Sharepoint List’s Custom Field value appears empty in ssrs report when run in sharepoint integrated mode

I have a sharepoint list that contains custom field(its is developed as .wsp solution), its a file upload control and two rendering templates ‘display’ and ‘edit’ templates are defined. ‘Display’ template displays url of file uploaded using the custom field as ASP Hyperlink.

Template is an .ascx control and its code is as follows:

enter image description here

Then I created .rdl report using report builder to display the Hyperlink field’s url attribute value in one of the columns. SSRS report displays the custom field’s Hyperlink’s url attribute value without a problem.

But problem lies in displaying the hyperlink url attribute value when the same SSRS report is uploaded in share point server Under “Site Assets” Folder inside one of the “Site Collection” that already exists there. Hyperlink Url attribute value is not displayed(all custom field controls related values appears blank). I have used CAML Query(using query designer in ssrs report builder tool) to query the list of Client Details from the sharepoint list(it contains fileupload control details including other text fields)

I am not sure if CAML Query is fully working when the SSRS report built using Report Builder is deployed and run inside sharepoint server. The CAML Query generated to run in SSRS report is copied below:

enter image description here

In above Query ‘All_x0020_Citizenship’ is the reference to file ‘upload field control’ in Sharepoint list mentioned at the beginning. Does this problem has to do with CAML Query?Is the CAML query has to be different to run under sharepoint server through sharepoint report service?

May be i need to change custom control code to be rendered which is complaint with sharepoint report service integrated mode? If so please provide some idea on how program custom control code such that its value can be displayed correctly in ssrs report in sharepoint server.

My Sharepoint List’s AddItem.aspx page view looks as follows:

enter image description here

Please look into the issue and shed some lights on how to find a solution or alternatives to display hyperlink field value in ssrs report in sharepoint integrated mode.

Hope you’d let me know if any part of my post is unclear to you so that i can explain further to clarify any confusion on my post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Get first non null object, non empty string field value from a list

I have a

List<ClassA> listOfClassA; 

ClassA contains another object let say insideObj. I want to fetch the first instance of insideObj which is non null, and contains a non empty field which is a string. Currently i am doing

for (ClassA objA : listOfClassA) {         if(objA.getInsideObj() != null && !objA.getInsideObj().getName().isEmpty())             return objA.getInsideObj().getName();     } 

Is there a cleaner way to do this in Java 8?

Empty cell reference when “Loading…”

I want to do a calculation with imported data from an HTML link. The data is imported every minute. There is a loading time and this ensures that the cells are empty during loading. Because my formula refers to those cells, the result is “0” and this ensures that the calculations are no longer correct. Is there a way to ensure that value is taken from the cells only after it has a value (after loading) and not when it is empty during loading?



= cell reference

Is the empty set a real number?

Clearly $ \emptyset \subset A$ where $ A$ is any set. But does that mean $ \emptyset \in A$ ? And if so, would it make sense to try to perform arithmetic operations with it. Like

$ $ \emptyset \cdot 5$ $

This is inspired by a question that was along the lines of: if a relation is symmetric and transitive, is it reflexive? Where I’ve seen (and am relatively satisfied by) the answer of: no, consider the empty relation.

Remaing one element when setState an empty array

I’m creating a list and in this list the user can delete some items, the add function is working but the delete… I do the function to delete, works well but when the array of items get size one I cant update the state with an empty array. I just cant setState, the functions to find the item e remove works well and return an empty array but when I goes pass to state, doesnt goes. I though that was the remove function has some bug and I try this:

    state = [];          renderPlateItem({item}){         return(             <ClearItem                 withIcon                 onPressIcon={ ()=>{ this.removerItem(item) }}                 id={ }                 text={ item.placa }                 icon="close"/>         );     }      removerItem = (item) => {         let teste =_.remove(this.state.plates, function(plate){             return plate.placa != item.placa;         });         if(_.size(teste) == 0){             this.setState({ plates: [] });         }else{             this.setState({ plates: teste });         }             }      renderPlatesList(){         if(_.size(this.state.plates) > 0){             return(                 <FlatList                     style={ }                     data = { this.state.plates }                     renderItem={ this.renderPlateItem.bind(this) }                     keyExtractor={ (plate) => plate.placa } />             );         }         }

Empty base content type while creating a new content type in Visual Studio

I’m new in Sharepoint Development, I’m following example provided by Microsoft. I want to add a custom content type to a SharePoint-hosted SharePoint Add-in. I added a folder to my solution then when I wanted to add a new item as content type I find this empty list2, I need to specify the base content type as item.

How do I make a Panel visibility rule work when the element to check for has to be empty or not set?

I end up with the visibility rule complete hiding the element that is supposed to show. E.g. I want to hide a “New custom content” when taxonomy term for the field “Alternatives” has not been set, is empty or – None -. From the gear icon I can now see that the visibility rule shows: Alternatives is set to “”

I would also like to learn how to do the same thing if a field (text field for example) is simply empty.

Fetching order details but items and extension_attributes array are empty

class Index extends \Magento\Backend\App\Action { …… protected $ orderFactory; …… public function __construct( … \Magento\Sales\Api\OrderRepositoryInterface $ orderRespository … ) { parent::__construct($ context); $ this->orderRespository = $ orderRespository; } … public function execute() { $ order=$ this->orderFactory->load(1);

    $  orderItems = $  order->getAllItems();      foreach ($  orderItems as $  item) {     //echo $  item->getProductId();     echo "<pre>";     print_r($  item->getData());     echo "</pre>";     }     exit();   }   return $  resultPage; } 


context empty for

using provider-hosted SharePoint Add-ins and I need to send email using SharepointContextProvider. I installed the : Install-Package AppForSharePointWebToolkit -Version 3.1.5

when using :

var spContext = SharePointContextProvider.Current.GetSharePointContext(HttpContext.Current); 

the spContext is null. I even tried :

var wrapper = new HttpContextWrapper(HttpContext.Current);    var spContext = SharePointContextProvider.Current.GetSharePointContext(wrapper ); 

and the spContext is also null. any idea ?

IMPORTXML to import attribute = “Error: Imported content is empty”

Google sheets is giving me some trouble in retrieving span style attributes. I am trying to scrape a site (actually this) to grab some icon images for my spreadsheet. Below in red is one such example image, outlined. Below that is the source HTML I would like to grab it from.

Highlighted in red is an example image I would like to grab

The source it's coming from

I am able to use IMPORTHTML to retrieve information like the names of the characters in a list displayed on the website, but I am having some issues retrieving their icon. Interestingly, the icons for these characters in their list are all jumbled up; if you try to build your icon database based on the index in the list like how the “Fighters” page on the same site is set up, then you will end up with a lot of inaccuracies.

For instance, using the index of the item in the list, if you try to build a list of image urls and import the images that way, the list will be incomplete, and the images will not be correct. The images for “Meowth” may be the image for “Vulpix”, etc, depending on the format of the query. Example below:

Mistakes in image import

The formula that I was using for the above result was the following:


It is imperfect because there are multiple ways that the images are named on the website. for instance:

To make matters worse, the “##” isn’t the index number reliably…

So it looks like the best be would be to scrape the XML of the page and grab the image URLs from the span tag’s style attribute. I figured that I could do that using IMPORTXML but I have not had any success. It usually says that “Error: Imported content is empty” but I’m fairly certain that I have the correct xpath…

Here is my query:

=IMPORTXML("", "//span[@class='item-pokemon-mainslide__img-thumb']/@style") 

Interestingly (at least to me) it comes up with an error. Even if I try to find all the divs of a certain class it doesn’t work…


=IMPORTXML("", "//div[@class='item-pokemon-mainslide__item js-pokemon-slide']") 

The expected output for the above would be a list of creatures that appear on the web page.

Can anyone help me with this error, or is referencing elements based on attribute value just impossible in Sheets? Criticism welcome, please let me know if there is an easier way to do this!

Here is a link, it would be the “Pok√©mon” tab, I can adopt and possible solution to the rest of the sheets… Thanks