Is using “Signature Versioning” in Amazon S3 a secure way of selling ebooks?

I own an ecommerce platform that sells large (500 megabyte+) ebooks. To reduce server costs I am looking at hosting the ebooks on S3 and using Sendowl/ FetchApp to create the links to the downloads.

My understanding is that “customer buys ebook” -> “customer receives signed url (i.e.” -> signed URL goes to actual s3 file (i.e. amazon.bucket/file1.pdf)”

Assuming that the middleman I use to sign the domain works correctly, and my bucket file has the correct security settings, is this secure? What is keeping someone from just brute-forcing the file system to find other files or use the link after it expires? My nightmare would be a security hole wherein someone could access all the documents.

Ayuda, ERROR en el script de ebooks por HEROKU. API no autentificada

estaba haciendo un ebook siguiendo este tutorial por el momento todo va bien, hasta que llega el momento de ejecutar el codigo heroku run worker, donde me da error cuando debe escribir el tweet, siendo este En la primera ejecución el codigo funciona correctamente, pero asumo que en la segunda, acierta y sale escribir tweet, siendo ahi donde me da el error, donde dice que la API debe estar autentificada. En la primera ejecución el codigo funciona correctamente, pero asumo que en la segunda, acierta y sale escribir tweet, siendo ahi donde me da el error, donde dice que la API debe estar autentificada. El codigo de python que utiliza es este. (usuario y tokens los he eliminado para el post, no faltan en el codigo original. El odd también lo he modificado para que la probabilidad sea mayor)

from os import environ  ''' Local Settings for a heroku_ebooks account.  '''  # Configuration for Twitter API ENABLE_TWITTER_SOURCES = True # Fetch twitter statuses as source ENABLE_TWITTER_POSTING = True # Tweet resulting status? MY_CONSUMER_KEY = environ.get('')#Your Twitter API Consumer Key set in Heroku config MY_CONSUMER_SECRET = environ.get('')#Your Consumer Secret Key set in Heroku config MY_ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY = environ.get('')#Your Twitter API Access Token Key set in Heroku config MY_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET = environ.get('')#Your Access Token Secret set in Heroku config  # Sources (Twitter, Mastodon, local text file or a web page) TWITTER_SOURCE_ACCOUNTS = []  # A list of comma-separated, quote-enclosed Twitter handles of account that you'll generate tweets based on. It should look like ["account1", "account2"]. If you want just one account, no comma needed. MASTODON_SOURCE_ACCOUNTS = [""] # A list, e.g. ["@user@instance.tld"] SOURCE_EXCLUDE = r'^$  '  # Source tweets that match this regexp will not be added to the Markov chain. You might want to filter out inappropriate words for example. STATIC_TEST = False  # Set this to True if you want to test Markov generation from a static file instead of the API. TEST_SOURCE = ".txt"  # The name of a text file of a string-ified list for testing. To avoid unnecessarily hitting Twitter API. You can use the included testcorpus.txt, if needed. SCRAPE_URL = False  # Set this to true to scrape a webpage. SRC_URL = ['', '']  # A comma-separated list of URLs to scrape WEB_CONTEXT = ['span', 'h2']  # A comma-separated list of the tag or object to search for in each page above. WEB_ATTRIBUTES = [{'class': 'example-text'}, {}] # A list of dictionaries containing the attributes for each page.  ODDS = 4  # How often do you want this to run? 1/8 times? ORDER = 2  # How closely do you want this to hew to sensical? 2 is low and 4 is high.  DEBUG = False  # Set this to False to start Tweeting live TWEET_ACCOUNT = ""  # The name of the account you're tweeting to.  #Configuration for Twitter parser. TEST_SOURCE will be re-used as as the corpus location. TWITTER_ARCHIVE_NAME = "tweets.csv" #Name of your twitter archive IGNORE_RETWEETS = True #If you want to remove retweets 

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