Attach PDF to flow from SharePoint list matching employee number

I’ve been tasked with creating a flow that will send an email to all our staff with custom attachments.

A typical attachment would be in this format: “John.Smith-123456789.PDF” (FirstName.LastName-EmployeeNumber)

As we have approximately 1500 staff there are cases where we have duplicate names so simply cannot extract the name from the file and match it to a username.

I had a theory that if we have a list of All names, email addresses and employee numbers we could then match the employee number in the filename against the one in the list and send an email to the email address associated with the employee number attaching the PDF file.

What is the best way of doing this as I dont yet have the PDF files.

This is how my current flow looks.

enter image description here

Is employer full access to employee data according to EU law?

The computers at the company I work for recently show the message below during log on.

This computer system is the property of Company. It is for authorised use only. All activities conducted on and information accessed, processed, stored or sent using this system may be examined. By using this system, all users aknowledge notice of, and agree to comply with, the Company IT Acceptable Use standard. Unauthorised or improver use of this system may result in disciplinary action. By continuing to use this system you indicate your awareness of and consent to these terms and conditions of use. Log off immediately if you do not agree to the condictions stated in this warning.

Is the statement legal according to European regulations?

Besides, it is my work computer, it is not that I have an option not to log on.

How to get list of Employee name by entering Manager Name in SharePoint 2013


We have list of all employee’s in the the excel sheet. We need to export this Employee list in the SharePoint. So whenever we will type Manager name then it should display the list of employees whomever reporting to respective manager.

Condition is “The manager should not contain more than 20 employee, it can be less. If it is more than 20 employee then automatic email should be trigger.”

How to complete this requirement.

Can you share the steps how to implement this requirements?

Employee Training Tracker

I am using SharePoint 2013, I have the following 2 lists, noted below.

I need to copy the names of the 10 courses in the Course List over to the Main List and associate a new user’s profile name (Person or Group) to each of the 10 courses. Once notified the user will complete the required course, upload their certificates and enter the Start and Expiry date in the Main List.

I will need to repeat the same process for each additional new user. I’ll be also using the list to track the individual/overall status of who has/has not completed the required courses.

  1. Main List: (contains the record of all users and the courses they’ve completed)

    • Profile Name: Person or Group
    • Course Name: Lookup (Course List)
    • Start date: Date and Time
    • Expiry Date: Date and Time
    • Attachments: Users upload their course certificate
  2. Course List: (contains the name of the courses ( currently 10 courses) that the users must complete)

    • Course Name: Single line of text
    • Description: Single line of text
    • Frequency: Choice

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Trying to create a filtered view for a simple employee in out list

I’m using Sharepoint 2013 and am trying to create a Sign In/Out list so when my employees leave the office they can “sign out” with a date / time column for when they will leave and another for when they are returning. Other employees in the office use this list to see when their counterparts are returning. I’m having trouble creating an accurate filtered view for these remaining employees as [Today] isn’t helpful with time. I would like the filtered view to only show items (people out) when Departing date/time<=Now()>=Returning date/time but am not having any luck. This way people can sign out in advance if they need and would never have to sign in as the filtered view (in comparison to the refresh time of now) would essentially take care of all of this.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing how far I overthought this whole thing…

How to exclude former employee name from a SP form (Person or Group aka people picker column)

I am trying to prevent ex-employee names from appearing in a SharePoint form.

Specifically the column is a ‘Person or Group’ aka ‘people picker’ column.

Employee column definition

Richard F name showing

I have a separate ‘Employee’ list already, but it is not always up to date.

Normally using AD is more accurate and kept up to date – since IT must adjust the accounts for people that leave the company.

Ideally I could get this to run off AD still, but do the AD accounts need to be ‘deactivated’ or what are the options? (I’m no expert with AD).

Additional Picture (following Christoffer’s comment):

permissions check for Richard F

Employee Performance Review data gathring using SharePoint list

I have developed one SharePoint site for Performance Review.

Site has custom html page with jQuery that creates/updates record using REST and that page is blinded using ASPX page. (I will explain the functionalities used in this page at end of this question)

I have given edit permission to all end users so that they can create/update record in performance review list using ASPX page. (validation on custom page are handled manually).

for hiding the performance review list data from end users I have given audience targeting on all items view of the performance list

I feel that I can develop something better, secured then what I have developed, I need your suggestions to know how can i build this better.

I have SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online, please suggest for both.

About custom HTML Page

It has sections as below,

  • Section 1 Employee Comments
  • Section 1 Employee self rating
  • Section 1 Manger comments
  • Section 1 manager rating

such 4 sections are there. when employee opens the form, manger columns are hided using jQuery. when manager opens the form, manger columns are shown and employee columns are turned read only using jQuery.

How I identified when to open same form as employee and manager

When employee fills the form and submits (when record is created), the designer workflow sends as email to manger containing link with one parameter(employee_unique_id). jQuery will check that the parameter is passed so it will open manager related columns for manger to fill up.