Stuck in Emergency Mode (Ubuntu 18.04)

After turning on my automatic suspend setting, I would occasionally have problems coming out of the sleep mode and have to reset. Last time, pressing the reset button did nothing and I had to shut down by holding the power button. When I rebooted I was in emergency mode.

Image upon booting up

The commands ctrl-D and “exit” did nothing.

Image after control-D

I ran journalctrl -xb and got the following errors in red:

“fsck failed with exit status 4”

“Failed to start File System Check on /dev/disk/”

These errors both occur twice in the log. Below are two pictures that show the both sets of errors.

error 1 error 2

I have looked at many other similar questions about emergency mode problems, but they seem to be caused by different issues and have unique solutions.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Cheers!

conic section (emergency please answer this question)

People of all ages love playing on slides. Many are made with twists and some are covered, creating a tunnel. We can see many conic sections are used in the design and construction of these slides. In this task you will create mathematical models for part of a covered twisting slide. enter image description here enter image description here Task:

You are to find the height of the opening at the base of the slide, using the measurements marked on the diagram. The smaller ellipse shown is 150cm from its centre to the left vertex. You will first create a variety of mathematical models, as instructed below. You are to create models using a variety of conic sections.

Create 3 different models for the outer edge of the slide. Create 3 different models for the inner edge of the slide. Determine how high the opening of the slide is, as indicated on the diagram. Describe how you would adjust a model for the inner edge if you wanted to use it to create a different sized slide. The width is now “h” metres, not 170 metres. The ratio of length to width remains the same.

Note: The slide is only 250cm wide, which is the distance from the centre of the large ellipse to its left vertex, so your models should be for that width. A bigger representation. (Note: Diagram not drawn to scale)

“You are in emergency mode” after “shutdown -r now”

Yesterday I was trying some Linux commands in my system. After running “shutdown -r now”, my system just rebooted and showing errors. The errors are,

Dependency failed for /home Dependency failed for /opt Dependency failed for local file systems

I tried my best to troubleshoot trying others post. But still, I couldn’t resolve it. Please find the attachment of result from “journalctl -xb”.

Thanking you in advance.

Call custom emergency number from lockscreen

Ok, basically, what I want, is to provide Android phone to child, locked by passcode (or gesture), and allow the child to call parents (two numbers) from locked device.

My current available target device is SDK 22, Android 5.1, but I will not limit the answers to this target.

What is not correct answer:

  • something along the lines of setting ICE info, this won’t allow to call, just to display ICE phone numbers
  • modifying the SIM card data, as this is not possible generally and not available in my case
  • solutions requiring ROOTing the device, as this is not possible in my case
  • solutions using CALL_PRIVILEGED, as this permission is protected and not achievable without ROOTing the device or having custom ROM
  • Solutions using Samsung or other proprietary emergency dialers, as the devices I target, do not use any such measure, and look like this

What I’ve tried to do is

  • Creating custom notification intent on the lockscreen, which would use ACTION_CALL intent and android.permission.CALL_PHONE permission
    • this is not working solution, as CALL_PHONE requires unlocking the device
  • Creating custom notification intent on the lockscreen, which would send out SMS to pre-defined numbers
    • this works, however it might be pricey, and I consider this the last resort option
    • this also does/might not resolve the emergency cases, child might got into, because the reaction time depends on parents having the phone volume up and calling back right-away

How do I change the default number for the emergency contacts?

I have my family listed as my emergency contacts but when I try to call them using the emergency feature, it does not call their default number. For example: if i try to call my mom from the emergency screen when my phone is locked, it calls her job and not her cell (which is listed as her default contact number). It does this for every person on my ICE list.

When obtaining gender reassignment/plastic surgery overseas, is an emergency travel document required to return home?

I am planning to accompany a friend on an overseas trip, where my friend will be undertaking several medical procedures to finish transitioning gender. These procedures include the actual gender reassignment surgery, and some plastic surgery.

His passport currently says his name is “John” and he is male. After the procedure, my friend’s name will legally still be ‘John’, but her gender will be female, and her physical appear will also change. (Here I am using the word “gender” to refer to external genitalia, body shape, etc.)

Should we apply for an emergency travel document in order to return home, after the procedures are completed, given the discrepancy in appearance and gender with the official passport? Or will it still be possible to return on the original passport, post-operation, if my friend carries extensive documentation about the procedures performed?

(Both of us will be travelling on US passports.)

Emergency – our site down for 2 days. Ready to deploy on a new server but missing custom options; any way to put same custom options on all products?

Magento 1.9.4 

Our old Magento store (1.9.1) hosted at Hostforweb just stopped working (long story – first it was extremely slow = unusable; then the hosting company says they can move it to another node, which they did and the pages would not even load so now they are moving it back but we have been DOWN for days).

We have another hosting account with another company. I managed to set everything up and import all products via the Dataflow Import but this Dataflow import does NOT import custom options at all. I tried to do a regular Export/Import but it does not work – it says it’s ready to import but then hangs at Please Wait.

The import file has 137 KB in size

According to our new hosting company:

22-Feb-2019 22:57:55 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 2147483648 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 8192 bytes) in /home/oursite/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/File/Validator/Image.php on line 101


This is a real emergency for us and we need to switch the domains to the new host where a site is all ready but missing custom options on products.

Is there an easy way to set up the very same custom options on all 1050 products?

Emergency: Ubuntu crashes on boot, no access to liveusb

I have no access to a means of reinstalling Ubuntu. I am currently at an airport on 20-hour layover. All I have on me is the computer ( a 2009 MacBook Pro with 2gb of RAM), and a screwdriver. Ubuntu is using Linux 4.15.0-43-generic.

The default options for booting all either lead to a crash screen I can’t post because my “reputation” on here isn’t high enough, or a frozen cursor. How do I get this to boot normally?

Last lines on the crashed log are 1.568945 ehci-pci 0000:00:04.1: Iraq 17, io mem 0x93389200

Update: Okay, it’s working again, and I have absolutely no idea what happened. I really need to switch back to OS X.