Easy way to add “Link To Item” on any column in SharePoint Online list set to Modern Experience

Does anyone know any easy way to add the “Link to Item” or “Edit Menu” to any column on SharePoint Online when the list is using the Modern Experience? It is simple when using the Classic Experience, but I have not found a good answer for doing this under the Modern Experience.

Pizza menu design that makes it easy to find the ingredients you want?

I came across this recently:

bad pizza menu - wall of text

and I thought it could be improved by extracting the common ingredients into columns, like this:

improved - common ingredients in columns


I find the table intimidating at first. But once you understand it, it is quite empowering.

I was just wondering if there’s a better way.

Perhaps the solution lies in combining the columns on the right? Example: half way down, the “Anchovies” column becomes “Tuna”.

create an alexa flash briefing and make it easy to schedule content for $65

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What is an easy in game mechanic to have a race from 5e Eberron show up in Faerûn?

I know Eberron and Faerûn are different planes but I have players who want to play warforged. What connections exist between the planes to facilitate a Eberron race ending up in Faerûn?

I am looking for a way to explain how the level 0/1 got to Faerûn. He does not need to be the source of the effect.

It was my understanding that there are locations in lore that describe semi-permanent gateways between planes, and I am trying to find out if there is a chain I could use to get someone from Eberron to The Sword Coast.