Can someone bug/hack your home network and take control of electronics connected to it?


Basic home network setup, typical router/modem with WPA2 pw setup. No other protection or anything else setup.

Is it feasible/possible to hack someone’s network or setup an unauthorized network and take control of any electronic device that connects to it?

If so, could someone turn a phone or ipad into an audio device and use that to record or spy on someone?

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Carrying electronics from USA to Canada

I (a Canadian citizen) bought some consumer electronics in the USA and I will travel back to Canada, carrying the electronics. Some of these are intended as gifts, and some are for my personal use.

Under what circumstance will I have to pay import taxes?

The law indicates that anything entering by mail/courier will have to pay duty. Does this apply to items carried on person as well?

Do I need to declare official laptop and other electronics at UK customs?

I am travelling to the UK from India with family on a vacation. I want to carry my official laptop just to check emails and respond if necessary on a crisis. I have the permission letter from my company for the same.

Do I need to declare the laptop at UK customs on arrival? Its value is more than the 390 GBP limit mentioned on website for other goods. How does this rule actually apply? I will be taking my digital camera, phone and kindle also. Do I need to declare those? Should I pay duty on them?

I imagine that this rule does not apply to items for personal use and which you will take back with you. Can somebody please clear this up for me?

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What is the allowed amount of electronics to be brought to USA?

I am flying to USA from EU for CES and I have a laptop and 3 tablets which I would like to take with me. Can I do that without any issues? Should I fill some paperwork before? Even though I am not eligible for ESTA (I have a traveller’s visa) I have read this page: and found there’s no limit, for electronics, but I doubt it is correct.


Has anybody tried buying cheap electronics from Tor..?

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So, I was browsing Tor the other day and found this website called Torpremier. There are lots of phones and other electronics devices sold there for unbelievable discounts and I am tempted to try. Keep in mind this is Tor so you need a Tor…

Has anybody tried buying cheap electronics from Tor..?