Ecommerce footprints

Hi fellow scrapers, does anyone here maybe have shop footprints you can share, for instance like “Powered by Shopify”?
I know how to find them myself, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone’s already done it.
Main platforms I’m looking for are Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, Ubercart,

Effective ways to increase sales in eCommerce

Every eCommerce site wants to increase its sales. To increase your eCommerce store, you need to know that how to market your store online. In the current scenario, the demand for an eCommerce store is increasing day by day.

Even if you have handsome traffic and not getting expected sales or revenue, then here are some coolest ways given to increase your sales traffic. By you trying these tactics, you definitely drive more sales.

1. Optimize Your Mobile view:
2. Make Your Checkout process easier:
3. Show trustworthy icons:
4. Improve email & AdWords campaigns:
5. Do upsell & cross sales:
6. Add Custom options in Product page:

There are maybe other ways to increase sales for an eCommerce store. Seven tips are given here to increase sales. You can more analyze your site through google analytics. You can define a strategy for promoting a particular product.

eCommerce Training – Moving into eCommerce

Hi, I've done some freelance eCommerce but looking to formalise this with some course or qualification so I can finally step into a career.

Currently looking for recommendations for courses in the UK, online or distance learning preferably. Does anyone have any suggestions and what's the employability like after doing these courses?

Should add I'm actually a Music graduate, but set up online stores and websites (WordPress with Woo Commerce, some Amazon & Shopify experience). I'd also…

eCommerce Training – Moving into eCommerce

eCommerce platform

I currently have an eBay & Etsy shop selling vintage knitting and crochet patterns by PDF. I am looking to move away from Etsy and set up my own shop. I will be selling digital downloads. What is the best eCommerce platform to use. What do you advise about using EKM.. I have read that EKM has eBay intergration, how does this work would it be the same as downloading a CSV file. Thank you