How to create a custom carousel with Elementor Pro

this is my first question, I hope I’ll can help some of you in future !


My question is, how can I create a « custom » carousel with Elementor pro ?

I would like to have similar carousel than this on the mobile version :

I really like the design.

I search how can I build this design and then put it in a carousel with Elementor.

Thank you !

Elementor plugin won’t let me edit the top section

I’m using the plugin Elementor to edit my wordpress theme and it wont let me edit the top two sections. Only the one’s after. I found one solution which was to "disable Header Overlay option" and I couldn’t find that. Then the other was to change the page layout settings (in elementor) to "Elementor Canvas" and when I did that it didn’t even show the top two sections. I am completely new to both WordPress and Elementor so can someone help me find a way around this? Thanks.Third Section Allows Editing

First Section/Second No Editing

Use global variables with Elementor page builder

I have created a short code with php and widget for sidebar to control the results of the short code I made and I need to use some global variables to send from the short code to the sidebar widget, everything working fine, But when I am using Elementor page builder global variables disappears!! However when using another page builder everything working well!! any help about that as I wish to use Elementor in my site! Cheers Mo

Using custom JS feture of Elementor essential addon- not working

Can someone please direct me what I am doing wrong in trying to us ethe custom JS option on a page that has Elementor Essential Addons? Youre supposed to be able to use custom JS in there but I am getting no errors and according to the images below am not getting the JS to load. The console shows no erros but also doesnt show it being called. I have tried the little pop up that you see in teh image as well as a callback function for chart.js. Neither work: enter image description here

enter image description here

Creating Conditional Fields in Elementor Custom Widget

How are conditional fields or field groups created in Elementor? I’ve not found anything in the documentation regarding conditional fields for widget development. A simple example of what I’d like to do is the following:

I have a dropdown:

    // Select Control     $  this->add_control(         'dropdown_Example',         [             'label' => __('Dropdown Example', 'vs'),             'type' => \Elementor\Controls_Manager::SELECT,             'options' => [                 'default' => __('Default', 'vs'),                 'yes' => __('Yes', 'vs'),                 'no' => __('No', 'vs'),             ],             'default' => 'default',         ]     ); 

If the answer in the dropdown is yes, then show text field 1:

    // Text 1     $  this->add_control(         'text1',         [             'label' => __('Text1', 'vs'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,         ]     ); 

Else, show text field 2:

    // Text 2     $  this->add_control(         'text2',         [             'label' => __('Text2', 'vs'),             'type' => Controls_Manager::TEXT,         ]     ); 

Where does elementor stores the data from the content that is created from the frontend view? [closed]

I am trying to change a value/text in an inner section created by elementor page builder plugin that exists on around 400 pages. I have edited the database (wp_posts) with the right values but it’s not changed on the front end. The values are still the old values on the pages. It almost seems like something is being cached somewhere, but I do not have any caching currently enabled.

If I completely disable elementor and elementor pro. The correct values are shown. If I re-enable elementor the old incorrect values are shown again.

Does anyone know where does elementor stores the data from the content that is created from the frontend view? In the database (where?) in files? (where?) Thanks so much!!