How editing html and javascript of a website makes it vulnerable? [duplicate]

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  • Is bypassing client-side protections a XSS vulnerability?

I was practicing web pentesting on this level of ctf2 and I was supposed to edit the HTML and the Javascript to get rid of the input validation and < > sanitization. I succeded after looking up the solution elsewhere.

Now what I don’t understand is why modify the HTMLand the Javascript. The changes will be lost once the page is reloaded, so how does that makes it dangerous? Is this how XSS is done, by editing the HTML/Javascript and injecting script tags to the input fields? And how does it threaten real users?

I know the challenge was ‘simple’ and there are no users who are threatened, but is it the same concept in real life? Thanks in advance.

What is google docs solution to handling multiple users editing and reading at the same time?

I have always been curious as to how google solved the solution of real time collaboration in their google docs product where they allow multiple users to edit and read the same document in real time.

I believe this is very similar to the well known readers and writers problem.

In some of the solutions that i have seen, we would need a mutex of some kind whereby the writers will have exclusive lock to the document itself and readers will not be able to read the document at all.

But in the google docs case, it is quite interesting whereby another user can read the document in real time and two users can both edit the same document at the same time without any conflicts which is very impressive to me.

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Removing / Editing Desktop Right Click Actions 16.04

I would like to remove the ‘Organize Desktop by Name’ action, or at least edit the desktop right click menu to put an indent between ‘paste’ and ‘Organize Desktop by Name’, so I don’t keep mucking up my desktop icon layout when I missclick and hit the latter when intending to hit the former.

Nautilus actions helps define and add new actions, but I’ve been unable to use it to remove already existing actions.

Any help is much appreciated.

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