Best approach to send 0.5 million emails with lowest cost [closed]

I am from engineering background. I have to send 0.5 million emails to users. I already have email addresses of the users.

I have few confusions

  • Sending mail through sendgrid etc, do I need to buy subscription which can hold 0.5 contacts?

  • I want to send via API, is there any API only approach?

  • What if I send via gmail SMTP?

Any kind of information is highly appreciated.

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Need help about Catchall emails

I  have a question.
Lots of companies sell catchall emails and they charge on monthly basis.
I am curious to know that what if i buy a domain and hosting to create one catchall email.
How does it make any difference in purchasing a catchall email and creating one at my own?
That will save my money, and of course will give me 100% control over it.
Any ideas please?

Like Mycroft I also received 72 emails from Mailer-Daemon from me to various foreigners. I didn’t send them. Help [closed]

I enlisted company,JustAnswer, to help me with a bad problems with PC. They took my initial $ 1 and sent me a virtual tech expert. He supposedly worked all day to no avail, then disappeared. He accomplished nothing. He also gave himself a 5 star rating. (probably how I got roped in when I googled company.) I gave them a bad rating and asked for money back and to cancel account; people have 6 days. Some mysterious way, my virtual replies disappeared. The next thing I know, I received, on 2 different e-mails addresses, over 72 Mailer-Daemon replies saying I sent many TO: people an e-mail, which I did not. I need help as what to do. They listen to basic info over phone, saying they are recording, blah, blah, blah, and then hang-up. Hopefully, you can see the copied email sample I have below. Andee31

Have ad platforms started surveilling and sharing emails and PII?

I was on a webmastering forum and saw an ad that made a disturbing promise. They claimed that if a person makes a casual visit to your web site, they can obtain that person’s email address, and either send emails on your behalf or supply the email address to you.

I’ve been fighting email spam since ’91 and first sat down at a web browser in ’95. My first thought was “Wow, what a webmaster would do if they could get a visitor’s email address!” But of course web browsers didn’t exactly have a settable HTTP header field of “Email:” (can you imagine!), and in fact, a lot of attention was given to try to preserve user privacy, such as the sandboxing of cookies.

But then, I thought, (using Doubleclick as a paper villain here)

Retailer X gets a banner ad from Doubleclick has their own cookie, e.g. DC1234567, and doubleclick also gets a Referer which gives away what page/product you’re browsing, and it’s been tracking your activities this way all over the web, all along.

But then, Retailer X (at DoubleClick’s request) embeds your Retailer X ID number X56789 in the Doubleclick image URL… so DoubleClick is able to tie DC1234567 to X56789. Not too dangerous yet.

As it happens I do business with retailer X and they have my email, mail, phone, credit card etc. Either by gift, sale, or acquisition, Retailer X hands Doubleclick its customer list which links X56789 to, John Doe, 123 Main Street, Anytown USA. Which Doubleclick matches to DC1234567.

It’s been tracking “DC1234567″‘s browsing activity for years, and now boom! It can go back to every site I’ve ever browsed and say “We have the PII of your visitor!” Retailer Y (who I only casually browsed and never gave my info) could literally buy that from DoubleClick and send me a bespoke postal mail with a coupon for the exact things I browsed. Heck, a magazine could just slam me a subscription and start sending me bills.

But then, for 20 years, nothing like that ever happened. I never got one single postal mail. I didn’t even get emails I didn’t sign up for. I couldn’t fathom a technical reason why it wasn’t happening. It seemed to be a gentleman’s agreement or taboo “not to do that”. I figured privacy law like GDPR sealed its fate.

Has something changed?

Now I see this company openly advertising this. And come to think of it, recently I’ve had a couple incidents of getting emails or ticklers I didn’t expect. Has my fear finally become a thing after 25 years?

How does their offering work technically – is it different than I originally surmised back in ’96?

And why only now?

How to safely display html emails?

I’m building a webmail application using php at the moment. I’m getting the email content from gmail using Imap and wanted to display the email as close as I can to how gmail shows it. Is it safe to display the raw html body from the email or is there additional steps I should take to ensure my application is secure from attacks?

I also looked at this question “how-to-safely-display-html-emails-like-gmail-does-it” but its from 5 years ago and couldn’t find any recent sources on the topic.

What exactly determines which entities/servers “on the Internet” get to read my e-mails when I send them from X to Y?

Let’s say, for example, that I have a Gmail account. I compose and send an e-mail to They aren’t using Google services, just so that we can exclude “special cases” where they just keep the entire thing internal to their own network.

On a technical level, doesn’t the e-mail client/software just look up’s MX records and then connect directly to that IP address on the “e-mail port” and, assuming it is online and accepts the “handshake”, just transfers the e-mail directly to it?

Why have I heard all my life that e-mails just get “flung out in cyberspace randomly” and bounced around the entire world, allowing everyone and their grandmother to read it before it finally gets routed to its final destination?

Is this a total misconception? Was it something that was done in the 1960s because they couldn’t afford to have computers on at all times, so they had to do it like this? Is it by design in order to allow spying?

I feel ashamed for still not having a good grasp on this after all these years. I’ve probably tried to ask about this dozens of times over the years, but never got what I considered a clear and conclusive answer.

Phishing emails – What do I look for?

I want to be able to spot a phishing email. What are the things to check when investigating and doing forensics on one?

There are some things I know to look for already but I want to get moer technical with it. Here are some things I already look for:

  • verify the sender (actually looking at the senders email rather than just the displayed name)
  • hover over the link in the email and look at the URL address listed at the bottom. If the URL looks suspicious, dont click it. I almost never click links in my email anyways.
  • only attached .txt files are safe, otherwise I do not download anything attached to the email unless I was expecting it and I verified it is from the person I knew it was supposed to come from. Found a good write up here on how to check attachments
  • I believe there is a way to check the header of the email. Checking the domain name and IP address in the “Received” field which will validate if it was spoofed by a email spoofing site or someone with a suspicious email address. If it is just the IP address you can check it using a site like
  • Also checking the validation results in the Received-SPF field in the header. Mail sent from permitted servers will show up as “Pass” in the Received-SPF field, which is a very strong indicator that the email is legitimate. If the results show “Fail” or “Softfail”, that’s a sign the email may be spoofed, though it’s not 100% certain since some domains don’t keep their SPF records up to date, resulting in validation failures.
  • Look out for how the email was written. If it is misspelled a lot, similar spellings to what you would expect making it look suspicious, sounds urgent or threatning, asking for any personal data like passwords/social security numbers/etc

Is there anything that I am missing?