How can I receive OS information emails from my Google Cloud Instance?

I’m running CentOS 7 GNU/Linux on a Google Cloud Compute Engine instance. On my other CentOS servers (not hosted at Google Cloud), I am able to receive the system emails (cron reports, logwatch updates, server error info, etc) in my mailbox by adding a .forward file in /root. On Google Cloud this doesn’t work. It appears Google is blocking all outbound mail even if it originates on the server is being sent to the Google Cloud owner’s email address. I’ve searched the Google Cloud documentation but all references to sending email seem to be aimed at people who want to enable volume email from web applications or email for large numbers of users being sent to arbitrary email addresses. I simply want to get my OS information emails to my own mailbox (which is a Gmail address). Can anyone explain how to do this without having to pay for a third party SMTP relay service just to receive a few emails per week from each instance?

Magento 1.8.1 Product Stock alert emails not sending

The Product Stock Alert emails are not sending.

Other emails such as new membership and password chages are sending

Cron appears to be working – the “catalog_product_alert” job is scheduled and appears to be running every minute. The product_alert_stock table shows who is signed up and shows that they have been notified, but they don’t get an email.

Looking at email reports in cpanel suggests that no emails have been sent – they are not pending or blocked or successful.

Is there anything else I need to check? Thanks very much!

Magento 1.8 Emails not sending on production site

We have a dev site and a live site on the one server. Emails such as “Email a friend”, forgotten password, welcome emails etc – they are sent on the development site but not on the live production site.

We have AOE Scheduler installed on both. Cron appears to be working fine. All extensions etc are the same on both sites, and as far as we can see any code changes are the same also. The mail settings in System > Config > Advanced are all the same.

Don’t seem to be getting any relevant errors in the logs.

Is there anything we could try? The only thing that has just occurred to me in writing this is that the live site has SSL – is there any way this could be causing an issue?

Thanks for any pointers

Moved AD Connect to a new server and now end-users are getting errors when replying to internal emails in Outlook

I moved my Microsoft AD Connect install from one server to another today. I installed AD Connect on the new server in staging mode, turned on staging mode on the old server, turned it off on the new server and let it run. All seemed fine, I checked back about 20 mins later in my Office 365 Admin portal and all objects were still in sync with AD, great.

However, about an hour later one of my users tries to forward or reply to an email to another internal user in Outlook and receives this message, name removed:

Your message to couldn’t be delivered.

I’ve since heard that 3 other users started getting this message since I made the change. Luckily it’s Friday and they’re out of the office now, but I can’t help but feel the two are related.

I didn’t save the config on the old server before I uninstalled it, but the one think I’ve noticed, when comparing it to other AD Connect installs that I have is that those ones default to Source Anchor: ObjectGUID. However, when I look at this one, the Source Anchor is: ms-DS-ConsistencyGuid. I opened a ticket with Microsoft and they assured me this wouldn’t be an issue, but it’s the only thing I can see different between the two.

We did an office 365 migration and made sure to port over the X500 records from the previous on-site Exchange server, that was several months ago and there’s been no issues.

Has anyone encountered anything like this? I did notice on the new AD Connect server, on the first Full Import to the Office 365 tenant it had about 150+ adds for new CNs, seems related.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

My husband is the admin and can read emails and texts [on hold]

My husband bought and registered my iPhone, iPad, I watch and MaC. He’s the administrator of our private server. How do I detach myself completely from his abuse of power? Can I take myself off the server? Is so, and this takes care of the issue, then what do I do? How do my devices operate then? I’m pretty ignorant of technology. Please don’t offer marriage advice, encouraging me to divorce. I’ve got a therapist for that. Thank you for your help. I know he can track my whereabouts on my devices, as well. Help.

Cpanel emails not working

Here’s the problem: I want to use custom emails (on my domains) for my GSA campaigns. No catch-all, just simple, normal POP3 emails. So, I’ve added some in Cpanel but none seems to work. Auth failed is the message I get. Where did I go wrong? GSA is setup to check emails without proxies (private or public).
Can someone please help me?

Is there a web API, similar to Google Places, that provides contact emails?

I’m trying to build a list of local contacts from about 500 businesses. Using Google Places API, I was able to generate numerous phone numbers and addresses.

However, Places doesn’t offer email addresses. I assume this is because of spam reasons, but there are offer contact addresses on their websites. If they’re willing to put it out there, they are willing to receive emails.

Is there an API where you can pass in either a business name or address, and known contact details, including email addresses are included?

How To Send Shipment Confirmation Emails with Time Interval?

When I send out the shipment confirmation emails through magento some of those emails will land in the spam folder. I’ve discovered that this is because I send many of those emails within a short time. When I send out the emails slower (e.g. 30 seconds between each email), I find that they don’t land in the spam folder.

Is there a way for me to configure it in a way that there’s a 30 second interval between email that’s send out?