woocommerce my-account custom payment method is empty

I developed custom woocommerce payment gateway plugin.

I’m having one issue in the http://website/my-account page.

The registered token payment methods is not listing the http://website/my-account/payment-methods page.

from the payment-methods.php i can see that in the code payment-methods are listed based on

wc_get_account_payment_methods_columns()  function. 

However when i tried to echo the array, i dont see the payment-method value listed it in…even the actual size is one.

Im trying to look for more documentation, however i haven’t found the solution yet.

Is it something that i need to explicitly trigger when adding new payment-method / checkout using new payment method?


What’s the best empty basket page/message for e-commerce?

I’m looking for e-commerce experience and I really think that just show a message saying your cart is empty is so boring. I feel that we must show something more interactive for the users.

What’s the better empty shopping cart message/page that you’ve seen? Do you have some data/statistics about empty shopping cart conversion?

Look what I designed and give me your opinion which one should works better, please.

PS.: My user has between 25-55 years, most part male and are buying roofing materials. The sales process is not so short, not so impulsive and sometimes the user can add products to the cart, leave and back in the further, and not always they cart still there (if they don’t save).

Option 1) All empty and none value with some opacity but looks like the real shopping cart. Simulate where will be the products and show button to go to the homepage. enter image description here

Option 2) All empty and none value with some opacity but looks like the real shopping cart. Funny image to be not so boring. enter image description here

Option 3) All empty and none value with some opacity but looks like the real shopping cart. Show last seen products. enter image description here

Considering all discussed and the template options. Which one do you consider better?

Does the spell Silent Image allow you to cast an image of an empty room, hiding the room’s occupants? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Can you create an illusion of empty space? 3 answers

I am a warlock in a place I am not supposed to be in. I hear someone walking toward the area I am in. I am unsure if they are already close enough to tell that the door is open. I cast Silent Image on the room and present an image of the room with no one in it. They walk past the doorway, perhaps glancing in perhaps not, but do not see me because the silent image is of the room as it would normally appear. They pass by, and after a few moments I continue snooping.

Silent Image Description:

You create the image of an object, a creature, or some other visible phenomenon that is no larger than a 15-foot cube. The image appears at a spot within range and lasts for the duration. The image is purely visual; it isn’t accompanied by sound, smell, or other sensory effects.

You can use your action to cause the image to move to any spot within range. As the image changes location, you can alter its appearance so that its movements appear natural for the image. For example, if you create an image of a creature and move it, you can alter the image so that it appears to be walking.

Physical interaction with the image reveals it to be an illusion, because things can pass through it. A creature that uses its action to examine the image can determine that it is an illusion with a successful Intelligence (Investigation) check against your spell save DC. If a creature discerns the illusion for what it is, the creature can see through the image.

For consideration: Can you create an illusion of empty space?

Does the spell Silent Image allow you to cast an image of an empty room, hiding the room’s occupants in 5E?

Follow-up question: to come

Cannot update or upgrade: “files list file for package ‘libbrlapi0.5’ contains empty filename”

I cannot update or download anything. I have dug around quite a bit to attempt to rectify this. Admittedly I am far from knowledgeable about this stuff, but I have tried. All to no avail. Let me know if more information is needed. I have attempted a number of commonly suggested fixes but nothing seems to work, though I suppose user error (or incompetence) cannot be ruled out.

I am running Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

Given a set of intervals $(I_n)_n$ contained in $[0, L]$, compute the longest interval in $[0, L]$ which has empty intersection with all $(I_n)_n$

Let be $ (I_n)_n$ a set of $ p$ intervals each contained in $ [0, L]$ for $ L \geq 1$ .

I define $ (J_n = [a_n, b_n])_n$ the set of intervals which have empty intersection with $ I_n$ for all $ n \in [[1, p]]$ .

I’d like to efficiently compute $ \max_n (b_n – a_n + 1)$ .

A basic idea I’d try would be to:

(1) Create a segment tree for $ (I_n)_n$ in $ O(p \ln p)$

(2) Iterate over $ [0, L]$ and count the longest line before encountering an interval covered by $ (I_n)_n$ (resetting the “max value” to 0 until the next of a certain $ J_q$ )

Which could give me an algorithm in $ O(L + p \ln p)$ , the problem is that $ L$ is really big in my instances, I’d like to have an algorithm which does not depend on $ L$ .