How can i create an isolated and anonymous OS inside my employer’s laptop?

My employer monitors every website I visit on company laptop, so i need to create an isolated OS and connect to a stealth VPN so the IT department won’t know which websites I visit and they even shouldn’t know I’m connected to VPN and use isolated OS.

My solution would be:

  • Qubes and Win 10 inside of it

  • A Stealth VPN Service like Nordvpn (which the network will not know im connected to vpn)

  • Maybe a usb for them to save & plug-play anytime

  • My mobile phone 4g internet or company’s wifi (?)

Note: No need for a complete anonymous systems like whonix, tails etc. I just need to browse web for my personal needs and save my personal docs. So Windows OS is required..

Which solution would be okay?

Is it legal to meet with potential future employers in the UK, whilst visiting from the USA

One of my friends from the USA will be visiting the UK at some point using her visa free travel, she has previously been here before over the last few years.

At some point in the future, she wants to move and work here, and wanted to know the legalities about meeting with potential employers when visiting us, if that is not her main purpose for the visit.

She isn’t planning on actively handing out CV’s and applying for actual jobs, she is more so interested in if she meets with people from companies, to build up a rapport, so she could then pursue a job with them in the future. For example, having coffee with a studio manager, or visiting a workplace.

Would these things be seen as straight up job hunting (therefore violating the terms of her visit) or not?

Accidentally “trusted” work PC when I connected my iPhone 6 – can my employers still see my pictures after I unplug it?

I just trusted my work PC (Windows 10). I didn’t open my iPhone 6 files. I didn’t view any pictures and I unplugged it pretty quick after I accidentally trusted it.

I was wondering if my employers are still able to access my pictures and videos.

Would you consider this little project to be worth showing to potential employers? [on hold]

I am self thought c# kiddy and wonder if little projects like one here, are worth showing to potential employers when looking for junior developer position. This code has some issues that i do not know how to tackle, and error handling is poor. What do you think ?

Program is very simple, it is server that accepts incoming connections and spawn two threads for every connection. One to handle incoming packets other to handle outbound packets.

    static void Main(string[] args)     {         Server server = new Server(8000, 30);         server.Start();     } 

My Add-On was approved by Google, but it is available only to members of my employer’s domain

I developed an add-on for Google spreadsheets, have sent it over to Google for a review, and after much blood, toil, tears and sweat, had it successfully approved.

Yet, the add-on is only available to members on my employer’s domain – a domain that uses Google tools and services (mail services are Gmail based, for example). My employer and I want it to be available to anyone with a Google account. When I contacted Google on the issue, they have sent me a link to a support page in which there are departments of support. My inquiry fits none of them.

Could any of you please point me in the right direction?