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‘Edit Collider’ exits after every adjustment

When I click the Edit Collider button I can see the collider’s region and the handles to adjust it.

After every adjustment (with the mouse) the collider outline disappears as Edit Collider finishes. It’s frustrating to use, having to reclick Edit Collider after every drag/click.

How do I stop Edit Collider mode from exiting after every change and only exit if I click the button, or press some commit key?

SharePoint custom edit form button javascript onclick set fields value

I’m fairly new to developing and I have a custom form that I made using SharePoint designer 2010 – I need to start my workflow on the click of the button, but I’m not using a site based workflow, so my code for the start button doesn’t work. My alternative is to have onclick set fields value (I have a hidden text field called start workflow) to yes.

For now this is what I have

<input name="StartWorkflow" type="button" value="Start Workflow" onclick=””/>  

This is what I’ve found – but I don’t believe its correct to go in my onclick event.

I’m finding information relative to things outside of SharePoint so it’s confusing to put two and two together – I did find this information

var siteUrl = '/sites/MySiteCollection';  function updateListItem() {      var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext(siteUrl);     var oList = clientContext.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle('Announcements');      this.oListItem = oList.getItemById(3);      oListItem.set_item('Title', 'My Updated Title');      oListItem.update();      clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed)); }  function onQuerySucceeded() {      alert('Item updated!'); }  function onQueryFailed(sender, args) {      alert('Request failed. ' + args.get_message() + '\n' + args.get_stackTrace()); } 

Also does anyone know how to create a onclick= redirect to..”www..etc”

How to edit existing item library with Infopath form SP 2013

I have a SP Library and I publish an Infopath form, when I create a new item, everything works perfect but if I want to edit the item it does not open the same form with the info populated to edit, it opens a default SP form with some fields but the whole form. I’m including the form it opens when editing.

Any idea?

enter image description here

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SharePoint 2013 Quick Edit while filtering hidden column shows error

I’ve got problem using quick edit while filtering by hidden column.

How to reproduce this error step by step:

  1. For example in Documents add new column (I called it TestCol, simple text)
  2. Add new element/document in list. Set value e.g. 1
  3. Using AllItems.aspx?FilterField1=TestCol&FilterValue1=1 will sort all items in list by this column. Quick edit here works fine.
  4. Hide this column (uncheck TestCol in Modify View).
  5. Now in view use Quick Edit.
  6. After changing name press Stop enter image description here
  7. Error shows up, page doesn’t redirect enter image description here enter image description here
  8. After clicking on that list (for me Documents) changes are shown.

I check in Fiddler and it shows status 601. Request looks like this

POST /TeamSite1/_layouts/15/inplview.aspx?List={574CD88A-97AE-4315-BBA8-2802AB1AC0B3}&View={0136CAE6-365B-4F6D-BF49-6DC1F6C8250B}&ViewCount=0&IsXslView=TRUE&IsCSR=TRUE&FilterField1=TestCol&FilterValue1=1&FilterField2=undefined&FilterValue2=1 HTTP/1.1

As you can see it adds at the end


In logs I found this:

System.ArgumentException: Column ‘undefined’ does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

Any idea how to resolve this problem?

SPD 2013 Custom Edit Form default fields for content type

I have a list with content types enabled. Each content type has it own set of columns. The default display, edit, new forms haven’t been tampered with. When I create a new edit form in Sharepoint Designer 2013, I’ve found that when I specify the content type in the advanced form options I get two outcomes. Sometimes I get just the fields for that content type. Other times I get all the fields in the list and have to manually remove the un-necessary ones.

I’ve tried this by creating a site level content type and a list level content type with the same results.

Does anybody know if this is normal behaviour or a bug or if somewhere along the line I’ve changed something in the list or the content type that causes this?

Thanks in Advance.

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