Can’t edit value of WYSIWYG Editor after first save

I have added a WYSIWYG Editor to the dropdown field in the individual options of a configurable product.

But there is a bug. If I first create a new option of type dropdown and add a new row and fill in the values and click on “save” then the page is getting reloaded and all values are successfully saved as expected.

enter image description here

But If I now try to edit the value in the WYSIWYG Form (WYS 1) and click on save. Then the same value is still there.

All other attributes are changing as expected on save, even the attribute “action” which I created on my own.

Why is the WYSIWYG Editor not saving?

Editor functionality

We have an editor that allows you to build a static page.

On the left sidebar of the editor are buttons that allow you to change the colors, text, add images, etc. On the right is a preview of the page you are building.

On this left sidebar, is it ok to add links to Help or more info? I’m not sure when it is ok to mix product functionality and external links.

Here is a quick mockup:

enter image description here