Is it possible to emulate all dice rolls required for a D&D5e game using just a d6, and if so, how?

This is a question that I’ve asked myself numerous times, but I’ve never gotten a really satisfying result.

The issue is this: let’s assume we only have one or multiple d6 dice (arguably the most common type of dice outside of pen & paper), but we still want to play D&D 5e or another RPG game. The game doesn’t really matter here, we just need to be able to emulate different kinds of dice, such as d4, d8, d10, d12 or d20. I presume that if calculating these dices from rolls of a d6 is possible, any other potentially required dice rolls can be calculated as well in a similar fashion.

Therefore: How can the probability results of a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 be emulated by rolling only with a d6?

What rules can I use to emulate a W20 wendigo’s clan werewolf with V5 rules

I make a scenario using vampire the masquerade V5 rules where I want that my players face a wendigo’s clan werewolf as those werewolfs are in werewolf the Apocalypse W20 (the werewolf have characteristics of a neonate equivalent for werewolf for his powers). Since in V5, they only give rules for “basics” werewolf, I have to adapts those power from my W20 book.

The problems are that I am not so good to homebrew things, so if I can use vampirics powers that work the same way, I prefer to use them; and that I’m not very good to understand some of the W20 rules (maybe because I am too much influenced by vampire V20)

I have some ideas (e. g. use blood sorcery rituals used to track someone to emulate the feature that make wendigos so dangerous), but I think that the experience of peoples that have way more experience in this domain can only make it better.

How can I emulate a World of Warcraft’s Death Knight?

I’m DM’ing a game based on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

Most of that game’s classes are fairly easy to translate in one manner or another to Pathfinder – Druids are Druids, Mages are Wizards and Sorcerers, Warriors are Fighters, Rogues are Rogues, and so on. This makes creating a fitting character for that universe relatively trivial for most of the cases, with just a few tweaks necessary here and there to match the intended flavor.

Even the Demon Hunter, a pretty exotic class at first glance, can be easily emulated with just a few tweaks on top of the base Magus class.

So far, so good.

Over the last game session, however, one of the PC’s ended up retiring to take care of a newfound family, and thus, the player needs a new character. His plan is to play as a Death Knight, a class that is made on top of a somewhat specific combination of traits. Here are the more important ones:

  • It uses heavy armor and has a very good health pool;
  • Wields mid and short-ranged magic to compliment heavy melee blows;
  • Has some anti-magic utilities on its toolkit, in the form of creating a magic dampening area or shielding itself against magic attacks;
  • Can Force Choke people;
  • Specializes in either Dual Wielding or Two-Handers, but not shields;
  • Adept at using Frost Magic and Necromancy;
  • May have an undead minion following it around;
  • Can heal himself, but not others;
  • Can enchant its own weapon with some special effects;

My first idea was to reskin the Direlock class and changing a few things on it (like adding heavy armor, swapping the spell list and a few other tweaks). However, that class has some nightmarish complex mechanics, and I have never played a game with it where I didn’t had to pull the reference material every single time my player wanted to do something with his character.

So, my question:

Is there a class (or combination of classes) that could emulate the class fantasy of the Death Knight without burdening it with strange or complex mechanics?

While tweaks to existing classes are welcome, I would prefer to avoid entirely home-brewed classes.

Possible to emulate a game controller with the keyboard?

I have one particular game that I run through Wine where the keyboard controls are not functioning correctly. After months with no one knowing what the issue is, I thought I’d try something different. Since this game can run with a controller, I want to try to rule a few things out. Only problem is, I don’t have a game controller.

Is there any software which would be able to map keyboard and mouse inputs to a virtual controller, and have controller outputs as far as the game is concerned?

Is there a way to emulate scroll lock from the keyboard, preferably with xkb configuration?

Recently I have learned touch typing and I love how fast it can be. coupled with surfing keys and the command setxkb -option keypad:pointerkeys; I only need to use the mouse for scrolling. In a few places mouse scrolling works the best. I tried to find ways to enable mouse scroll from the keypad keys when emulating the mouse, or with some other keys of keyboard, but I couldn’t any. When I am using the keypad as mouse, the + and - as well as the * and . are unused. It would be greatly productive, if somehow we can use the scroll lock from the numpad keyboard as well as from the main keyboard using some modifier keys.

I searched a bit and found a way to do that. I made a keyboard shortcut in my gnome3 with the help of xdotool. ctrlaltj to /bin/bash -c "sleep .01 && xdotool click --clearmodifiers --repeat 2 --delay 1 5"
ctrlaltk to /bin/bash -c "sleep .01 && xdotool click --clearmodifiers --repeat 2 --delay 1 4"

But I can’t figure out why when I press and hold the shortcut key the instead of continuous scrolling until I release the keys, the scrolling stops after a very short moment.

emulate telnet over ssh

I have a client/server application that work over a telnet connection, and it does not support SSH. Basically the client opens a telnet connection to the server, which starts a specific shell, and the client sends commands over the telnet connection to that shell. The problem is that I need to make this work over a ssh connection, and the remote server does not have telnet services, so I cannot use a tunnel over the ssh connection. I need some kind of telnet emulator that will offer a telnet endpoint to the client, while connecting through ssh to the server. Is there any way to do this?


Is there any way to emulate accessing to my internal network – from a different network – while I’m in the same internal network?

Well, now suppose I had altered the configuration of my Cyberoam firewall so that -for example- I could access cyberoam login screen remotely WITHOUT actually going outside and try to access the login screen from a different netwrork, I mean I want to try something like that without leaving my internal network, thanks in advance.