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No unused E-Mail found


What does this mean “No unused E-Mail found” 
If I have 3 emails in the project and I have these settings:

And I use posting from global site list (submitted) that has removed all duplicate URLs, 
why does it come to that message “No unused E-Mail found” 

Received email addressed to someone else from themselves

My outlook account received a suspicious email, addressed to somebody else, AW, sent apparently from themselves to themselves.
The sender is not an outlook address, but I guess outlook might be hosting their service.
According to haveibeenpwned my email address has not been pwned, neither has that of the sender.
AW appears to be the name of a university professor. I have never attended that university, nor do I know the person.
An online search for the linked address leads to a lobbying group in the USA. Also some websites in Brazilian Portuguese.
Clearwebstats claims the website with the linked domain name is safe to browse. (is worth 8.95$ and makes 0.15$ per day)

Why / How is this an exploit?
What is the goal of such an exploit?
How does it work?

enter image description here

Legality & security standards of sending SSN / Drivers License via email

I am building a website for use in the state of Ohio where users enter their last 4 digits of SSN or their Driver’s License number. This data is submitted to the webserver which generates a PDF with the information included on it. The PDF is then emailed to the user.

Are there security standards that govern how this type of sensitive data is handled, especially concerning email?

Also are there potential legal issues / concerns in building an application like this?



How to automatically sign a message using PGP in an email?

Is there any way to sign and send a message from email server automatically…without using any desktop client to sign the message.

For Example, A wants to send a message to B. A open its email account, composes message and click on ‘send’. After pressing send button message should be automatically signed by PGP private key and deliver to B. A don’t want to use desktop client to copy message, then sign and then compose and then send…manually

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Smooth Transition to New E-mail Accounts

Hello, all. :) Sven, I was wondering if there might be a way to add functionality to the e-mails in GSASER, so that existing accounts can be set to use for email verification ONLY.
This way, if I’m planning to begin using a new set of e-mail catch-alls, whatever number of submitted links are out there waiting for e-mail verification can still verify, while just adding in the new e-mail accounts for the purpose of making new links.
I do realize I can just set projects to Verify and wait until the Submitted list is clear on all projects and THEN disable that email account I no longer wish to use, set up a few new ones, and start making new links again, but this might be a smoother transition with a way to limit an email to only be used for verification as links can still be made and nothing is lost.
PS Hope everyone is ok with this virus going on.

Insufficient security vulnerability on password reset via email

We have a system where if you forgot your password and want to reset it, to go to the forgot password page and enter your email address. A temporary link will be sent to your email to reset your password.

Now, when we subjected our app to penetration testing. An issue was found:

“Application is giving clues of possible valid email addresses when attempting to reset password.This functionality can be abused by simply guessing possible email address and being able to find valid ones through the error messages.”

Well, there’s only one field and of course its obvious that if a reset password attempt fails, its due to an invalid email. Seems this penetration test is wrong. Are there any solutions to fix this issue besides adding an additional field (besides email) for password reset?

How to secure an email subscription endpoint?

I have a simple static webpage that lets users sign-up for a newsletter. Once they enter their email address, it gets sent to a public endpoint (AWS Lambda). This lambda function forwards the email address to a subscription list manager endpoint (Mailchimp) along with the API key.

The connection between the AWS Lambda function and Mailchimp is secure as no one can read the API key at rest and it’s encrypted in transit. But my concern is the connection between the static webpage and the AWS Lambda endpoint. This endpoint is public and unauthenticated and I’m worried about things like people flooding the endpoint with fake addresses.

How can I best secure this? The static page is a simple Gatsby bundle.