Magento 1.9 With App Emulation Cron send only one email

Once the order is made, I save this order to a custom table that is sort of queue.

When I want to send multiple emails with cron, I can not.

I found that an App Emulation might have been a problem because when I disable it, x emails are sent at the same time.

I need App Emulation to eluvate store where order was made.

First I filter collection, then in foreach loop I’am sending emails.

    foreach ($  rows as $  row) {         Mage::helper("module_name")->sendEmail($  row);     } 

in sendMail($ row) function:

        $  appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton('core/app_emulation');         $  initialEnvironmentInfo = $  appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation($  order->getStoreId());          $  mailTemplate->sendTransactional(             $  schedule->getEmailTemplateId(),             $  sender,             $  recipient,             null,             $  templateVars,             $  order->getStoreId()         );           $  appEmulation->stopEnvironmentEmulation($  appEmulation); 

Thanks to everyone who can help.

Category attribute value does not get update when in store emulation mode

I am trying to update some category attribute’s value for a specific store, and i need to do it in emulation mode.

So i do something like this:

$  appEmulation = Mage::getSingleton("core/app_emulation");     $  initialEnvironmentInfo = $  appEmulation->startEnvironmentEmulation(4);     $  category = Mage::getModel("catalog/category");     $  category->load(381);     $  category->addData(['name'=>'help', 'description'=>'ffff']);     $  category->save();     $  appEmulation->stopEnvironmentEmulation($  initialEnvironmentInfo); 

I expect it to update values for this category’s attributes passed to addData function, but values stay as they were in the database.

print_r($  category->getData(), 1) 

Exception: Array ( [entity_id] => 381 [parent_id] => 2 [created_at] => 2016-02-13 16:37:40 [updated_at] => 2019-05-18 21:30:32 [path] => 1/2/381 [position] => 1 [level] => 2 [children_count] => 267 [store_id] => 1 [all_children] => [available_sort_by] => [breadcrumbs_priority] => [category_seo_name] => [children] => [custom_apply_to_products] => 0 [custom_design] => [custom_design_from] => [custom_design_to] => [custom_layout_update] => [custom_use_parent_settings] => 0 [default_sort_by] => [description] => [display_mode] => PRODUCTS [exclude_from_crosslinking] => 0 [exclude_from_html_sitemap] => 0 [exclude_from_sitemap] => 0 [fb_translate] => 1 [filter_price_range] => [hint] => [image] => [include_in_menu] => 1 [is_active] => 1 [is_anchor] => 0 [landing_page] => [menu_popular_categories] => [meta_description] => [meta_keywords] => [meta_robots] => [meta_title] => [name] => tratat [page_layout] => [path_in_store] => [redirect_priority] => [seo_text] => [tags] => оборудование [thumbnail] => -__138.jpg [url_key] => oborudovanie [url_path] => oborudovanie.html )

So, as you can see store_id = 4 which means that it fetches from the store that i passed to the startEnvironmentEmulation function, but it looks like the data does not get saved.

If i remove the emulation the data gets saved correctly but for all stores, which is not what i want.

bluetooth keyboard emulation

so i have a laptop that i’ve been configuring as a multipurpose diagnostic machine. i have pxe boot with iscsi working. Its great for booting a customer’s machine with a pre-configured linux image and running scans and tests. but i have to connect it to a keyboard and monitor. For the monitor I know that i can use a combination of a usb capture card and vlc. I recently read about emulating a keyboard over bluetooth and am wondering if anybody has any experience with linux programs that facilitate this. My end goal is to be able to power on a customer’s computer, see the splash logo on my laptop monitor and use my laptop keyboard to open and adjust the bios settings. It doesn’t have to be over bluetooth. It can be over serial or usb so long as i can get into bios. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

How does Genymotion bypass VirtualBox’ lack of Wi-Fi emulation?

As answered here, VirtualBox doesn’t know how to emulate Wi-Fi. It can connect a guest into the host’s Wi-Fi, but the guest will still think the connection is one of “up to eight virtual PCI Ethernet cards”.

But Genymotion, which is a wrapper on top of VirtualBox, does manage to do it. Is there something to do inside VirtualBox that will replicate what Genymotion does and open an emulated Wi-Fi option?

It might seem redundant to use Genymotion on top of VirtualBox just for this one supposedly basic feature.

I have one theory. According to online searches, VirtualBox allows connecting USB Wi-Fi dongles into the guest. Could it be Genymotion found a way to fake a USB Wi-Fi dongle?

Persistent Memory Emulation Platform (PMEP) [on hold]

has anyone used Persistent Memory Emulation Platform (PMEP)? It is supposed to be designed by Intel to simulate Non-Volatile Memory. It’s mentioned in a few articles but quite unclear how to get access to it. So any help and information would be appreciated.

Other suggestions for similar platforms would be helpful. I have found some of them but I am not sure which one is really useful. Besides read and write functions mainly I want to evaluate cache flushing instructions.