How to change this simple code so that it sends the email notification after payment in WooCommerce?

How to change this code so that it sends the email notification after successfully payment in WooCommerce?

add_action( 'woocommerce_applied_coupon', 'custom_email_on_applied_coupon', 10, 1 ); function custom_email_on_applied_coupon( $  coupon_code ){     if( $  coupon_code == 'mycoupon' ){          $  to = "";         $  subject = "Coupon $  coupon_code has been applied";         $  content = "         The coupon code $  coupon_code has been applied by a customer         ";          wp_mail( $  to, $  subject, $  content );     } } 

Save email from Outlook Online to SharePoint library through an AddIn

I have a requirement to a selected email(s) to Outlook through an Add-In. I need it to work with the Outlook client app as well as Outlook Online. I put together a simple VSTO plugin in the Outlook client app which works but I want to do this through an Add-In now.

I have been through this tutorial to save email attachments to OneDrive which has similar functionality. Attachments to OneDrive Git

I like the functionality of this and would like to save emails to SharePoint the same way.

Does anyone have a good tutorial for doing this? Or a reference for the libraries? I’ll post my progress for others as I get through it. I just haven’t been able to find exactly what I’m looking for with this.

I need to pull email size for each email in a sendmail log, then total them up with the total size and total number of emails

The size is simple to find after size= i can find the size and put it to a file but removing everything but the numbers and then summing it with the total numbers all in one file is just not coming to me.

right now i am using this;

 grep 'size=' /var/log/maillog-2019* | awk ' { print $  8 }' > output.txt  

Lookup Column in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow then send an email to the users for infos

Dears, I am a new user to the SharePoint designer and I need to do workflow to my Lookup list (it has Multiple values to chose ) ; then send email to different users when they use the Lookup list .. I am getting the email like this (5 and {“results”:[{“Id”:5,”Value”:”Narrow band IoT “}]})

any hep 🙂

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How to automatically obtain keys in Evolution for e-mail recipients? (key discovery)

I am using the PIM Evolution 3.22.6 for e-mail and contacts. For encrypting e-mails gpg (GnuPG 2.1.18) is used by Evolution.

How can I configure my system such as when I compose an e-mail the PGP key for the recipients are automatically retrieved from key servers and added to my keyring?

For example when I try to send an e-mail to a recipient, which is not in my keyring I get the following error message: gpg: <>: skipped: No public key

In case I run – outside of Evolution – gpg --search-keys a key is successfully found. Is there any way to tell Evolution to deal with the search?