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Contact for Online Tutor Service for the following : All Electronics Subjects ( Excluding Mathematics except M-I ) appearing for B.E/B.TechVLSI related Concepts with Industrial approachTheoretical concepts for Competitive exams like UPSC etcMathematics for Standards I to X Physics, Chemistry and Biology up to Class XSocial Studies up to Class XAll Subjects would be given Practical Perspective and real time application based Explanation.

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What is the allowed amount of electronics to be brought to USA?

I am flying to USA from EU for CES and I have a laptop and 3 tablets which I would like to take with me. Can I do that without any issues? Should I fill some paperwork before? Even though I am not eligible for ESTA (I have a traveller’s visa) I have read this page: and found there’s no limit, for electronics, but I doubt it is correct.


Has anybody tried buying cheap electronics from Tor..?

Long time lurker here, first of all I'd like to thank this community in helping me a lot with website design and SEO. You guys are the best and deserve many thanks! I think this is a question worth asking here as you guy might be experienced with this.

So, I was browsing Tor the other day and found this website called Torpremier. There are lots of phones and other electronics devices sold there for unbelievable discounts and I am tempted to try. Keep in mind this is Tor so you need a Tor…

Has anybody tried buying cheap electronics from Tor..?