Woocommerce Custom product fields need to be editable after purchase in View Orders Page

I am Using https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46612499/display-a-custom-field-value-in-woocommerce-orders-edit-view/#answer-46615303 answer code, which works fine.

I want to display that checkout custom fields on My Account > View Order Pages, to allow customer to edit its value after purchase, so Customers can change and save the custom field value.

Any help?

How to make jquery count down timer function manually editable

I have a wordpress theme and I would like to display a certain promo start time in front page. It uses jquery.countdown.min.js and has following default timer settings

var siteCountDown = function() {          if ( $  ('#date-countdown').length > 0 ) {             $  ('#date-countdown').countdown('2020/10/10', function(event) {               var $  this = $  (this).html(event.strftime(''                 + '<span class="countdown-block"><span class="label">%w</span> weeks </span>'                 + '<span class="countdown-block"><span class="label">%d</span> days </span>'                 + '<span class="countdown-block"><span class="label">%H</span> hr </span>'                 + '<span class="countdown-block"><span class="label">%M</span> min </span>'                 + '<span class="countdown-block"><span class="label">%S</span> sec</span>'));             });         }      };     siteCountDown(); 

It displays that promo will start in four months later after now. But I would like to set timer manually via wordpress admin dashboard. Is it possible to insert some php codes in .countdown(‘2020/10/10’ something like

<?php if ($  year = get_option('of_year') && $  month = get_option('of_month') &&  $  day = get_option('of_day') ) { ?> .countdown('<?php echo $  year; ?>/<?php echo $  month; ?>/<?php echo $  day; ?> <?php }  ?> 

so that I can edit promo start time manually

My options are:

$  options[] = array( "name" => "Year",                     "desc" => "promo start year",                     "id" => $  shortname."_promo_year",                     "std" => "",                     "type" => "tex");   $  options[] = array( "name" => "Mount",                     "desc" => "promo start month",                     "id" => $  shortname."_promo_month",                     "std" => "",                     "type" => "tex");  $  options[] = array( "name" => "Day",                     "desc" => "promo start day",                     "id" => $  shortname."_promo_day",                     "std" => "",                     "type" => "tex"); 

Should non editable text have the default cursor on hover?

I’m seeing more and more website adding a global CSS body {cursor: default} for the cursor to be default when hovering non editable text.

I’m guessing the goal is to make a difference between selectable and editable text (given the fact that all text should be selectable), even if field should already have visual affordance to mean editable.

But the idea of having the text cursor means editable text instead of selectable text actualy sounds like relevant to me.

In OSes for example, most of the time, text in interface is selectable (kinda), but the cursor does not change. And everywhere else (but on a website / in a browser), I don’t see a text cursor meaning selectable.

Pros and cons?

Is it best practice to place an editable data table in a modal/popup?

I am curious if this is already establish as a really good standard but so far i haven’t seen any standards on this. Let me know your thoughts.

Scenario is: We are trying to go with either V1 or V2 inside the modal.

V1: a data table structure in a modal to add users (it can be up to 100)

V2: drag and drop the users with 2 column boxes (box 1:assigned users) and (boxt 2: unassigned users)

Hero Webpart Not Editable SHAREPOINT ONLINE

I just created a communication site. By default a Hero webpart is on the main page. I can go to edit the page and on that specific webpart it gives me the option to edit details(the icon with the little pencil appears when i hover a panel). From there i can add images, texts and URLs for links etc.

That all works well and fine. The problem is when I create a new page in the communication site and add a hero web-part to it, after selecting edit the option to edit details for the hero web-part is totally nonexistent. The only option I’m given is how many tiles I’d like displayed.

Am I the only one experiencing this or is this a know issue? If there is a work around for this I would really appreciate some help. It just seems odd that you can edit details on the generated Hero web-part but not on one you add later on…

Please and thank you in advance.

Angular Cli – Url editable en producción

Tengo una pequeña aplicación en producción en angular 7, y por curiosidad me di cuenta que por ejemplo, si ingreso directamente con el nombre de mi dominio me lleva al login de la aplicación ya que internamente esta establecido de esa forma, pero si yo le ingreso por ejemplo: www.midocminio.com/login manualmente… me sale “objeto no localizado”.

A lo cual me lleva a la pregunta, si hay alguna forma dentro de angular para poder hacer editables en producción las rutas, evitando que salga ese mensaje de error?

How to build in-place editable modern webpart?

I’m trying to build a webpart that display tiles with custom data.

I’m trying to mimic the behavior of the page banner webpart that allow to edit each tiles directly within the webpart, each tile having an edit button (when page is in edit mode).

How to do that? I’ve seen a lot of documentation regarding the property pane, but always scoped to the global webpart (not individual parts)

What is the best way to indicate that text in a text input field is editable?

Imagine an app like yelp. In this case, you select the number of stars that you want to rate something. When you do, a pre-generated text is displayed in the text input field. You can either keep this text, as it is a useful pre-generated review, or you can delete this text and write your own.

I’m trying to decide what the best way is to indicate that this text is something that you don’t HAVE to use, that it’s an option, not forced upon you. That it is editable.

I can: – have an icon that indicates that it is editable (pencil?) (not very clear) – have text that says e.g. “tap to edit” (a bit messy, having a hint on screen) – have the text be “selected” the moment it appears on the screen. (cleanest way, but is it clear enough?)

Anything obvious I’m missing? What do you think is best?