[ GSA SER Emails Mega Thread ] – GSA SER catchall Emails / Service Providers / Solutions

I made to create this thread for everyone.   Since we use GSA SER we need quality emails.  I know there are many catchall Email providers /  Major Email providers such as Yahoo , Google etc which is kinda expenses but best.
What kind of catchall services you guys use ?
What kind of solutions ?
How to create catchalls if you do your own ( If then what hosting / providers allows that )
Any tutorials etc ?
So far i use mixed emails.
I purchase catchalls from market places (where i am not soo happy and many catchall sellers domains are black list)
I purchase gmail / Hotmail / some private providers i found
Feel free to share yours and feel free to ask anything from mine..
LETS TALK ABOUT GSA Search engine ranker and Emails…
It’s all about emails..
 Let’s make this thread a GSA SER Email solution mega thread .
Note for admins : @Sven @S4nt0s   : I just wanted to create this thread to share knowledge . If mega threads or these kind of threads not allowed in this community please remove this.

Change billing fullname with a custom field in Woocommerce emails

I using Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce to make 25 custom field. I have problem billing_fullname not show in customer details but show in billing address. So i have thinking about a solution that i create another Name custom field.

I will hide my Name custom field using css in the frontend but i wondering how can i copy value in the billing_fullname into my custom field billing_name in the backend

Beside how can i hide billing details in Emails

I try remove some code in admin-new-order.php But when remove customer details remove too

enter image description here

Creation of failed links and problems with emails?

Hi everyone, I recently made a purchase for a premium list subscription, everything is automatically synced with dropbox. It’s all OK.
Approximately 2 days have passed and I cannot create links, the maximum that I have just created from those lists are only 4 links.
My updated filters to use the premium lists are:
See attached image

Now, yesterday I had had problems with the emails, in the registration panel it said: email verification failed, and when I go to check, see the following image a window appears that said: failed emails

and finally I am seeing a lot of failed registrations in wordpres articles.

In theory I should be creating many links, thanks to the help of the premium lists but something is missing or something is wrong in my configuration, could you help me find that fault?
I would like to see the full potential of GSA at work.

Can switching from .com TLD to non .com TLD affect emails even if MX records migrated correctly

I have a high-level question about a customer that switched from a .com TLD to a .fun TLD. They didn’t switch hosting, only their TLD. They’re now having issues with their emails, personal and campaign based, being blocked.

Before I dig in to the technical stuff, I wanted to know if anyone had a similar issue. Before I dig in to MX records and such, I didn’t know if there were known TLD issues with ones like .fun, etc. Sorry if this is a vague question. And I promise I’ve been googling and asking first!

a way to reduce amount of times it checks emails ?

is there a way to a way to reduce the amount of times it checks emails ?

i have changed the “login intervals” from 900 seconds to 1800 seconds,

under “email verification”  “time to wait between 2 logins”

and ticked “per account (else pop3 server)”

i wanted to reduce the amount of times it was logging in to check the emails to increase performance,
as well i was getting loads of errors such as –

“pop3 login failed sock error connection timed out”
“pop3 login failed sock error host not found”

but its still bringing loads of messages “skipped email checking”
how to take these off as well to improve performance ?

How to send emails from any address with postfix? [closed]

I’m very familiar with PHP, and I used to use the mail function. I really want to be able to use it on my Raspberry Pi 4 apache2 server. I have php installed, and the mail function always returns true. But it never makes it. It’s not any error with the code or my spam folder because I’m using the same script I used to and there haven’t been any updates to my provider. Anyway, I know I need to install postfix, but I don’t know how. PLEASE READ ON BEFORE GIVING SOME TUTORIAL LINK. Anyway, I need to set it up so that I can send email over the internet AND from any address. Thanks in advance!

Email Verification – Create Emails…

If you click on your project, go to email verification and hit create emails, the list is very outdated. Most don’t work.

The ones that are valid though, it’s not capturing any emails. eg. gmaile.design (No emails are being sent there when actually testing).  Can you fix this @Sven

I was looking for a catchall solution and this doesn’t work sadly.

Can I masschange all admin emails for a multisite instance?

I am managing a multi-site instance of Wp with 300 sites and so I am trying to see if this can be done automatically.

I know individually I can go to each site and change the admin email value in the settings but is there a way to affect all sites? I have tried searching for this and can’t seem to find a post discussing this exact topic.