Where to stay in Paris for easy access to Palaiseau?

I will attend an event at Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau from Monday to Friday. The event will take place between 8am to 10pm, but some days it takes shorter (like until 5:30 pm). I may also have the weekends free before and after the event, so it is also a chance to see Paris.

Should I stay in Paris or in the suburbs (like Palaiseau, Massy, Saclay) close to Ecole Polytechnique? If the event ends at 5:30pm I will want to see the city, eat/drink, etc. I need to find a place that is safe and easily accessible by public transport to stay low on budget. Unfortunately budget is a concern for me, I only have 50-80 Euros for a night for accomodation.

Is it easy to hijack browser session if you have access to someone else computer

If someone has access to my computer , can they easily get my session id by going to the browsers developer tools and taking a photo of the session id with a phone, if the session id is passed in a cookie. eg. in a java web app , the jsessionid is usually passed as a cookie ( sometimes even in the url ) They can then add that key-value pair to the websites document cookie when they want it. ( assuming the session is not expired yet) Am I missing something, is it so easy.

If yes , why do browsers not employ not kind of security mechanisms so that an attacker with physical access to the computer, is not able to grab session id, or other important cookies through their developer tools. You can’t just get someone’s password,even with access to the computer. Chrome for example requires you to provide computer’s authentication credentials before you can view saved passwords. Why is is similar authentication not required for cookeies given that cookies can many times contain temporary password (eg. a session id )

Easy way to change the Free shipping option to 2nd flat rate shipping option?

Magento 1.9.4 Porto theme 

I am trying to setup a 2nd flat rate shipping option but I’m having problems with that such as here:

How to add another flat rate shipping option?

I discovered a Free shipping method which has a title which can be changed so it’s perfect except for I would like to use it as a 2nd flat rate billing option (let’s say $ 20) – is there an easy way to modify this so that it would charge $ 20 instead of $ 0?

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Is there an easy way to remove built-in apps on macOS Mojave?

In the past I was able to do sudo rm -rf /Applications/<app name>. The following resources indicate that this will no longer work without dealing with System Integration Protection (SIP):

  • How delete an application that is bundled with macOS?
  • https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/976402-how-to-remove-defaultbundled-apps-in-macos-mojave/

The motivation is that I am not motivated to accept updates for apps that I do not expect to use within the foreseeable future.

Is there an easy way to remove the built-in apps that I do not wish to update?

Easy Flashlight/Torch Toggle easily using tasker

I want to turn on the torch on the device by pressing the power button 3 times(or something convenient) and display a notification saying “Flashlight ON” and turn it off by simply swiping out(clearing) the notification.

I have achieved this by creating 2 macros in Macrodroid.

But I wanted to do the same exact thing with Tasker because obviously tasker can do a lot of things whereas macrodroid is limited to only a set of things and its not worth using both of them at the same time.