Adding menu item to WordPress admin bar for editors to edit one plugin’s settings

I installed the Siteimprove plugin to my client’s WordPress website and I need to provide editor access to the plugin. Editors by default do not have any access to plugins. I tried to add the following to my functions.php:

if (!current_user_can('manage_options')) {   add_menu_page(         'Siteimprove Plugin',         'Siteimprove',         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

This is the code from the Siteimprove plugin that adds it to the menu:

/**  * Register menu for settings form page.  */ public function register_menu() {     // Add top level menu page.     add_menu_page(         __('Siteimprove Plugin'),         __('Siteimprove'),         'manage_options',         'siteimprove',         'Siteimprove_Admin_Settings::siteimprove_settings_form'     ); } 

I created a test editor account and this is not working. Am I missing something to get this working? Thanks for your help!