If AD user profile is deleted – effect on Sharepoint data (created by, modified by, historic assigned tasks…)

I’m a SP Admin with a basic understanding of how AD and Sharepoint interact. I’ve had a request from management “…to remove former employee names from Sharepoint”. While I’ve taken care of the SP permissions aspect of this, names are still found on e.g. shared documents. They might just want to remove these ‘share exceptions’ and there’s no need to keep this info, since the employees have left the firm, they can’t access these files anyway.

What effect would deleting the AD user profiles have on Sharepoint?

  • Would it remove the ‘share exceptions’?
  • What about adverse effects – would files lose their meta-data (Created By, Modified By).
  • What would happen to people/group fields (e.g. task ‘Assigned To’ fields) – would the employee name remain here?

I found a similar post here, which suggests that deleting the AD profile wouldn’t have adverse effects on document and list meta-data. It’s more my lack of understanding of the programming elements in this answer that make me cautious (Trevor’s a well-known contributor on this site).

Depth of Field Effect?

Hi all,
Just trying to create a modal that zooms and blurs the background back. Based on avgrund by hakim https://lab.hakim.se/avgrund/
Now it has nesting modals also with the help of @deathshadow over at codingforums.
Here is the current state:
Now, what I am trying to do is:
by clicking the nested modal link, everything should be pushed back again and blurred – like simulating receding layers/depth of field.

Depth of Field Effect?

Is there any effect in dnd 5e that cannot be undone

I was reading through this question and basically any answer can be undone by most if not all of these things

  • Wish
  • Fates card out of the Deck of Many Things
  • Divine intervention

So I was wondering, is there any effect in official dnd 5e material that can actually not be undone by any of these or any other way? Unearthed arcana and such included, no homebrew.

The effect doesn’t have to be death or permanent.

Does Unfettered Defense work if you’re under the effect of Mage Armor?

Invisible Blade: Unfettered Defense (CW 46):

An invisible blade benefits from an increased survival instinct during combat. Because of this sixth sense, he adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per invisible blade class level to his Armor Class in addition to any other modifiers he would normally receive. If the invisible blade is caught flat-footed or is otherwise denied his Dexterity modifier to Armor Class, he also loses this bonus. Unfettered defense functions only when an invisible blade is not wearing armor and is armed with one or more daggers, kukris, or punching daggers as his only weapons.

For the purposes of benefiting from Unfettered Defense, are you considered wearing an armor when under Mage Armor spell?

Can you stack the effect of the Crafter’s Fortune spell by drinking potions of it?

If you were to craft potions of crafter’s fortune, could you stack the effect by drinking multiple potions to get a +10 or +15 or your next Craft check?

The description of crafter’s fortune states that the duration is 1 day per level or until discharged; it doesn’t specifically state that they can’t be stacked. I personally feel that this would be possible because it takes 1 round to drink a potion, so it would be 18 seconds to drink 3 potions and then you craft your item.

For background, I am a mutated monkey into a vanaran with a high Intelligence and a custom feat to increase the number of potions I brew at one time by my Intelligence modifier. I also have plans for economic domination using my potions.

the funnel effect system and the collaborative filtering system

I have a project that I want to do but I have a little information.
Start: The project is to create a similar program for YouTube, Netflix and Amazon to provide the best suggestions to users (video, product, movie, etc.).
To do this, there are techniques to follow and I work with the recommendation system which contains collaborative filtering and content-based filtering as well as the fusion between them (hybrid filtering).
I want to work with collaborative filtering but with a technique effect of the funnel.
For collaborative filtering, I found lessons and articles about them and I understood it, but funnel effect only found little and I did not understand anything about it. My order is research papers, software, source code, articles or anything. I need a definition, a methodology, the principle to create the application.

Can a concentration spell be cast without actually concentrating on it for an “instant” effect?

The book says:

Concentration. Some spells require you to maintain concentration in order to keep their magic active. If you lose concentration, such a spell ends.

So what happens if, for example, you are already concentrating on a spell, and cast Witch Bolt without concentrating. Would you get the initial arc of blue energy, or would it not even go off?

I am asking if you can cast a spell that says concentration without concentrating for an immediate effect. This would be useful to avoid interrupting your existing concentration. In essence, if you are concentrating on thing A (doesn’t have to be a spell since other things need concentration), can you cast a concentration spell getting an immediate effect without losing concentration on thing A?

Since the definition of concentration is to keep the spell active (meaning it is already active) I would think that you would get the initial effect (if it had one) without the need to concentrate on it.

How to do an amazing geometric effect on your photo (Easy for beginners)

Hello everyone!

in this photo effects tutorial I will show you how to create this slick Geometry design effect using photoshop

this photo effect is more like wallpaper but you can use it as banner or logo if you modify it little.
all we will use is basic shapes available in photoshop and combine two different images that contrast nicely with each other