How long it takes for the German embassy to remove my details from Database after I drop a mail to

I had booked a slot for the German national visa at the Bangalore embassy for 15th May 2019, but couldn’t attend due to personal problems. Also I didn’t cancel it. When I tried to rebook on 11th June 2019, i got the error saying ” the entry should be unique. A different appointment with the same entry was already made”. I dropped a mail to to remove the details from their database on the same day. Till today i get the same error. Can somebody tell me how long do they take to remove my details so that i will be able to rebook. I tried approaching the German Embassy customer care,bangalore but they said “Its not in their scope to know the cancellation”.

Should I submit Original or copy of my passport to canadian embassy?

recently my husband applied for my immigration to canada in Family Class. My husband is a canadian citizen. Recently I have been asked to submit as the following

” Passport/Travel Document: Valid passport or travel document This must be received at this office by: 2019/07/10″

I am wondering whether they asked me to submit my original passport or a copy?

Appreciate for the assistance. Thanks!

Should I appeal rejected visa or apply to another embassy?

I am travelling to Portugal and Spain next month. I applied to Spain through BLS in Dubai since I will spend more time in Spain than Portugal. However, I received my passport with rejection letter. The reasons were “justification for the purpose and conditions of the intended stay was not provided” and “you’re intention to leave the territory of the Member States before the expiry of the visa could not be ascertained”. The letter also said that I can appeal. What are the chances that my appeal could be successful? Or, Should I just file a fresh application to Portugal Embassy instead?

Does the French embassy or Consulate check the flight itinerary for Schengen visa?

I booked a flight reservation with a reputable travel agency. My destinations are Paris, Pisa, Milan and then Zurich. I wonder if they really verify every applicant’s flight reservation?

My appointment is on Jun 13 and I checked with VFS (third party provider) that minimum processing time is 15 days (which is quite long for me. It should be 3 to 5 days based on other sites I’m reading). I booked the reservation on May 29 and travel agency said it is valid for 3 week so until June 19. I am just worried if ever consulate really verifies my reservation after June 19 that has been expired, might cause an issue?

Does the Hungary embassy in India keep my passport during residence permit application processing?

I am from Bangladesh and going to apply for residence permit in Hungary embassy in India because I am going to study there. Now the website shows the residence permit application processing takes 15 days. But I have to come back to Bangladesh after submitting the application and I want to go back to collect the visa when ready.

What is the rationale for requiring payment “in cash in euros” when applying for a UK visa at the Pyongyang embassy?

The UK government has a specific page on applying for a UK visa from North Korea on which they state the following:

the correct visa application fee, in cash in euros


You must pay the visa application fee in cash in euros at the British Embassy in Pyongyang. You should ensure that you get a receipt. We cannot accept payment by any other method.

Is there any rationale on requiring the payment be made in euro (rather than, let’s say pound sterling or United States dollar)?

This seems weird because the UK does not use the euro (instead it uses pound sterling) and North Korea doesn’t officially either. I know some communist countries use foreign currency on a regular basis, however, the Wikipedia article on the North Korean won mentions the euro isn’t used as much because Chinese and American currency is more common.

VFS Global hasn’t forwarded my application to the embassy yet

I applied for a Luxembourg visa at the New Delhi VAC operated by VFS Global. It has been almost two days and as per there application tracking service, they have still not forwarded my application to the Luxembourg embassy yet. I have a trip coming in about two weeks and I am starting to get a little worried about it. How often is VFS’s tracking service not in line with the actual status of the application? It would also help if someone could tell me how long does Luxembourg take to process Schengen visas in contrast to other member states? I know for a fact that Germany, France and Switzerland are really quick.

Schengen Visa through French embassy

I want to apply for schengen Visa through French embassy in Nigeria. I have a valid UK Visa and have gotten prior to this one.I also have been to Russia a couple times and have a valid Visa. For both Visa application I stated that I’m married under the native curoms and laws of Nigeria(traditional wedding) and included photos from my traditional wedding. Schengen specifically requests for marriage certificate I guess from court wedding which I dont have. Is it ok to include the pictures as I did for my other visas or would it disqualify me.

Russia tourist visa denied & embassy refuses to give reason

Here’s the timeline of events.

  1. Applied for my Russia visa at VFS London on October 5th.
  2. Went for interview at London Embassy on October 10th.
  3. Was asked for reason of going, I said, travel and to see a friend.
  4. Gentleman asked me, is your friend Russian citizen, I said yes.
  5. He took my airline return ticket copy and hotel reservation copy.
  6. On October 10, I got my passport back and a stamp (see below). No visa.
  7. I enquired from Embassy but they said they have no comment on this.

enter image description here

Here’s the backstory of the events.

  • I was going to see my friend from Nov 2 to Nov 11.
  • I live and work in London for 4 years and a UK resident of 8 years.
  • I am a Pakistani citizen. Lawful, perfect record everywhere I’ve lived.
  • I have had visas for USA, Switzerland, Srilanka, Saudi Arabia, UK.
  • I have never been denied a visa, let alone being denied without reason.
  • I got my hotel reservation and a tourist voucher from Hotels Pro.
  • I applied myself and did not use a travel agency.
  • My intended purpose of stay was tourism as stated in the documents.
  • The documents I supplied were the following:
    • Application form
    • Passport
    • British Resident Permit photocopy
    • Hotel reservation
    • Airline return ticket
    • Tourist voucher from
    • The tourist voucher had the Hotel name on it.
    • The application form had the info from tourist voucher on it.
    • No errors in application form or data of travel dates. All consistent.

My friend told me the stamp just means documents were accepted on 5th. They think this is where the visa was supposed to be stamped, because there was a yellow post-it note attached on that page.

  1. When would be appropriate to retry and what should be done differently?
  2. Would a travel agency make more sense like VisitRussia or Russian National Tourist Office?

Writing a letter to the British Embassy in Manila

I would like to get advice, I have invited my 2 sons and a daughter in law to visit the UK for 13 days to attend the wedding of my youngest son but they have been denied visa despite I have included a letter of support that I will pay for their return tickets and accommodation here in the UK. The reasons are due to financial and economic reasons .I am genuinely inviting them just to attend the wedding then they go back to the Philippines. Can I write a letter to the British Embassy in Manila to assure them that I’m responsible to send them back home after the duration of their intended visit? Thank you.

Maria Funtanilla British citizen