What does it mean to get an email from someone with a different actual sender?

I got a strange email and I just want to confirm my suspicions.

For background, I have my own email server which I set up using iRedMail on a VPS. I have an acquaintance who most likely has be on their address book, although I don’t have them on mine.

I got a highly suspect email with "Urgent! <acquaintance’s name>" as the subject, and a body that just said they need a favour. Looking at the headers of the email, I see that the Sender field is an unrelated university email address from another country, while the From field is my acquaintance’s name and a different email address than the one I had communicated with them in the past.

My hypothesis is that their account got hacked, the hacker stole their address book and is sending a scam to all of their contacts.

My fear is that my own server got hacked, or something. My email setup did not complain about this email even though I have virus scanning, and I expect that the regular checks (DKIM, SPF etc.) were done.

Can anyone confirm my hypothesis?

Can a hacker access your email address and then choose to do nothing?

Okay, I know my question might sound a bit weird, but I am in a situation where I need knowledge on the subject (btw, if someone can assure me that there was never a Discord or Google data breach since 2018, even unknown to the public, I would be grateful).

I have done a bit of research on what hackers look for in an email address, and it looks like any information is valuable to them, but a friend that knows about the subject has told me that it was possible that a hacker decides to do nothing to your account if you’re "broke or a child".

I was confused, because I think even in that case, it would be possible (and useful) for them to send emails to my contacts on my behalf or log me out and ask for ransom or something like that.

So, is it really possible that a hacker just gives up on your address, and if so, how likely is that ?

Problem With Email Scraper Custom Crawler

So my issue is trying to get wild cards in there if possible.  Basically I have text like this

<div class="AAA" data-name="BBB">
    <div class="CCC">

        <h4 class="DDD-title">United States, NY</h4>
        <strong>New York<br>Brooklyn</strong>

My issue is I need to get EEE scraped but I can’t seem to figure how how.  Is there any way to do multiple markers?  I would like to do it like this somehow.

– Start it with class=”AAA”
– Then Go to <p>
– Then end with <br>

Is there a way to just add in a wildcard to take care of all the inbetween text from AAA to the <p>

Checking system integrity after clicking scam email link on Linux

Earlier today, my mother opened an email thinking it was from my sister-inlaw, then clicked on the shortened link.

The link loaded a page of fairly nonsensical text. The source of the page had no explicit javascript code, but the text was formatted with a non-standard identifier. NoScript told me there were scripts on the page (but they weren’t trusted, so should have been blocked).

The system is Fedora 32, upgraded to this release a few days ago. The browser is Firefox with NoScript installed.

What should I do to confirm the integrity of the system? I’m concerned about the integrity of the Linux system, of course, but I’d also be concerned about any possible transfer of viruses or malware to Windows users my mother emails.

I’ve done this once before after a similar incident. I’m planning to create a live USB to scan the system for problems (which I did before) using one of the forensic Linux distros designed for this, but I’m pretty sure I did something else last time and can’t remember what.

What is necessary to ensure the system’s integrity?

I’ve read Clicked link in faked email and https://security.stackexchange.com/a/17854. https://security.stackexchange.com/a/73660 is fairly scary, though I’m somewhat sceptical of its claims.

I also read various online guides, but had difficulty finding anything specific to Linux and reasonably current. (I think I must be searching the wrong terms because I seem to remember finding this kind of information fairly easily before.)

HTML designed Email for SEO Services

Can you please tell me or suggest me or Make one for an EMAIL Template for Giving out "SEO Services Reports "to CLients..

MY Email is like this Below..

So, what type of HTML template I can use for it..


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HTML designed Email for SEO Services

Somebody signed up for Facebook using my email. Disabling does not work [closed]

I do not have a Facebook account and I do not wish to sign up for one.

At the end of January, I started getting Arabic Facebook mails. Apparently somebody had signed up to Facebook using my Gmail address (with an additional ‘.’; think fo.o@bar.com rather than foo@bar.com, which still ends up being directed to me.)

At first I just ignored it because I assumed it was a phishing attempt, but it soon became clear that the mails were actually from Facebook.

I soon found the links at the bottom of the mails that would allow me to ‘disavow contact‘, prompting me to an English Facebook page asking me if I wanted to disable the account.

Didn’t sign up for Facebook with this account?

Someone recently tried to sign up for Facebook using [fo.o@bar.com]. If that wasn’t you, you can disable the account.

But whenever I try to do this, it says

Sorry, something went wrong.

We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

It has been a couple of weeks and it still does not work.

What can I do? I do not merely want to block mails from Facebook, I want this account not to be tied to my email address.