Postfix trying to contact wrong server when sending emails?

I’m new to Linux servers and am trying to setup a Drupal site.

However, when the site sends an email, postfix/SMTP tries to contact the local web server, and the connection is refused.

I’ve been stuck on this for a while and my SysAdmin is also unsure why it is accessing the web server (which shares the name of the local domain).

Jun 17 14:47:59 localhost postfix/pickup[13138]: 310FD1049166: uid=48 from=<apache>   Jun 17 14:47:59 localhost postfix/cleanup[17148]: 310FD1049166: message-id= <>   Jun 17 14:47:59 localhost postfix/qmgr[13139]: 310FD1049166: from= <>, size=2608, nrcpt=1 (queue active)    Jun 17 14:47:59 localhost postfix/error[17149]: 310FD1049166: to= <>, relay=none, delay=0.13, delays=0.09/0.01/0/0.03,  dsn=4.4.1, status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: connect to[webServerIP]:25: Connection refused) 

This is the maillog from one email attempt.

I haven’t explicitly defined the webServerIP at any stage (although it is drawn from the

I have this in my php.ini file:

[mail function]  SMTP =  smtp_port = 25 

And this in my postfix/

myhostname = 

Any help would be appreciated.


email notification architecture-prevent duplicate emails

We are looking to develop an email notification system where emails can be scheduled daily&hourly based or can be send in real-time.

So there will be 2 mail apis:

–real-time mail API:pushes requests directly to the queue. –bulk mail API:saves requests to database for them to be sent later(as they are scheduled to be sent later) Then workers push these data from db to the queue.

With scenarios of sending emails via both APIs we need a way to make sure that duplicate emails are not sent. What is the best way to handle making sure duplicate emails are not sent?

I would think maybe we log the all requests asycronously in a table in database when calling both APIs(before pushing requests and before storing requests to database), at first we validate if email sending requests are duplicate. will it cause performance problem? Do you recommend to valiate them before consuming and generate metadata before sending them to mail server?

Proving Authenticity of Emails from Office 365 [on hold]

I have a situation where the authenticity of emails sent and received to an Office 365 account is being questioned. The claim is that the email conversation (a back and forth of about a dozen emails) was either created through software to make it appear to be between the two parties or the contents of the emails themselves were after the fact altered. I know for a fact that the emails were sent and received by the claimed two parties and that no alterations were made in any way to the contents. Perhaps relevant to the suggestion that the contents of the emails were altered, the emails (about a dozen) were sent in reply to each other (so the second email contained the first, the third contained the second and first etc.). The level of changes suggested to have been made would mean it would be immediately obvious to the receiver if they scrolled down that the chain underneath was substantially different to what they had previously authored.

Forensically, what can be done to prove (or if not provable, provide evidence in support of) the authenticity/non-spoofed nature of this email trail?

I have already pasted the headers into two online services (Microsoft and another) and they appear to provide confirmation that the servers used were as would be expected in an authentic back and forth. With respect to the headers though, it would/could be argued that they were simply altered to reflect an authentic trail – is that something that is easy or possible to do?

I could pull the logs from the Office 365 side – again, is it easy or possible to simply modify those log files to reflect an authentic trail?

The broader question, with only detailed access to one side of the communication (the Office 365 side), is there a way to be able to make an assertion that the email communications were consistent with the way they are presented and not representative of a spoofed/altered trail?

My forensic skills are limited, however I am able to access any files and information (e.g. headers) necessary from the Office 365 end. I also know certain details about the other end that may be able to help in confirming authenticity.

Any interest in helping me arrive at a decision as to confirming or otherwise the authenticity of these emails is greatly appreciated.

Need a Gmail filter that ignores older emails

I want to set a filter that:

  • Sets filter for matching new emails
  • Does not filter emails before a set date

This is because I have 1000s of old emails that I don’t want to filter. But seems setting “Data after…” does not work in combination with new emails.

I thought of e.g. setting the filter without date condition, then removing older matches, but I have many such filters I need to set so prefer a more elegant solution.

Grateful for any ideas.

How can I keep emails received from certain email addresses out of my “promotions” tab in Gmail?

I’m OK with GMail’s promotions tab keeping away most of the corporate newsletters I receive out of sight whenever I want to read my email.

Sometimes, however, GMail thinks an order confirmation qualifies as a promotion. I don’t want that. And for some companies, I do actually want to receive every single promotional email among my ordinary mail, so I’m less likely to miss out on it.

I read somewhere that adding an email address to the address book should prevent this, but this definitely doesn’t always work. For example, if an email is sent through MailChimp, GMail doesn’t seem to care if an email address in your address book and it will put an email under the promotions tab even if its from address is an address in my address book.

Is there a better way to configure GMail, so emails from a certain email address (or a certain domain) never are labeled as promotions, regardless of whether they’re sent through a bulk mailing vendor like MailChimp?

Como enviar e-mails ilimitados de graça com JavaMailSender?

Eu preciso enviar mais de 500 e-mails por dia (dependendo da demanda de reclamações na plataforma em desenvolvimento) e gostaria de saber como faço para enviar e-mails ilimitados por dia (ou uma quantidade mais significativa que apenas 500 e-mails).

Eu estou utilizando a biblioteca JavaMailSender para enviar e-mails com as respectivas configurações no

#spring-boot-starter-mail properties spring.flyway.validate-on-migrate=false spring.mail.port=587 spring.mail.password=#### spring.mail.test-connection=true 

E o serviço está implementado da seguinte maneira:

@CrossOrigin     @GetMapping("/activation-email")     public String sendToMail(String email, String username, String password) {         try {             MimeMessage mail = mailSender.createMimeMessage();              MimeMessageHelper helper = new MimeMessageHelper(mail);             helper.setTo(email);             helper.setSubject("Ative sua conta na Dashboard Permanência " + username);             helper.setText(                     "<p>Para utilizar a Dashboard Permanência ative sua conta </p>" + "<p><b>Usuário</b></p>" + username                             + "<p><b>Senha</b></p>" + password                             + "<p><h3> <a href=''>Para ativar clique aqui</a></h3></p>",                     true);             mailSender.send(mail);              return "E-mail enviado com sucesso";         } catch (Exception e) {             e.printStackTrace();             return "Erro ao enviar e-mail";         }     } 

Bulk Delete Emails In Gmail

I have a label where I get my all server alerts, and I did not check counts for a while, now it is over 600,000 and when I am trying to bulk delete it, it gives an error like below.

Oops, something went wrong Recent changes may not have been saved.

and is there any way to automatically delete emails in any label after 15 days.

I am using G Suite email address.

Email database distribution making $5200 USD with 75 million+ emails inventory

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Email database distribution making $ 5200 USD with 75 million+ emails inventory