Adding menu item to WordPress admin bar for editors to edit one plugin’s settings

I installed the Siteimprove plugin to my client’s WordPress website and I need to provide editor access to the plugin. Editors by default do not have any access to plugins. I tried to add the following to my functions.php:

if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {   add_menu_page(         'Siteimprove Plugin',         'Siteimprove',         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

This is the code from the Siteimprove plugin that adds it to the menu:

/**  * Register menu for settings form page.  */ public function register_menu() {     // Add top level menu page.     add_menu_page(         __('Siteimprove Plugin'),         __('Siteimprove'),         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'Siteimprove_Admin_Settings::siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

I created a test editor account and this is not working. Am I missing something to get this working? Thanks for your help!

Multiple choice lookup field does not render on edit form

I have, for the last few years, used a field called “Enabled” and a calculated field which returns the value of the Title field if Enabled is true. If Enabled is false, I return an empty string (“”). This is the formula: =IF([Enabled],[Title],””)

This allows the administrators of the site to temporarily enable/disable options from displaying in the new and edit form of a list which references those items in a multiple-choice lookup column with out-of-the-box functionality instead of using code. This has worked for many years, but all of a sudden, after the user-facing list (not the lookup list) has had thousands and thousands of items, this is causing issues.

On the display form, the disabled items in a lookup field used to not appear while the enabled items would still show. Now, the disabled items are displayed as numbers showing the corresponding lookup ID.

On the edit form, if a user had previously selected an item in a lookup and that item has now been disabled (blank), the item would fall off the list of selected results and not be available in the list of selections. Now, the entire selection candidate and results for the lookup field are not rendered. I inspected the HTML for the form, and there is literally nothing on that row other than the initial table cell with the field name.

This type of functionality (blanking out a field used in a lookup selection in order to hide it) still works on other lists and other sites. How can I narrow down what it suddenly causing this issue on this one list?

Is there any free online photography classes? Also, best edit software for photos?

I’m planning on buying a nice camera soon. I want to take classes to learn to take better pictures, specially so I can some day know how to take senior pictures. I want to offer free pictures for seniors who may not have enough money to do otherwise. I’m planning on buying a Canon camera and buying any editing software I can get. Which, what is the best software to get? I am going to be a completely new photographer and would love to learn as much as possible. Thank you.

Unable to change Content type from quick edit view

I have a SharePOint library for which there are about 5 content types added. Some users do drag and drop files in the library and because of that the Content type value for these files is set to the default one.

When I go into Quick edit (added content type in the view), I am unable to change the set content type but when I do files>Edit properties, it does allow me to change the content type.

Is this the default behavior or is there something we can do allow users to change content type in the quick edit view.

Thanks in advance.