14 of them are in core/lib/Drupal/Core/Field, L#89-102. The last 3 are 0, #cache, and weight.

Digging into the object, I found the field value in content.bar.0['#context'].value. Obviously using this method to access a simple field value is janky as hell, and I would prefer not to have to do this every time.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a simpler way to access the field value? I don’t mind using a twig filter if need be
  2. Is there a way to configure my paragraph types to pass the context to the template, rather than all of the field data?