Emergency: Ubuntu crashes on boot, no access to liveusb

I have no access to a means of reinstalling Ubuntu. I am currently at an airport on 20-hour layover. All I have on me is the computer ( a 2009 MacBook Pro with 2gb of RAM), and a screwdriver. Ubuntu is using Linux 4.15.0-43-generic.

The default options for booting all either lead to a crash screen I can’t post because my “reputation” on here isn’t high enough, or a frozen cursor. How do I get this to boot normally?

Last lines on the crashed log are 1.568945 ehci-pci 0000:00:04.1: Iraq 17, io mem 0x93389200

Update: Okay, it’s working again, and I have absolutely no idea what happened. I really need to switch back to OS X.

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Which emergency food for backpacking (meat-like Granola bar?)

I will be travelling for a couple of days to remote regions of Laos.

I would like to take some kind of “emergency” food if nothing is around (or nothing trustworthy).

People with a sweet tooth have the perfect solution: Granola bars. But I really don’t like them – pretty much like any of this swee-ish stuff.

Things like dried sausages or Beef jerky goes the right direction but it lacks carbs – particularly some form of bread – without that I still feel hungry and these things do not work.

There are some things that include crackers (tuna salad or chicken salad) but crackers are too salty, to less carbs (same as chips) and set up my stomache rather than feeling full afterwards.

In Germany there are things like Pumpernickel: This (together with some sausage) would come close: It can be densely packed, exists even in canned (in military) has high energy and you feel full afterwards. The problem is that US people don’t like it that much so it’s hard to get in the US (particularly in small packages, not to mention canned version).

Most ideal would be some pizza-, burrito-, sausage- whatever stuff that is highly densely packed, durable and available.

What I’d be looking for would have the following properties:

  • Savory taste: Pizza, burrito, Burger, Hot Dog etc but also Salami
  • Readily available in the US
  • Nothing that requires preparation or hot water
  • Includes bread or at least some meaningful carbs
  • Is densely and seperately packed (each portion), like a granola bar
  • Is durable and good for a long time, even in hot or wet conditions (like canned food)

Any idea if something like this exists?

Do all Android phones come with these emergency features?

I have recently bought an ASUS Zenfone 4 Max (ASUS_X00HD) phone. It comes with several emergency calling “features” with seemingly no option to disable them. There is an emergency button on the power menu below the restart button (similar to this), that people who have the same phone say immediately dials the emergency services. People also say that – at least with phones in the same series – pressing the power button three times accidentally also makes an emergency call. Having to constantly watch out not to press the wrong button makes using the phone so stressful that I’ve decided that I will buy a new one. My question is: Is this a “feature” that all newer Android phones have? Is this something that is implemented in the common Android operating system, or is this just a feature that ASUS added to their phone(s)? Is there a way of knowing which phones do not have this? If you know of Android phones that do not have this, that would also be really helpful to know.