What if a mortal is embraced with heart’s blood?

Are there any canonical examples of a mortal being embraced with a vampire’s heart’s blood, containing their sire’s soul?

Someone has a vampire’s heart’s blood magically preserved, perhaps in a debitum created by an Assamite. They drain a mortal of all of her blood, then feed that mortal the heart’s blood.

Granted that this is an unusual scenario that’s fully up to the storyteller’s discretion, are there any by-the-books reasons to believe that any of these is what should happen?

Possible Outcomes

  • The mortal’s embrace proceeds normally, as if they were embraced with normal vitae. The sire’s soul is no longer magically preserved in the heart’s blood and passes on into the afterlife.
  • The mortal is embraced and at the same time diablerizes her sire, resulting in inheriting his generation and possibly other benefits.
  • The mortal is embraced and effectively diablerized by her sire, whose soul overpowers her own due to his stronger will (because at that moment, it’s a mere mortal struggling against a vampire). The sire is effectively resurrected in his childe’s body.

What are the stats of a vampire who was just embraced?

What stats should I give to a vampire who was just embraced? For example, if a player sought permission from the Prince successfully (no matter how he did it…), or if he is a Sabbat member who is mass embracing. Should I generate him just as I would generate a normal character?

Someone told me that Camarilla neonates/fledglings built at character creation actually aren’t that young, they already spent some time being vampires. He also told me that Sabbat shovelheads typically have just Disciplines on level one, and are typically weak. I asked him to support his point by an official source, and he responded with “No, you!”

What do the books say about it?

If vampires get those 3 free dots of Disciplines when embraced, are they already familiar with them, how to use them, etc.? With things such as Potence, Fortitude or Celerity it’s obvious, but can one understand how to use, say, Obfuscate or Thaumaturgy when just embraced? In the same case, why don’t vampires ghoul potential embraces before it happens so they get 1 more in-clan discipline dot and Potence?