ethical hacking eBook


I have more that 10 years programming experience. in this time i learned a lot of things including hacking systems.

as example i succeed to hack thousand's of people's computer(stupid only) and make them mine cryptocurrency coins for me in the background(process run without GUI)

now i want to write some hacking tutorial books to sell them. but i don't know if there is a sweet place to sell this kind of books.
any help?

Selling an original ebook

hi, I'm a photographer and run a photography blog. I want to try to sell small article-like ebooks in some of the posts for like $ 5. I've seen other bloggers doing it.
The question I have is about the size of the book. I'm not looking for something serious. It should be more like a handbook with examples, tips and tricks, nicely presented, etc. What size should I be looking at?

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