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Edit ansible vault file in Visual studio code

I have issue with editing ansible vault file in Visual studio code.

Example from nest question is not working –

I exported editor like export EDITOR='code --wait' and command ansible-vault edit file1.yml is still opening an empty tmp file in Visual Studio Code.

I use Windows 10 WSL in terminal from VS code. Can someone please advice on this issue or help me to debug it?

programatically edit numbers from messages

Here is the issue

i changed phones..

i before hand backed up calls and messages using sms backup and restore. everything went fine. I have the xml files i can see the messages and the numbers correctly in the xml.

the restore in the new phone for some reason decided to add the sim country code to every number that did not have a country code which made the numbers completely unusable I do not understand from where come the country code I do not see anywhere the settings in the aosp messaging app to remove the country code.

is there a way to edit the numbers on the messages or to make sms backup and restore app not to add the country code of the sim card.. I think it detects the country of the sim or the country of the phone based on imei? and then if a phone does not start by +xxx it add it..

I find totally unacceptable that the restore got somehow altered. and I cannot find the root cause..

questions is can i use adb or some api in python or whatever to fix the mistakes.. I still have the original xml files from sms backup and restore with the numbers untouched.

thank you

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Need to edit links in hundreds of nodes – can it be done via a module?

I have a number of nodes of a content type in which the body contains links using These links no longer resolve due to domain name changes to the original link that was ‘bitlyed’.

I’ve been correcting these manually:

  • Find all nodes of type news with link in body
  • Foreach node,
  • View node
  • Click on link
  • Edit url in browser so that it resolves to file (pdfs)
  • Download file to local
  • In Drupal, upload file via Content->Add Media->File
  • Edit body in node to replace link with link to file on Drupal instance
  • Save edits
  • Next node

There are a goodly number of nodes to do this to; I also have a number of instances where the link is not, but is to a domain that will be retired.

To me, this just screams for automation, but I know I need to do it via Drupal as much as possible.

Is this worth undertaking creating a module? Or is there another way that’s advised?

Any help will be appreciated.

Product edit page move tabs to sidebar

In the default layout for the admin product edit page we have an accordion style setup. This is really annoying as you have to scroll down several pages every time you want to edit an option that’s not part of the General tab. I would like to have a sidebar like on the customer edit page. Switching to “admin-2columns-left” doesn’t seem to do the trick. Is there any recommended way of achieving this?

Edit button toggles modal and load data from PHP using AJAX and JQUERY

I’ve been working on an edit/update button that will toggle a modal that looks like this:

Update/Edit Employee Modal

And I just want to ask if there’s a better code for this JS I made:

<script>  $  ('body').on('click', '.editButton',function(){     let edit = $  (this).val()     console.log("Edit this : " + edit);      $  ('#updateEmpModal').modal('toggle');       $  .ajax({         type    :   'POST',         url     :   'get.php',         data    :   {'edit' : edit},         dataType:   'json',         success: function(data){             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='EMAIL']")         .val(data.EMAIL);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='PASSWORD']")      .val(data.PASSWORD);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='RIGHTS']")        .val(data.RIGHTS);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='LAST_NAME']")     .val(data.LAST_NAME);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='FIRST_NAME']")    .val(data.FIRST_NAME);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='MIDDLE_NAME']")   .val(data.MIDDLE_NAME);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='SUFFIX']")        .val(data.SUFFIX);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='GENDER']")        .val(data.GENDER);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='BIRTHDATE']")     .val(data.BIRTHDATE);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='BIRTHPLACE']")    .val(data.BIRTHPLACE);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='CITIZENSHIP']")   .val(data.CITIZENSHIP);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='RELIGION']")      .val(data.RELIGION);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='ADDRESS']")       .val(data.ADDRESS);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='CONTACT']")       .val(data.CONTACT);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='ICE_NAME']")      .val(data.ICE_NAME);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='ICE_CONTACT']")   .val(data.ICE_CONTACT);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='DEPARTMENT']")    .val(data.DEPARTMENT);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='POSITION']")      .val(data.POSITION);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='EMP_TYPE']")      .val(data.EMP_TYPE);             $  ("#updateEmpForm input[name='edit']")          .val(data.ID);         }     }); });  </script> 

It is working, but I want to know if this is a bad practice and if there are better solutions.

How to change the view of an InfoPath form only in edit mode?

I’m building a SharePoint app with a form utilizing multiple views for different stages. My form has the three standard views “display”, “new” and “edit”, which are automatically switched when entering the form by InfoPath (no rules yet).

Now I want to add a rule that switches the form to a different view depending on the value of a field. I know how to add such a rule in the load form rules. I added the condition “If field X is Y switch to view Z”. Now whenever I open the form and the field X has a value of Y, the new view Z is shown.

My problem is that this rule triggers when the form is opened for viewing and editing. I want it to only trigger if the form is opened in edit mode. I do not want it to trigger if the form is in read only (display) mode.

So my question is: how to create a rule that will not trigger if the form is opened in read only mode?