Auto refresh the page in Editform.aspx with ID query string param with updated list item value in Presaveitem()

am having an editform.aspx page in my SPO site. am using presaveitem() in my content editor web part to perform validation and etc after completion of calling of presaveitem(), i ant to stay on the same page , ie, i wanna stay like : https://mycustomersposite/msite/lists/splist1/editform.aspx?ID=425 with the same ID, after refreshing the page automatically.

 function Presaveitem()  {    //perform validation .. etc      alert("Item is updated successfully on 11/05 monday");    alert('reloading the page');     window.location.reload();  return true; } 

The problem am facing is, after click on the save button, its automatically redirecting to the AllItems.aspx page always. what my understanding is if i call just before closing of Presaveitem()
window.location.reload(); , it will reload the page with the latest updates happened to the list items id , mentioned in the ?ID=mylistitemidnumber . How to stop redirecting to the allitems.aspx page from editform? is it possible to add a ?source param in the URL, ( inject it on page load) automatically/programmatically?