Why does the Edit button have a different url then the Edit properties ribbon?

I have a JavaScript that relies on the contentTypeId when editing a folder or a document. The problem is when I click on the Edit properties ribbon:


Everything is all well and good The url:


as it manages to get the contentTypeId that I wanted.

However when pressing the Edit button from the view:

enter image description here

The URL won’t contain contentTypeId and I cannot understand why.

Is there any explanation on why this is happening?

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How to edit SharePoint page content/URL using client Object Model

I have SharePoint Site on SharePoint online with Pages library having 5 pages with content. Need to modify the URL in the pages programmatically using Client Object Model

suppose I have Newname.aspx page and this page is having some links which I need to modify pragmatically. Newname.aspx is having 15 broken links, every time I have to open this page in edit mode and manually update all broken links.

Is there any way to modify these broken links programmatically.

Unable to edit a Choice field with Checkboxes and fill-in choices

I’m a fairly novice SP user, however I’ve run into an issue. I’ve created a list, and one of the columns is a ‘Choice’ with checkboxes so users can select multiple items. When I set the ‘Allow fill-in choices’ to No, everything works well. However, when I set it to Yes, all of a sudden that field becomes uneditable. When I go to create a new item, it works fine. However, if I try to edit the list directly, there’s no drop down and no way to edit that field.

What it looks like with 'Allow fill in' set to No When it's set to Yes[![The 'New Item' works well]3

‘New Item’ works fine’

Not working

This is what it looks like when I’m trying to edit this field on the list.

tag in plaintext multi line field in quick edit mode

I’ve got a generic list with a multi line text field, that is set to plaintext. When I view the list or edit a single item, everything is fine. When I change to quick edit mode and write a text with line breaks, still everything looks normal.

But as soon, as I am in quckedit mode and not editing this field anymore, the line breaks are displayed as <br>-tags

before and after leaving the cell

After ending the quick edit mode, the field is displayed correctly again. But when I turn quick edit back on, the <br>-tags are displayed again.

Is this a known bug? Is there a fix for it?