Rules for creating player business in DnD 5th Edition [duplicate]

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  • Has anyone enabled their players to create businesses in-game as a way to generate income? [closed]

We have a player that is interested in setting up a business as a money lender and another that wants to open a brothel. Are there official rules for this kind of gameplay? If so where can I read up on the specifics. If not, is there some kind of homebrew set of rules that I might be able to use?

How to downgrade Magento Enterprise 2.x to Community edition

My site uses Magento EE 2.1.8, I want to downgrade to magento CE 2.1.8 , I havn’t found steps to do that. I just found lot of articles for magento 1. I see that there are two methods for downgrading, either deleting some enterprise files and db tables from the enterprise setup, or install a fresh CE setup and migrate extensions and data. Any help please?

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How do I know which edition of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) the books I’m looking at are for?

I know there are quite a few editions of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), each of which has loads of rules, source, and splat books.

But how do I know which edition the books I’m looking at are for?

A lot of the time the ones in hobby stores are wrapped up, or you’ll buy from elsewhere that doesn’t say in the description, and the covers just say D&D.

Is there a way to identify which edition of D&D the books I’m buying are for, either from the cover or some description in the book?

For the purposes of this question I’m asking about core rule books only. Eg. PHB, MM, and DMG. Hopefully the answer to this can be carried over to other books.

Visual Merchandiser in magento 2 community edition?

Is visual merchandiser in magento 2 community edition?

I’m learning magento and while reading documentation trying to find how to do something, I’ll see things like visual merchandiser and I’m unable to find that same feature in my 2.2.5 installation by following the instructions.

Is there a way to see what is enterprise only when looking at user docs? Even this doc says “Magento Commerce”

Which 1st edition D&D module takes place last according with regards to the DR timeline?

I’m trying to find info on the last module for 1st ed D&D which occurs before the DR years advance into 2nd edition. I’m not trying to find the last 1st ed module published for 1e, though that may end up being the case anyway, but rather the one which occurs the latest with regards to the DR timeline. Thanks!

Collatz Conjecture Disprover Unit – Googol Edition

The Wikipedia article about the Collatz Conjecture has these quotes:

If the conjecture is false, it can only be because there is some starting number which gives rise to a sequence that does not contain 1. Such a sequence might enter a repeating cycle that excludes 1, or increase without bound. No such sequence has been found.

… sometimes a conjecture’s only counterexamples are found when using very large numbers.

The bit about using very large numbers motivated me to write the following Collatz calculator that uses Googol-sized numbers.
The program is very extensible. Just change the equates on top.

The faster the calculation, the more numbers can be verified for compliance, silently hoping for non-compliance of course…
I’m most interested in speeding up the CollatzEngine.

I display a running counter on screen just to prove that the program is still alive.

; Copyright (c) 2018, Sep Roland. ; All rights reserved.  PowerOfTen              = 100           ;1 Googol == 10^100 MaxDWords               = 12            ;1 Googol occupies 11 dwords MaxSteps                = 100000 Width                   = (1+MaxDWords)*4 STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE       = 0FFFFFFF5h          format  PE console  Start:  mov     esi, Title         call    PrintString         mov     eax, PowerOfTen         call    PrintNumber         mov     esi, Title_         call    PrintString          mov     ebx, Slots              ;Pointing at SlotA         call    BuildGoogol             ; -> (EAX ECX..EBP)  Next:   mov     esi, [Screen]           ;Update the counter on screen         call    PrintString         call    CollatzEngine           ; -> ECX (EAX EDX..EDI)         call    GoToNextNumber          ; -> (EAX ESI)         jmp     Next ; -------------------------------------- Fatal3: call    Fatal                   ;From inside CollatzEngine         db      "needs too many steps - Possible repetition!", 0 Fatal2: call    Fatal                   ;From inside CollatzEngine         db      "grows too big - Possible divergence!", 0 Fatal1: call    Fatal                   ;From outside CollatzEngine         db      "needs more space.", 0 Fatal:  mov     esi, Error         call    PrintString         pop     esi         call    PrintString          mov     al, 0         jmp     TerminateProgram ; -------------------------------------- ; IN (ebx) OUT () MOD (eax,ecx..ebp) BuildGoogol:         mov     ecx, 1         mov     [ebx], ecx              ;SignificantDWords = 1         mov     [ebx+4], ecx            ;SlotA = 1         mov     ebp, PowerOfTen         jmp     .c .a:     lea     edi, [ebx+4]            ;Current value * 10         xor     esi, esi         mov     ecx, [ebx]              ;SignificantDWords .b:     mov     eax, 10         mul     dword [edi]         add     eax, esi         adc     edx, 0         stosd         mov     esi, edx         dec     ecx         jnz     .b         test    esi, esi         jz      .c         cmp     dword [ebx], MaxDWords  ;Upscale         jnb     Fatal1                  ;"needs more space"         mov     [edi], esi         inc     dword [ebx] .c:     dec     ebp         jns     .a         ret                             ;SlotA = 10 ^ #PowerOfTen ; -------------------------------------- ; IN (ebx) OUT (ecx) MOD (eax,edx..edi) CollatzEngine:         mov     ecx, [ebx]              ;SignificantDWords [1,MaxDWords]         inc     ecx         mov     esi, ebx         add     ebx, Width              ;(*) Within Collatz EBX points at SlotB         mov     edi, ebx         rep movs dword [edi], [esi]     ;Copy SlotA into SlotB          ;;xor   ecx, ecx                ;StepCount         mov     esi, [ebx]              ;Cache SignificantDWords [1,MaxDWords]         jmp     .Start  .Cont:  mov     eax, [ebx+4]            ;Lowest dword of current number         bt      eax, 0         adc     ecx, 1                  ;StepCount + [1,2]         cmp     ecx, MaxSteps         ja      Fatal3                  ;"needs too many steps"          bt      eax, 0         jnc     @f         call    .Odd                    ; -> ESI CF=0 (EAX EDX EDI) @@:     call    .Even                   ; -> ESI (EAX EDX EDI)  .Start: cmp     esi, 1         jne     .Cont         cmp     [ebx+4], esi         jne     .Cont  .Done:  mov     [ebx], esi              ;Un-cache SignificantDWords         sub     ebx, Width              ;(*) Restore EBX to point at SlotA         ret                             ;ECX is steps taken to reach 1 ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ; IN (ebx,esi,CF=1) OUT (esi,CF=0) MOD (eax,edx,edi) .Odd:   lea     edi, [ebx+Width+4]      ;CF=1 This produces the +1         mov     edx, esi @@:     mov     eax, [edi-Width]        ;n --> 2n+1         rcl     eax, 1         stosd                           ;DST is intermediate storage (SlotC)         dec     edx         jnz     @b         jnc     @f         cmp     esi, MaxDWords          ;Upscale         jnb     Fatal2                  ;"grows too big"         mov     [edi-Width], edx        ;EDX=0         inc     edx                     ; 0 -> 1         mov     [edi], edx         add     esi, edx                ; -> CF=0  @@:     lea     edi, [ebx+4]            ;CF=0         mov     edx, esi @@:     mov     eax, [edi]              ;2n+1 --> 3n+1         adc     eax, [edi+Width]         stosd                           ;DST is intermediate storage (SlotB)         dec     edx         jnz     @b         jnc     @f         cmp     esi, MaxDWords          ;Upscale         jnb     Fatal2                  ;"grows too big"         inc     edx                     ; 0 -> 1         mov     [edi], edx         add     esi, edx                ; -> CF=0 @@:     ret ; - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ; IN (ebx,esi,CF=0) OUT (esi) MOD (eax,edx,edi) .Even:  lea     edi, [ebx+esi*4]        ;CF=0         mov     edx, esi         std @@:     mov     eax, [edi]              ;n --> n/2         rcr     eax, 1         stosd                           ;DST is intermediate storage (SlotB)         dec     edx         jnz     @b         cld         cmp     [ebx+esi*4], edx        ;EDX=0         sete    dl                      ; -> EDX=[0,1]         sub     esi, edx                ;This is Downscale if EDX=1         ret ; -------------------------------------- ; IN (ebx) OUT () MOD (eax,esi) GoToNextNumber:         mov     esi, ebx                ;Increment number in SlotA         mov     eax, [esi]              ;SignificantDWords .a:     add     esi, 4         add     dword [esi], 1         jnc     .b         dec     eax         jnz     .a         cmp     dword [ebx], MaxDWords  ;Upscale         jnb     Fatal1                  ;"needs more space"         inc     eax                     ; 0 -> 1         add     [ebx], eax         mov     [esi+4], eax  .b:     lea     esi, [Mirror+38]        ;Increment counter in mirror         jmp     .d .c:     sub     al, 10         mov     [esi], al         dec     esi         cmp     esi, [Screen]         jnb     .d         mov     [Screen], esi .d:     mov     al, [esi]         add     al, 1         cmp     al, "9"         ja      .c         mov     [esi], al         ret ; --------------------------------------  ; IN (al) TerminateProgram:         movzx   eax, al         push    eax         call    [ExitProcess]  ; IN (esi) PrintString:         push    ebx         push    esi                     ;(1)         push    STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE         call    [GetStdHandle]         mov     ebx, eax         pop     esi                     ;(1)         mov     edi, esi         or      ecx, -1         xor     al, al         repne   scasb         neg     ecx         sub     ecx, 2         push    0         push    Bytes         push    ecx         push    esi         push    ebx         call    [WriteFile]         pop     ebx         ret  ; IN (dl) PrintCharacter:         mov     [OneChar], dl         push    STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE         call    [GetStdHandle]         push    0         push    Bytes         push    1         push    OneChar         push    eax         call    [WriteFile]         ret  ; IN (eax) PrintNumber:         push    ebx         mov     ebx, 10                 ;CONST 10         push    ebx                     ;Sentinel .a:     xor     edx,edx         div     ebx         push    edx         test    eax, eax         jnz     .a         pop     edx .b:     add     dl, "0"         call    PrintCharacter         pop     edx         cmp     edx, 10         jb      .b         pop     ebx         ret  ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  Title   db      'Collatz Conjecture Disprover Unit - Googol Edition', 13, 10         db      10, 'Now verifying the number: 10 ^ ', 0 Title_  db      ' + ...', 13, 10, 0 Error   db      10, 10, 'Error: This number ', 0 Mirror  db      39 dup '0', 13, 0 OneChar db      0         ALIGN   4 Screen  dd      Mirror+38 Bytes   rd      1 Slots   rd      3*(1+MaxDWords)  ; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  stack 4096  ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  section '.idata' import data readable writeable                          dd      0, 0, 0, rva kernel_name, rva kernel_table                         dd      0, 0, 0, 0, 0  kernel_table:  ExitProcess             dd      rva _ExitProcess WriteFile               dd      rva _WriteFile GetStdHandle            dd      rva _GetStdHandle                         dd      0  kernel_name             db      'KERNEL32.DLL', 0  _ExitProcess            dw      0                         db      'ExitProcess', 0 _WriteFile              dw      0                         db      'WriteFile', 0 _GetStdHandle           dw      0                         db      'GetStdHandle', 0  ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------  section '.reloc' fixups data readable discardable 

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